List of Individuals
Coffin*, John
Coffin*, John (1)
Coffin*, John (2)
Coffin*, Peter
Coffin*, Richard
Coffin*, Richard (1)
Coffin*, Richard (2)
Coffin*, William
Coffin*/|/Coffyn, Peter
Coffin*/|/Joanna, Joane
Coffin*/|Nicholas /Coffyn, Nickolas
Coffin, ?
Coffin, ? (1)
Coffin, Alice
Coffin, Alice Margaret
Coffin, Ann
Coffin, Anna
Coffin, Anne
Coffin, Anne (1)
Coffin, Anne (2)
Coffin, Annie E.
Coffin, Child
Coffin, Christian
Coffin, Constantia
Coffin, Deborah
Coffin, Deborah (1)
Coffin, Edward
Coffin, Eleanor
Coffin, Elizabeth
Coffin, Eunice
Coffin, Eunice (1)
Coffin, Fannie
Coffin, Jacquet Ann
Coffin, James
Coffin, James (1)
Coffin, Jane
Coffin, Joan
Coffin, Joane
Coffin, Joane (1)
Coffin, Johan
Coffin, Johanna
Coffin, John
Coffin, John (1)
Coffin, John (2)
Coffin, John (3)
Coffin, John (4)
Coffin, Margaret
Coffin, Margaret (1)
Coffin, Mary
Coffin, Peter
Coffin, Reuben
Coffin, Richard
Coffin, Ruth
Coffin, Thomas
Coffin, Tristram
Coffin, Tristram (1)
Coffin, Tristram (2)
Coffin, Tristram III
Coffin, William
Coffin, William (1)
Coffin/ III|II, Nicholas
Coffin/ SIR|SI, William
Coffin/ Sr|S, Peter
Coffin/|Great /Mary, Mary
Coffman, Lavina
Coffyn/|Nicholas /Coffin, Nickolas
Cofran, Peter
Cogan*, Mary
Cogan, Annah
Cogan, Elizabeth
Cogan, John
Cogan, Joshua
Cogan, Lydia
Cogan, Sarah
Cogan/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, William
Coggan*, John
Coggan, Abigail
Coggan, Elizabeth
Coggan, Joan
Coggan, John
Coggan, John (1)
Coggan, Lydia
Coggan, Mary
Coggeshal, Alice
Coggeshall, Aaron
Coggeshall, Anne
Coggeshall, Archibald
Coggeshall, Bela
Coggeshall, Betsey
Coggeshall, Caroline
Coggeshall, Clarissa
Coggeshall, Cornelius
Coggeshall, Daniel
Coggeshall, David Hait
Coggeshall, Dunlap
Coggeshall, Dunlap (1)
Coggeshall, Edward
Coggeshall, Esther
Coggeshall, Hannah
Coggeshall, Henry
Coggeshall, Israel
Coggeshall, Martha
Coggeshall, Martin
Coggeshall, Mary Ann
Coggeshall, Polly
Coggeshall, Sally
Coggeshall, Sarah
Coggeshall, Smith
Coggeshall, William
Coggine*, John
Coggswell, Hannah
Coggswell, Sarah Elizabeth
Coghlan, Living
Coghlin, Living
Coghlin, Living (1)
Coghlin, Living (2)
Coghlin, Living (3)
Cogswell, Amy Jo
Cogswell, Clark
Cogswell, Claud Fletcher
Cogswell, Donald Fletcher
Cogswell, Donald Todd
Cogswell, Frances Lucile
Cogswell, Gary Leman
Cogswell, Leman Clark
Cogswell, Richard Clark
Cogswell, Tamarra Jo
Cohagen, John
Cohagen, Julia Ann
Coharde, Regine
Cohen, Emily Alice
Cohen, Maxwell Solomon
Cohen, Stuart
Cohn, George F
Cohn, Nettie
Cohn, Retta
Coil, Living
Coil, Living (1)
Coil, Living (2)
Coiniers, Anne
Coit, Mary
Cokayne*, Elizabeth
Cokayne*, John
Cokayne*, John (1)
Cokayne*, William
Cokayne*, William (1)
Cokayne*, William (2)
Cokayne*/ BARON OF EXCHEQUER|BARON OF EXCHEQUE, John , Baron of Exchequer
Cokayne*/ ESQUIRE|ESQUIR, John , Esq.
Cokayne*/ ESQUIRE|ESQUIR, Roger , Esq.
Cokayne*/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, John , Sir
Cokayne*/|/Andreas, Andrew
Cokayne, Edmund
Cokayne, Elizabeth
Cokayne, Henry
Cokayne, Henry (1)
Cokayne, John
Cokayne, John (1)
Cokayne, John (2)
Cokayne, Margaret
Cokayne, Margaret (1)
Cokayne, Reginald
Cokayne, Richard
Cokayne, Sarah
Cokayne, Thomas
Cokayne, William
Cokayne/ Baron|Baro, John
Cokayne/|/Robert, Roger
Coke, Elizabeth
Coker, Eleanor
Cokesay, ?
Cokesby, Thomas
Cokket, William
Colban*, Earl of Buchan
Colberg, Fredericka "Rickey"
Colbert, Dolores
Colbert, Laurence
Colborn, Louise
Colburne, Nathaniel
Colby , Loretta Jean
Colby, Anthony
Colby, Clara
Colby, Emily W.
Colby, Ezekiah
Colby, Lydia
Colby, Mary
Colby, Nathan
Colby, Rebecca
Cold, Almira
Cole*, Anthony
Cole*, Elizabeth
Cole*, Jane
Cole*, Mary
Cole*, Nicholas
Cole*, William
Cole*/ SR|S, William
Cole, (1)
Cole, Angeline Watson

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