List of Individuals
Clary, Ethel May
Clary, Experience
Clary, Gordon Mckay
Clary, Gordon Mckay (1)
Clary, Job
Clary, Martha
Clary, Mary
Clary, Moses
Clary, Moses (1)
Clary, Samuel
Clary, Samuel (1)
Clason, Abigail
Clason, Abigail (1)
Clason, Abraham
Clason, Alexander
Clason, Alzada Edith
Clason, Andrew L.
Clason, Ann Maria
Clason, Asa Nathaniel
Clason, Avery
Clason, Benjamin
Clason, Benjamin (1)
Clason, Betsey A.
Clason, Catherine
Clason, Charles Cornelius
Clason, Charles L.
Clason, Charles N.
Clason, Cordelia
Clason, Deborah
Clason, Delphin
Clason, DeWitt
Clason, Eddie W.
Clason, Edetha J.
Clason, Elizabeth
Clason, Elizabeth S.
Clason, Ella L.
Clason, Ellen L.
Clason, Elwin
Clason, Emma V.
Clason, Fanny
Clason, George Lewis
Clason, George W.
Clason, George W. (1)
Clason, George W. (2)
Clason, George Wickham
Clason, Hannah
Clason, Hannah (1)
Clason, Hannah (2)
Clason, Hannah (3)
Clason, Harry H.
Clason, Harvey J.
Clason, Henry P.
Clason, Henry Pribble
Clason, Isaac
Clason, Isaac Lewis
Clason, Isaac W.
Clason, Jacob
Clason, James
Clason, James (1)
Clason, James (2)
Clason, James F.
Clason, James Ferris
Clason, James Harvey
Clason, Jemima
Clason, Jenette
Clason, John
Clason, John (1)
Clason, John (2)
Clason, John S.
Clason, John William
Clason, Johnathan
Clason, Jonathan
Clason, Joseph
Clason, Joseph R.
Clason, Joseph Warren
Clason, Laura
Clason, Levi B.
Clason, Lewis
Clason, Lewis (1)
Clason, Lillian L.
Clason, Lincoln A.
Clason, Lucinda N.
Clason, Lucretia Jane
Clason, Lulu A.
Clason, Maria V.
Clason, Mary A.
Clason, Mary Alice
Clason, Mary Angelia
Clason, Mary E.
Clason, Mary Elizabeth
Clason, Mary F.
Clason, Michael Boomhauer
Clason, Nathaniel
Clason, Orpha Anna
Clason, Paulina
Clason, Phebe Jane
Clason, Ransford
Clason, Rufus L.
Clason, Sally K.
Clason, Samuel
Clason, Samuel Briggs
Clason, Sarah
Clason, Sarah E.
Clason, Stephen
Clason, Stephen (1)
Clason, Stephen Irving
Clason, Sumner N.
Clason, Susan S.
Clason, Valerie
Clason, Waitstill
Clason, Walter
Clason, Walter Smith
Clason, William Irving
Clason, William L.
Clason, William T.
Claudia Antonia/ (daughter of Claudius,
Claudius*, I , Emperor of Rome
Claudius*, Roman Emperor Nero Tiberius
Claudius*/ Roman General of Germanicus|Roman General of Germanicus|Drusus /Senior, Drusus Nero
Clausen, Edgar Charles
Clausen, Edna M
Clausen, Julius P
Clausen, Louie S
Clausen, Mary A
Claussen, Geertje Dicks
Clave, Anna
Clavering*, Eustace Fitzjohn , Feudal Lord
Clavering*, Roger Fitzrichard , Lord of Warkworth
Clavering*/ BARON FITZROGER|BARON FITZROGE, Robert , Baron Fitzroger
Clavering*/ BARON OF HALTON|BARON OF HALTO, Richard Fitzeustace , Baron of Halton
Clavering, Albreda
Clavering, Alexander
Clavering, Alicia
Clavering, Annora
Clavering, Edmund
Clavering, Henry
Clavering, Hugh
Clavering, Ingram
Clavering, John
Clavering, Margery
Clavering, Robert
Clavering, Robert (1)
Clavering, Roger
Clavering, Roger (1)
Clavering, Stephen De Baillol
Clavering/ "TheHospitaller"|"TheHospitaller, Robert
Clavering/ Knight|Knight|/Alanus, Alan , Sir
Clawges, Artie
Clawges, Thomas
Clawson, Alice May
Clawson, Cora Belle
Clawson, Delila
Clawson, Doris
Clawson, Edna P.
Clawson, Elva Viola
Clawson, James N.
Clawson, Louis Irvin
Clawson, Martha
Clawson, Mary
Clawson, Mercy Ann
Clawson, Norman
Clawson, Norman Everett
Clawson, William
Clay, Edward
Clay, Eleanor Lowthian
Clay, Elijah
Clay, Emma L.
Clay, Esther
Clay, John
Clay, Josephine Hudson
Clay, Martha Margaret
Clay, Michael A.
Clay, Richard H.
Clay, Ruby Alice
Clay, Vivian Floride
Clay, William
Clay/ II|I, Michael Andrew
Clayberger, Joseph
Clayberger, Kimberly L.
Clayberger, Mark A.
Claycomb, Christena
Claycomb, Lemon Schooley
Clayson, Living
Clayton, Carl
Clayton, Living
Clear, Mary L.
Clearchus ben Dionysius, Associates of
Cleary, Geo. L.
Cleary, John
Cleary, Leo M.
Cleaveland, Victor
Cleaveland, Victor (1)
Cleaveland, Victor (2)
Cleaveland, William
Cleaves, Molly
Clegg, Roda Alice
Cleland, Hannah
Clemans, Living
Clemence*, Countess of Wassenberg

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