List of Individuals
Bowie, Helen McKinstry
Bowie, Henry Anderson
Bowie, Henry Anderson (1)
Bowie, John, Sr.
Bowie, Living
Bowie, Living (1)
Bowie, Living (2)
Bowie, Living (3)
Bowie, Living (4)
Bowie, Living (5)
Bowie, Living (6)
Bowie, Living (7)
Bowie, Living (8)
Bowie, Living (9)
Bowie, Margaret Lowndes
Bowie, Mary Tasker
Bowie, Robert Monroe
Bowie, Susannah Anderson
Bowie, Susannah Frances
Bowie, Thomas John
Bowie, William
Bowie/ CAPT|CAP, John, Jr.
Bowker, Lisa
Bowker, Lucy Glenn
Bowker, Mary Gould
Bowker/|Capt, Silas
Bowles, Mary Amelia
Bowley, Alfred John
Bowley, Elizabeth May
Bowley, Geoffrey Longmire
Bowley, Jean Dawson
Bowling, Ivey Elizabeth
Bowling, Russell Howard
Bowling/ III|II, John Selby
Bowling/ Jr.|Jr, John Selby
Bowling/ Sr.|Sr, John Selby
Bowlinge, Frances
Bowlings, Alphor
Bowman, Anne
Bowman, Charlotte
Bowman, Dr.
Bowman, Herman
Bowman, Jacob
Bowman, Jane
Bowman, Jennifer B.
BowmaN, John
Bowman, Living
Bowman, Phebe Brown
Bowman, Rachel
Bowman, Sophia Beasley
Bowman/ Bright|Brigh, Fannie
Bowman/|Elde, Benjamin
Bown*, Mary
Bowne , Browne/ II|I, Anthony
Bowne, Alice
Bowne, Sarah Maria
Bowne, Thomas
Bowne, William
Bowser, Abi
Bowser, Ann Eliza
Bowser, John
Bowsey, Lady Margaret de Buci
Bowsher, George
Bowsher, Robert
Bowton , Bouton, Bridget
Bowton , Bouton, John
Bowton , Bouton, Mr.
Bowton, ?
Boxbury*, Sarah
Boy, Baby
Boyce, Living
Boyce, Mary
Boyce, Sarah
Boyce, Vesta Ann
Boyd, Andrew
Boyd, Anna M.
Boyd, Barbara
Boyd, Clara
Boyd, Donna (m 3rd)
Boyd, Elizabeth
Boyd, Ida Elizabeth
Boyd, Isabelle
Boyd, James
Boyd, James W.
Boyd, Jean Elizabeth
Boyd, Lizzie M.
Boyd, Margaret
Boyd, Margaret (1)
Boyd, Mary
Boyd, Mary Ann
Boyd, Mary Lou
Boyd, Nancy
Boyd, Sarah E.
Boyd, Walter
Boyd, William Ludlow
Boydell, William
Boyden, Albert
Boyden, Augustus
Boyden, Mary
Boyden, William Cowper
Boyer, Anna
Boyer, Elizabeth
Boykin, Martha
Boyle, Ann Mary
Boyle, Living
Boyle, Living (1)
Boyle, Stephen
Boyles, Carrie Bell
Boynton, Agnes
Boynton, Agnes (1)
Boynton, Christopher
Boynton, Christopher (1)
Boynton, Henry
Boynton, Henry (1)
Boynton, Isabel
Boynton, Isabel (1)
Boynton, James
Boynton, James (1)
Boynton, John
Boynton, John (1)
Boynton, Richard
Boynton, Richard (1)
Boynton, Robert
Boynton, Robert (1)
Boynton, William
Boynton, William (1)
Boys*, Ernald I
Boys*, Ernald II
Boys*, Ernald III
Boys*, Joan
Boys, Ernald IV
Boys, John
Boys, John (1)
Boys, Norma
Boys, William
Boyse, Joanna (m.1 Pruden) (m.2 Willette)
Boyvill*, Anne
Boyvill*, John
Boyvill*, Thomas
Boyvill*, Thomas (1)
Boyvill*/ SheriffLeicester|SheriffLeiceste, John
Bozena*, Duchess of Bohemia
Bozena*/|/Biagota, Duchess of Bohemia
Bozier, Living
Bozier, Living (1)
Bozier, Living (2)
Bozier, Living (3)
Bozon*, Count of Provence
Brabant*, Milicent
Brabyn, Katherine or Jane
Bracey/|/Cracey, Phoebe
Brach, Fred
Braci*, Adulph
Braci*, Mecelin
Braci, Mecelin
Brackenbury, Caroline Matilda
Brackenbury, Emma Louise
Brackett*, Peter
Brackett*, Rachel
Brackett*, Richard
Brackett*, William
Brackett*, William (1)
Brackett*/ Capt.|Capt, Richard
Brackett, ?
Brackett, ? (1)
Brackett, Edmond
Brackett, Edmond (1)
Brackett, Edmond (2)
Brackett, Edward
Brackett, Edward (1)
Brackett, Ellen
Brackett, George
Brackett, Hannah
Brackett, James
Brackett, John
Brackett, Jonathan
Brackett, Josiah
Brackett, Margerie
Brackett, Mary
Brackett, Maud
Brackett, Peter
Brackett, Rachel
Brackett, Richard
Brackett, Robert
Brackett, Rose
Brackett, Sarah
Brackett, Sarah (1)
Brackett, Thomas
Brackett, Thomas (1)
Brackett, Tobias
Brackett, William
Brackett/ Jr.|Jr, Peter
Bracton*, Alice
Bracton*, Jane
Bracton*/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, John , Sir
Bracton*/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, John , Sir (1)
Bradburn Bradbourne, Anne
Bradbury, Robert
Bradbury, Sarah Jane

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