List of Individuals
Bostwick, Emily Louise
Bostwick, Ezra A.
Bostwick, Ezra Scofield
Bostwick, George Edwin
Bostwick, George Lewis
Bostwick, Gertrude
Bostwick, Harriet Maria
Bostwick, J. A.
Bostwick, J. M.
Bostwick, John
Bostwick, John (1)
Bostwick, Keith Edward
Bostwick, Leander
Bostwick, Lewis
Bostwick, Lorinda
Bostwick, Mae E.
Bostwick, Mary Jane
Bostwick, Mary or Sarah
Bostwick, Paula Ann
Bostwick, Samuel
Bostwick, Sarah Ann
Bostwick, Sarah Elizabeth
Bostwick, Sarah Jane
Bostwick, William M.
Bostwick, William M. Jr.
Bosville, Elizabeth
Bosville, John
Boswell, Living
Boswell, Living (1)
Boswell, Living (2)
Boswell, Living (3)
Boswick, Susannah
Boswill*/|/Boyville, John
Boswill/|/Boyville, Elizabeth
Bosworth, Alice
Bosworth, Bethiah
Bosworth, Child
Bosworth, Chloe
Bosworth, David
Bosworth, David (1)
Bosworth, Deliverance
Bosworth, Elizabeth
Bosworth, Elizabeth (1)
Bosworth, Elizabeth (2)
Bosworth, Frederick John
Bosworth, Hannah
Bosworth, Hannah (1)
Bosworth, Ichabod
Bosworth, Ichabod (1)
Bosworth, Infant
Bosworth, Israel
Bosworth, Jabez
Bosworth, Jabez (1)
Bosworth, John
Bosworth, Jonathan
Bosworth, Jonathan II
Bosworth, Jonathan III
Bosworth, Jonathan IV
Bosworth, Jonathan V
Bosworth, Jonathan VI
Bosworth, Joseph
Bosworth, Mercy
Bosworth, Molly
Bosworth, Nehemiah
Bosworth, Noah
Bosworth, Sarah
Bosworth, Stephen S.
Bosworth, William
Bosworth, Zadock
Bosworth/ "The Immigrant"|"The Immigrant, Jonathan I
Botdorf, Cary Isabelle
Botdorf, Charles Springer
Botdorf, Gladys Leora
Botdorf, Glenn Eldon
Botdorf, Mary Luella
Botdorf, Samuel Cliff
Botdorf, Wreatha Aurelia
Boteler , Botiller*/ KNIGHT|KNIGHT|Sir|/Butler, John
Boteler , Botiller, Alice
Boteler*, ? , Lord
Boteler*, Anne
Boteler*, Emoine
Boteler*, Joanna
Boteler*, William
Boteler, Alice
Boteler, John
Boteler, Margery
Boteler, William
Boteler/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, John
Boteler/|Si, Phillip
Boteler/|Si, Thomas
Boterel", Count de Penthievre Geoffrey II "Le
Boterel/ Count of Brittany|Count of Brittan, Geoffrey I
Botererl, Count of Brittany Geoffrey I
Botham/|/Marie, Mary
Botiler, William
Botiller, Ankarette
Botiller/|/Boteler, Elizabeth
Botkins/|Bessie /Bodkins, Bessie
Botreaux, John
Botreaux, Margaret
Botreaux, William
Botsford, Alvah H.
Botsford, Anner
Botsford, Betsey
Botsford, Dulana
Botsford, Edmund Ward
Botsford, Eliza A.
Botsford, Ephraim
Botsford, Ephraim Bennet
Botsford, John
Botsford, Loren Lane
Botsford, Luther
Botsford, Marib
Botsford, Permela
Botsford, Phoebe
Botsford, Warren
Botsford, William
Botsford, Wolcott
Bott, Mark C.
Bott, Mark C. (1)
Bott, Mary
Bott, Paul
Bottenburg, Alice
Bottenburg, Mary
Botterell*, John
Botterell*/ COUNTESS OF LORRAINE|COUNTESS OF LORRAIN, Hawise , Countess of Lorraine
Botterell, Avicia
Bottisham*, Alice
Bottisham*, Thomas
Bottoms, Marion
Bouchard*, Barthelemy De L' Isle
Bouchard*/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, Bartholomew Mont , Sir
Bouchard*/|/Maubergeonne, Dangereuse De Isle
Bouchard, Agnes Dame De L' Isle
Bouchard, Agnes De L'Isle
Bouchard, Barthelemy De L'Isle
Bouchard, Barthelemy Ier De L'Isle
Bouchard, Bouchard De L'Isle
Bouchard, Dangerause Maubergeonne De L'Isle
Bouchard, Gerberge De L'Isle
Bouchard, Peloquin De L'Isle
Bouchard, Peloquin Ier De L'Isle
Bouchard/ "the Old"|"the Old, IV , Count of Vendome
Boucher*, Philippa Mont
Boucher, Mary
Boudewijn, Count of Holland
Boudica*, Queen of the Iceni
Boudreau, Living
Boudreau, Living (1)
Boudreau, Living (2)
Boudreau, Living (3)
Boudreau, Living (4)
Boudreau, Living (5)
Boughen, Brian
Boughen, John
Boughen, Living
Boughen, Living (1)
Boughen, Living (2)
Boughen, Living (3)
Boughen, Living (4)
Boughen, Living (5)
Boughen, Living (6)
Boughen, Living (7)
Boughen, Living (8)
Boughen, Living (9)
Boughen, Living (10)
Boughen, Living (11)
Boughen, Living (12)
Boughly, Ella
Boughner, Elnora Adele
Boughton, Abigail E.
Boughton, Ann
Boughton, Arthur
Boughton, Chauncey
Boughton, Chauncey K.
Boughton, Clara M.
Boughton, Daniel
Boughton, Daniel (1)
Boughton, Ebenezer D.
Boughton, Eliza
Boughton, Elizabeth
Boughton, Ellen M.
Boughton, Elsie M.
Boughton, Fannie L.
Boughton, Fred
Boughton, Hannah
Boughton, Hannah (1)
Boughton, Harriet A.
Boughton, Henry
Boughton, Herbert
Boughton, James Scott
Boughton, James W.
Boughton, Jane H.
Boughton, Jehiel
Boughton, John
Boughton, John (1)
Boughton, John M.
Boughton, Keziah

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