List of Individuals
Cavenett, Una Dwyer
Cavenett, Valda Irene
Cavenett, Valda Irene (1)
Cavenett, Valerie Margaret
Cavenett, Vera Mary
Cavenett, Verna
Cavenett, William
Cavenett, William Angas
Cavenett, William Clarence
Cavenett, William Dennis
Cavenett, William Douglas
Cavenett, William George
Cavenett, William George O.
Cavenett, William Henry
Cavenett, Winifred Maud
Cavenett/|/Jack, Alex Birdwood
Cavenett/|/Polly, Mary
Cavenett/|/Tim, Claude Hiram Edwin
Cavieres*, Maria
Cavieres, Maria
Cawood, Sarah
Cawrse, Shirley
Cawston, Anne
Cayer, William
Cayton, Rozlund
Ceanmore, Earl of Galloway Fergus
Ceawlin*, King of Wessex
Cecil, Aaron Ingram
Cecil, Elihu
Cecil, Gordon
Cecil, John Springer
Cecil, Margaret
Cecil, Mary
Cecil, Rebecca
Cecil, Samuel
Cecil, Sarah Ann
Cecil, Zachariah Witten
Cecilia, Abbess of Holy Trinity Caen
Cederquist, Eugene
Cederquist, M. E.
Cederquist, M.l A.
Cein*/|/Tacit, Tegid ap
Ceneu*/ King of Rheged|King of Rheged|The /Ragged, Gurgust ap
Cenred*, Prince of Wessex
Center, Ariel
Center, William
Ceolwald*, Prince of Wessex
Cerdic*, King of Wessex
Ceredig*, Iusay Ap , King of Ceredigion
Ceredig, Corun Verch
Ceredig, Gwawl Verch
Ceretic*, King in Alclud (Strathclyde)
Cerrito, Jeanne
Cerwyd, Capoir ap
Cerwyd, Eneid the Britians ap
Ch'iang, Chia (Wo Chia) Ti K'ai Chia Yu
Chabot-Vouvent, Eustache
Chace, Mary
Chadbourne*, Patience
Chadbourne*, William
Chadbourne*, William (1)
Chadbourne, Humphrey
Chadbourne, Humphry
Chadbourne, James
Chadbourne, Robert
Chadbourne, Robert (1)
Chadbourne, Susanna
Chadbourne, William
Chadbourne, William (1)
Chadburn, ?
Chadden, Sarah
Chadeayne, Mary Kathryn
Chadeayne, Stephen Sutton
Chadsey, Azubah
Chadwick, Aaron
Chadwick, Bertha A.
Chadwick, Daniel
Chadwick, Elizabeth
Chadwick, Elizabeth (1)
Chadwick, John
Chadwick, Jonathan
Chadwick, Lydia
Chadwick, Lydia (1)
Chadwick, Mary
Chadwick, Matilda A
Chadwick, Nathaniel
Chadwick, Richard
Chadwick, Sarah
Chadwick, Thomas
Chadwick, Thomas (1)
Chadwick, Thomas Macey
Chaffee, Polly Jane
Chaffie, Mary
Chalker, Abraham
Chalker, Abraham (1)
Chalker, Abraham (2)
Chalker, Anna
Chalker, Augustus
Chalker, Charles
Chalker, Deborah
Chalker, Deborah (1)
Chalker, Diana
Chalker, Elizabeth
Chalker, Elizabeth (1)
Chalker, Elizabeth (2)
Chalker, Elizabeth (3)
Chalker, George H.
Chalker, Gideon
Chalker, Hannah
Chalker, Isaac Nathaniel
Chalker, Jabez
Chalker, Jacob
Chalker, Jane
Chalker, Jemima
Chalker, Jemima (1)
Chalker, Jeremiah
Chalker, Jerusha
Chalker, Lois
Chalker, Lydia
Chalker, Lydia (1)
Chalker, Mary
Chalker, Mary Ann
Chalker, Mehetabel
Chalker, Mehitabel
Chalker, Phebe
Chalker, Randolph Washington
Chalker, Richard
Chalker, Richard A.
Chalker, Sarah
Chalker, Sarah (1)
Chalker, Stephen
Chalker, Stephen (1)
Chalker, Stephen (2)
Chalker, William
Chalker, William (1)
Chalker/|Dr, Isaac
Challens, Living
Challens, Living (1)
Challens, Living (2)
Challis, Samuel
Challoner, Living
Chalmers, Joyce
Chalon, Beatrix De
Chalons, Thibault
Chalstrom, Living
Chalstrom/|/Scrib, Hubert
Chalupa, Robert Harold
Chalupa, Susan Roberta
Chamberlain*, Anne
Chamberlain*/ ESQUIRE|ESQUIR, Richard
Chamberlain, Alice
Chamberlain, Calvin T.
Chamberlain, Ebenezer
Chamberlain, Ebenezer (1)
Chamberlain, Edmond
Chamberlain, Elizabeth
Chamberlain, Ellether Van Duzer
Chamberlain, Eunice
Chamberlain, Godfrey
Chamberlain, H. Dewey
Chamberlain, John C.
Chamberlain, Joseph
Chamberlain, Julia Caroline
Chamberlain, Living
Chamberlain, Living (1)
Chamberlain, Lorina
Chamberlain, Marilda A.
Chamberlain, Mary A. (2nd Wife)
Chamberlain, Mary Elizabeth
Chamberlain, Mildred
Chamberlain, Ruby
Chamberlain, Sara G.
Chamberlain, Thomas
Chamberlain, Thomas (1)
Chamberlain, William
Chamberlain/ Rev.|Rev, William
Chamberlain/|Mar, Elizabeth Catherine (3rd Wife)
Chamberlaine*, John
Chamberlaine*, Richard
Chamberlaine*, Robert
Chamberlaine*/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, John , Sir
Chamberlaine*/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, Richard , Sir
Chamberlaine*/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, Richard , Sir (1)
Chamberlaine*/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, Richard , Sir (2)
Chamberlaine, Edward
Chamberlaine, Elizabeth
Chamberlaine, George
Chamberlaine, John
Chamberlaine, John (1)
Chamberlaine, Thomas
Chamberlaine, Thomas (1)
Chamberlaine, William
Chamberlaine, William (1)
Chamberlaine/ ESQUIRE|ESQUIR, William
Chamberlaine/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, Edward

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