List of Individuals
Hanyon, William
Harald*, II , King of Sjaelland
Harald*, King of Limerick
Haraldsdatter*, Asa
Haraldsdatter*, Gyda , Princess of England
Haraldsdatter*, Helga
Haraldsdatter*, Thyra , Queen of Norway
Haraldsdatter*/|/Aarbod, Alof , Princess of Norway
Haraldsdatter*/|/Thyrne, Ingibjorg
Haraldsdatter, ? , Queen of Norway
Haraldsdatter, Gunhild , Princess of Denmark
Haraldsdatter, Gunhild , Princess of England
Haraldsdotter, Thora
Haraldson/ EARL OF ORKNEY|EARL OF ORKNEY|The Young /Ungi, Erland
Haraldsson*, Godred , King of Man & the Isles
Haraldsson*, Herlaug
Haraldsson*, Solgi
Haraldsson*, Thrond
Haraldsson*/ King of Roeskilde|King of Roeskild, Halfdan , King in Sweden
Haraldsson*/|The /Saint, Olaf II, King of Norway
Haraldsson, Edmund , Prince of England
Haraldsson, Eystein
Haraldsson, Frode , Prince of Norway
Haraldsson, Halfdan
Haraldsson, Magnus
Haraldsson, Magnus , Prince of England
Haraldsson, Olaf , Prince of Norway
Haraldsson, Rorek , Prince of Norway
Haraldsson, Sigtrygg , Prince of Norway
Haraldsson, Thordur
Haraldsson, Thorgils , Prince of Norway
Haraldsson/|/Bloodaxe, Erik I, King of Norway
Haraldsson/|/Gudrod, Gudrud
Haraldsson/|/Rykkil, Regner , Prince of Norway
Haraldsson/|/Slongvinbaugi, Hraerek
Haraldsson/|The /Old, Thrand
Haran, Iscah bint
Haran, Lot ben
Harbending, Maria
Harbert, James Theodore
Harbert, Leonard West
Harbottel/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, Robert
Harbou, Lena
Harcourt*, William
Harcourt*/ Countess of Leicester|Countess of Leiceste, Amicia
Harcourt*/ Earl of Leicester|Earl of Leicester|/Blanchmains, Robert
Harcourt*/ LORD OF TURQUEVILE AND TU|LORD OF TURQUEVILE AND T, Turchetil , Lord of Turqueville
Harcourt*/|The /Dane, Bernard
Harcourt, ?
Harcourt, Agnes
Harcourt, Agnes (1)
Harcourt, Agnes (2)
Harcourt, Alice De Newburgh De
Harcourt, Arnold
Harcourt, Baldwin
Harcourt, Beatrix
Harcourt, Errand
Harcourt, Gervase
Harcourt, Gilbert
Harcourt, Helen
Harcourt, Henry
Harcourt, Herbrand
Harcourt, Ilbert
Harcourt, Ivo
Harcourt, Joan
Harcourt, John
Harcourt, John (1)
Harcourt, John (2)
Harcourt, Josseline
Harcourt, Lesceline
Harcourt, Lucy
Harcourt, Peretta
Harcourt, Richard
Harcourt, Richard (1)
Harcourt, Simon
Harcourt, Walter
Harcourt, William
Harcourt/ Earl of Leicester|Earl of Leicester|/Fitzparnell, Robert
Harcourt/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, Christopher
Harcourt/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, John
Harcourt/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, John (1)
Harcourt/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, Richard
Harcourt/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, Richard (1)
Harcourt/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, William
Harcourt/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, William (1)
Harcourt/|/Anguerrand, Errand
Harcourt/|/Rollo, Robert
Hard, Alma
Hardadef of Khufu, AKA Pharaoh (Radjedef)
Hardee, Elizabeth
Hardeknudsdatter, Gudrid
Harden, Anna
Harden, Clarissa
Harden, John
Hardenbergh, Henry Janeway
Hardesty, Deliah
Hardesty, UNKNOWN
Hardin, Hannah
Hardin, Jennie
Harding, Albert
Harding, Ariel Girtrude
Harding, Bell
Harding, Chalmer Noel
Harding, Charles
Harding, Charles E.
Harding, Daniel
Harding, Elisha Gardner
Harding, Elsie
Harding, Frances Louise
Harding, Frank
Harding, George
Harding, Glendon Moree
Harding, Isabel
Harding, John
Harding, Laurence Atherton
Harding, Living
Harding, Living (1)
Harding, Mr.
Harding, Opal Inamorita
Harding, Orin
Harding, Philindia
Harding, Reeve Claire
Harding, Ruth
Hardman, Carl W
Hardreshull, William
Hardwick, Belton
Hardwick, Belton (1)
Hardwick, Charlotte
Hardwick, Francis
Hardwick, Jane
Hardwick, Living
Hardwick, William
Hardy*/|/Elizabeth, Joan
Hardy, Christine
Hardy, Elizabeth
Hardy, Elizabeth (1)
Hardy, Harvey
Hardy, Hester
Hardy, John
Hardy, Julia Ann
Hardy, Living
Hardy, Living (1)
Hardy, Living (2)
Hardy, Lucy Elzada
Hardy, Pauline Genevieve
Hardy, Richard
Hardy, Waity Or Waite
Hardye*, Nicholas
Hare , Harr, Delila Bell
Hare , Harr, Elnora "Nora"
Hare , Harr, Flora Anna
Hare , Harr, Frances M.
Hare , Harr, James Isaac "Ike"
Hare , Harr, John F.
Hare , Harr, Jonas
Hare , Harr, Mahala
Hare , Harr, Nancy Elizabeth
Hare , Harr, Nine Children
Hare , Harr, Richard Meric
Hare , Harr, Robert Everett
Hare , Harr, Six Children
Hare , Harr, Thomas Theo
Hare, Annis
Hare, Forest
Hare, Frances Perry
Hare, Jane M.
Harestan, Agnes
Harford, Eliza Maria
Hargraves, Perley E.
Hargreaves, Living
Hargrove, Cathy Michelle
Hargrove, Deanna
Hargrove, Joanna
Hargrove, Kimberly
Hargrove, Lloyd
Hargrove, Raymond
Hargrove, Raymond L.
Harim/ (1 of 2) (Exiles with Zerubbabel)|(1 of 2) (Exiles with Zerubbabel, Sons of
Harim/ (1 of 2) (The Nehemiah Covenant Maker)|Pries,
Harim/ (1 of 2)|(1 of 2)|Pries, Uzziah ben
Harim/ (2 of 2) (The Nehemiah Covenant Maker,
Haring, John J.
Haring, Maria
Harington, Michael
Harington, Thomas
Hariph/ (Exiles with Zerubbabel)|(Exiles with Zerubbabel, Sons of (Jorah)
Hariph/ (The Nehemiah Covenant Maker)|(The Nehemiah Covenant Maker, (Jorah)
Harkness, ?
Harkness, Carrie Bell
Harkness, Elizabeth A.
Harkness, Lillian May
Harkness, Richard
Harkness, Susanna
Harland, Cornelius
Harlbec, Mrs Engeurrand

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