List of Individuals
Fitzjohn/ Bs Stapleton|Bs Stapleto, Joan
Fitzjohn/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, Richard
Fitzjohn/|Pagan /Paganus, Payne
Fitzketelborn*, Godric
Fitzlewes, Henry
Fitzlewes/ Countess of Rivers|Countess of River, Mary
Fitzmaldred*, Robert
Fitzmarmaduke, John
Fitzmaurice*, Gerald
Fitzmaurice*, Julian
Fitzmaurice, Gerald
Fitzmaurice, Julian
Fitzmaurice, Living
Fitzmaurice, Thomas
Fitzmaurice, Thomas (1)
Fitzmaurice, William
Fitzmiles, Henry
Fitzmiles, Mahel
Fitzmiles, Walter
Fitzmiles/ Lord of Abergaveny|Lord of Abergaven, William
Fitznigel*, Matilda Agnes
Fitznigel*/|/Nigell, William
FitzNigel, Agnes
FitzNigel, Albreda
FitzNigel, Baron of Holton & Widnor William II
FitzNigel, Guillaume
FitzNigel, Matilda
Fitznigell*/|One-Eye /Monoculus, John , Governor of Bamburgh Castle
FitzNigell, Lord of Halton William
Fitznigell/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, William
Fitznorman*, William
Fitznorman, Hugh Fitzwilliam
Fitznorman, Ralph
Fitzodard*/ Lord of Dutton|Lord of Dutto, Hugh , Lord of Dutton
Fitzorm*, Emma
Fitzosbern*, Adeliza
Fitzosbern*, Emma
Fitzosbern*, Emma (1)
Fitzosbern*, William
Fitzosbern/ Bishop of Exeter|Bishop of Exete, Osbern
Fitzosborne*, Emma
Fitzosborne, Avise
Fitzotes, Thomas
Fitzpaine, Robert
Fitzpatrick*, Mabel
Fitzpatrick*, William
Fitzpatrick*/ EARL OF SALISBURY|EARL OF SALISBUR, William , Earl of Salisbury
Fitzpatrick, Craig
Fitzpatrick, Effie Myranda
Fitzpatrick, Frederick Phillip
Fitzpatrick, Irene Emily
Fitzpatrick, Living
Fitzpatrick, Phillip
Fitzpatrick, Rose
Fitzpayn, Isabel
Fitzpayn/ Countess of Hereford|Countess of Herefor, Cecily
Fitzpen, George
Fitzpiers*, Alice
Fitzpiers*, Eleonor
Fitzpiers*, Geoffrey
Fitzpiers*, Lucia
Fitzpiers*, Reginald
Fitzpiers*, Reynold
Fitzpiers, Alice
Fitzpiers, Avelina Fitzjohn
Fitzpiers, Geoffrey
Fitzpiers, Geoffrey (1)
Fitzpiers, Isabelle Fitzjohn
Fitzpiers, Jane
Fitzpiers, Joan Fitzjohn Fitzgeoffery
Fitzpiers, Maud Fitzjohn Fitzgeoffery
Fitzpiers, Reginald
Fitzpiers, Richard Fitzjohn Fitzgeoffery
Fitzpiers, Robert
FitzPons, Drew 'Drogo'
FitzPons, Hawise
Fitzpons, Lord Of Cantref Bychan Richard
FitzPons, Osbert
FitzPons, Pons
Fitzpons, Roger
FitzPons, Simon
Fitzpons, Simon
FitzPons, Walter
Fitzponz, Walter
Fitzralph, Simon
Fitzrandolph*, Mary
Fitzrandolph*, Ralph
Fitzrandolph*/ LORD OF MIDDLEHAM|LORD OF MIDDLEHA, Ralph , Lord of Middleham
Fitzrandolph, Henry
Fitzranulf, Alice
Fitzranulf, Robert
Fitzranulph, Warner
Fitzreinfred*, Alice
Fitzreinfred*, Fulk
Fitzreinfred*, Joscelyn
Fitzreinfred, Agnes
Fitzreinfred, Jordan
Fitzreinfred, Roger
Fitzreinfred, Siegrid
Fitzreinfred/|/De Constances, Walter
Fitzrichard*, Osbern
Fitzrichard*, William
Fitzrichard, Aubrey
FitzRichard, Baron of Clifford Walter
FitzRichard, Lord of Cardigan William
Fitzrichard, Mary
FitzRichard, Maud
FitzRichard, Maud (1)
FitzRichard, Roger
Fitzrichard/ Lord of Bienfaite|Lord of Bienfait, Roger
Fitzrichard/ Lord of Nether Gwent|Lord of Nether Gwen, Walter
FitzRoald, Constable of Richmond Sir Alan
FitzRoald, Eudo
FitzRoald, Harscoit
FitzRoald, Ismania
FitzRoald, Matilda
FitzRoald, Theophanie
FitzRoald, William
Fitzrobert*/ Countess of Chester|Countess of Cheste, Maud , Countess of Chester
Fitzrobert*/ COUNTESS OF GLOUCESTER|COUNTESS OF GLOUCESTE, Amice , Countess of Gloucester
Fitzrobert*/ Earl of Gloucester|Earl of Gloucester|/Mafonache, William , Earl of Gloucester
Fitzrobert*/ Magna Charta|Magna Chart, John , Baron of Northumberland
Fitzrobert*/|The /Marshall, Gilbert
FitzRobert, Bishop of Worcester Roger
Fitzrobert, Hamon
Fitzrobert, Hawise
Fitzrobert, Mabel
Fitzrobert, Mabel (1)
FitzRobert, Mary
Fitzrobert, Maud
Fitzrobert, Philip
Fitzrobert, Robert
Fitzrobert, Robert (1)
Fitzrobert, Walter
Fitzrobert, William
Fitzrobert/ Countess of Essex|Countess of Esse, Christine
Fitzrobert/ Countess of Essex|Countess of Esse, Maud
Fitzrobert/ COUNTESS OF MORTAIN, GLOU|COUNTESS OF MORTAIN, GLO, Isabel , Countess of Gloucester
Fitzrobert/ Lord of Cruelly|Lord of Cruell, Richard
Fitzrobert/, 2nd Earl of Gloucester|, 2nd Earl of Glouceste, William
Fitzrobert/, 3rd Countess of Gloucester|, 3rd Countess of Glouceste, Amice
Fitzroger*, Alice
Fitzroger*, Robert , High Sherriff Northumberland
Fitzroger*/ GENTLEMAN|GENTLEMA, John , Gentleman
Fitzroger*/ SHERIFF OF GLOUCESTER|SHERIFF OF GLOUCESTER|Of /Gloucester, Walter , Sherriff of Gloucester
Fitzroger, E
FitzRoger, Richard
Fitzrogers*, Aaron
Fitzrogers*, Aaron (1)
Fitzrogers*/ II|I, Aaron II
Fitzrogers*/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, John , Sir
Fitzroy*, Richard
FitzRoy, a monk at Abingdon Fulk
FitzRoy, Abbess of Montvilliers Matilda
FitzRoy, Earl of Lincoln Richard
FitzRoy, Juliana
Fitzroy, Kathy
Fitzroy, Michael
Fitzroy, Richard
Fitzroy, William
Fitzscrob*, Richard
Fitzsimmons, Jean
Fitzsimon, Jane
FitzSimon, Pons
FitzSimon, Reginald
Fitzsiward*/ QUEEN OF SCOTLAND|QUEEN OF SCOTLAN, Sibyl , Queen of Scotland
FitzTancred, Gui
FitzTancred, Richard
Fitzthomas*, Joan
Fitzthomas*/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, William , Sir
Fitzwalter*, Agnes
Fitzwalter*, Amphilis
Fitzwalter*, Avelina
Fitzwalter*, Maude
Fitzwalter*, Ralph
Fitzwalter*/ Butler of Ireland|Butler of Ireland|/Walter, Theobald , Butler of Ireland
Fitzwalter*/ HIGH STEWARD OF SCOTLAND|HIGH STEWARD OF SCOTLAN, Alan , High Steward of Scotland
Fitzwalter, Alice
Fitzwalter, David
Fitzwalter, Hervey
Fitzwalter, John
FitzWalter, Maud
Fitzwalter, Roger
Fitzwalter/ Baron FitzWalter|Baron FitzWalte, Robert
Fitzwarin*, Fulk
Fitzwarin*, Fulke
Fitzwarin*, Hawise
Fitzwarin*, Mabel
Fitzwarin*/ Sir|Si, Fulk , Sir
Fitzwarin, Eugenia
Fitzwarin/ Concubine #1|Concubine #, Hawisa
Fitzwarren, Elizabeth
Fitzwarren, Falk
Fitzwilliam*, ?
Fitzwilliam*, Beatrice
Fitzwilliam*, Edmond
Fitzwilliam*, Isabel

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