Mayflower Connection through Minerva Dewolf wife of Azor Hoyt


Azor Hoyt (1804-1890) married Minerva Dewolf (1813-1896),

†† Source: HHH Book of 1871, m. 1829, pg. 547


Minerva Dewolf was the daughter of Elisha Dewolf husband of Eunice Allis (1778-1864)


Eunice Allis was the daughter of Abel Allis (1745-1810) and Lydia Porter (1742-1806)


Abel Allis was the son of Samuel Allis (1705-1796) who married Hannah Sheldon 1707-



Samuel Allis was the son of Ichabod Allis (1675-1747) who married Mary Belden (1679-



Mary Belden was the daughter ofSamuel Belding or Belden (1657-1678) and Sarah Fel-

lows (1640-1713)


Mary Belden, daughter of Samuel connects upward to Samuel Belden (1632-1713) then

connects to Richard Belding (1591-1655). The line shifts to Margaret Goodrick (1564-

1598) who descends from Clare Norton who connects to Susan Neville daughter of

Richard Neville (1468-1530). Richard descends from Joan Bourchier. She is the 6th

great grandmother of Mary Belden and 3rd great grandmother of Edward Winslow.

The line descends from her to Thomas Neville to Ellen Neville tho Catherine Winston

to Edward Winslow (1560-1631) father of Edward Winslow (1595-1655). Edward was

the 3rd Governor of Plymouth.


Edward Winslow was related to the Tilley brothers John and Edward.


Research of my motherís Waite line that married into the Matteson lines a number of

times revealed a complex connection of the Waites to the Howland lines of Plymouth.

John Howland married Elizabeth Tilley, daughter of John Tilley and Joan Hurst.

John and Joan died the first winter leaving young daughter Elizabeth as heiress of their

Plymouth agreement. John and Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland produced the most descend-ants from the Plymouth Colony.


The Matteson/Waite lines of Captain Henry III Matteson connected Comfort Pearce

daughter of Captain George Pearce and Mercy Howland. Mercy was the great great

grand daughter of John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley.


The above information is from files, Rootsweb, Family Search, etc



December 22, 2007