List of Individuals
Fay, Bathsheba
Fay, Edwin Ruthven
Fay, Katherine Maria
Faye, Estella
Fayerfoxe/|/Fairfax, Elizabeth
Feake, Judith
Fear, Catherine
Fear, William
Fears, Susan
Feathers, Donna
Featherstone, Annie
Featherstone, Deborah
Featherstone, Edith
Feddans, Rensje
Federico, King of Sicily
Fedigan, Jennifer
Fedigan, Kelley Sue
Fedigan, William
Fedigan, William James
Fedlimid*/|The Law-giver /Rechtmar, High King of Ireland
Fee, Michael
Feece, Sadie
Feener, Clarence
Feener, Living
Feener, Living (1)
Feener, Living (2)
Fei, Go Ng
Feineler, Living
Feineler, Living (1)
Feineler, Living (2)
Feineler, Living (3)
Feke, Sarah
Felbrig, Elizabeth
Feld, William
Feldaman, Frank
Feldhake, Dianna
Feldhake, Juliet
Feldhake, Renae
Feldhake, William
Feldner, Anna
Feldpausch, Abbey Lee
Feldpausch, Jacob Charles
Feldpausch, Patrick John
Felicitas*, Queen of Aragon
Felipe, Prince of Castile & Leon
Felix, Ella E.
Felkin*, Elizabeth
Fell, A. E.
Fell, A. E. (1)
Fell, Albert Henry
Fell, Alston A.
Fell, Alston Arthur
Fell, Andrew
Fell, B. A.
Fell, B. A. (1)
Fell, C. J.
Fell, Catherine
Fell, Christopher (Christina)
Fell, Daniel
Fell, E. A.
Fell, E. F.
Fell, E. H.
Fell, Eli
Fell, Elizabeth
Fell, Elizabeth Ann
Fell, Emily Jane
Fell, Eve Magdelena
Fell, Frederick
Fell, Henry
Fell, Howard Raymond
Fell, Infant
Fell, J. A.
Fell, J. E.
Fell, J. R.
Fell, K. L.
Fell, Leroy Jacob
Fell, Lula M.
Fell, Mary
Fell, Mary Ellen
Fell, Mary M.
Fell, N. T.
Fell, Nicholas
Fell, Paul Erven
Fell, Phillip
Fell, R. T.
Fell, Ruby May
Fell, S. P.
Fell, S. W.
Fell, T. E
Fell, William
Fell, William S.
Fell/ Jr.|Jr, Henry Jacob
Fell/ Jr.|Jr, R. T.
Fell/ Sr.|Sr.|Jaco, Henry Jacob
Fell/|Dr, Egbert Howard
Fell/|Dr, George Alfred , Dr.
Fell/|Dr, Jack Warner , Dr.
Fell/|Dr, Ranald Hoyt
Fell/|E, Egbert Erven
Feller, Catherine
Fellers, Ann
Fellows, Bernice
Fellows, Edwin D.
Fellows, Errick
Fellows, George Leroy
Fels, Living
Fels, Living (1)
Felt, Almira
Felt, Harry K.
Felton*, Margaret
Felton*, William
Felton, Daniel
Felton, Eleanor
Felton, Thomas
Felty (Carpenter), Gertrude
Felty (Smith), Allie
Felty, Katherine or Catherine
Felty/ *|, Frederick 'Fred'
Felty/ *|, Wayne
Fendigaid/ ap Llediaith|ap Llediait, Arch Druid "Bran the Blessed"
Fenimore, Dorothy
Fenimore, Hazel
Fenimore, Vola Catherine
Fenn, E. Louisa
Fenn, Emeline C.
Fenn, William
Fenner, Anna
Fenner, Arthur
Fenner, Daniel
Fenner, Edward
Fenner, Edward , Jr.
Fenner, Sarah
Fenner, Thomas
Fensler, A.
Fensler, D.
Fensler, J.
Fensler, S.
Fensler, T.
Fenton*, Robert
Fenton*/ twin|twi, Abigail
Fenton, Amy
Fenton, Anne
Fenton, Bridget
Fenton, Dorothy
Fenton, Jacob
Fenton, Joseph
Fenton, Robert
Fenton, Samuel
Fenton, Violetta
Fenton/ Sr.|Sr, Ebenezer
Fenton/ SR|S, Francis
Fenwick*, Dorothy
Fenwick*, William
Fenwick, Ann
Fenwick, Jane
Fenwick, John
Fenwick/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, John
Feraris, Leticia
Ferdon, A. C.
Ferdon, A. C. (1)
Ferdon, Anthony Chester
Ferdon, Archie C.
Ferdon, Donna Jean
Ferdon, Janet Lee
Ferdon, Joan Maria
Ferdon, Judy Mae
Ferdon, Kathy Marie
Ferdon, Linda Sue
Ferdon, Nancy Jean
Ferdon, R. A.
Ferdon, R. A. M.
Ferdon, Richard Allen
Ferdon, Robert James
Ferdon, Roger William
Ferdon, Sally Ann
Ferdon, Susan Kay
Ferdon, Sylvia Ann
Ferenczi, Living
Ferenczi, Living (1)
Ferenczi, Unnamed
Fergan*, Hawise
Fergant*, Alan
Fergant, Geoffrey
Fergant, Hawise
Fergent*/ Duke of Bretagne|Duke of Bretagn, Alan IV, Duke of Bretagne
Fergus*, Earl of Buchan
Fergus*, Lord of Galloway
Fergus*/|/Ungust, King of the Picts
Fergus, King of Dalraide Scots
Fergus, Phyllis
Fergusa*/|/Urgusia, Queen of Scotland
Ferguson, Albert H.
Ferguson, Alice K.
Ferguson, Amanda Elizabeth
Ferguson, Amanda F. Furguson,
Ferguson, Andrew F.

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