List of Individuals
Kemp, Margaret V.
Kemp, Martha E.
Kemp, Mary
Kemp, Mary M.
Kemp, Richard
Kemp, Virginia M.
Kemp, William
Kemp/, MD|, M, Henry
Kempe, Judith
Kempe, Richard
Kempster, Living
Kempster, Living (1)
Kempster, Living (2)
Kempton, Mary
Kemsit/ (wife of Montuhotep II)|Quee,
Kendal, Ivo Tallebois of
Kendall, Ann
Kendall, Anna
Kendall, Barbara
Kendall, Charles
Kendall, Charles Faulkner
Kendall, Edith Stone
Kendall, Edward
Kendall, Elizabeth
Kendall, Ellen
Kendall, Evan
Kendall, Franics Miles
Kendall, Jacob
Kendall, Janet
Kendall, John
Kendall, John (1)
Kendall, Lois
Kendall, Mary Ellen
Kendall, Mary Ellen (1)
Kendall, Nathan
Kendall, Richard
Kendall, Samuel
Kendall, Samuel (1)
Kendall, Thomas
Kendall, William
Kendall/ III|II, George Augustus
Kendall/ Jr.|Jr, George Augustus
Kendig, Elizabeth
Kendig, Hans
Kendig, Maudlin
Kendrick, John
Kendrick/|/Kendricks, Sarah
Keng, Nan
Keng, P'an
Keng, Ta, T'ai
Keng, Tsu Yao
Kennedy, Abigail
Kennedy, Aletta Mae
Kennedy, Arthur Edgar
Kennedy, Bessie
Kennedy, Bill
Kennedy, Charles
Kennedy, Cynthia
Kennedy, Eliza
Kennedy, Elizabeth M.
Kennedy, Frank Thompson
Kennedy, George W.
Kennedy, Gertrude Adelaide
Kennedy, Gratha Belle
Kennedy, Harriet A.
Kennedy, Hellen
Kennedy, Howard
Kennedy, Jesse R.
Kennedy, John H.
Kennedy, Joseph (Joe)
Kennedy, Living
Kennedy, Living (1)
Kennedy, Mabel
Kennedy, Mae
Kennedy, Margaret
Kennedy, Maria V.
Kennedy, Phillip
Kennedy, Ronald
Kennedy, Susanna Lita (Anna)
Kennedy, Thomas
Kennedy, William
Kennedy, Winifred Marie
Kennedy/ (McKenzie)|(McKenzie, Flora
Kenneth*, II , King of Scotland
Kenneth*/|/MacAlpin, I , King of Scotland
Kenneth, Earl of Sutherland
Kenneth, Thane of Lechaber
Kenney, John
Kenney, Letha
Kenney, Living
Kenney, Living (1)
Kenney, Living (2)
Kenney, Living (3)
Kenney, Living (4)
Kenney, Zeruiah
Kent, ?
Kent, Amie
Kent, Beulah
Kent, Cephas
Kent, Cephas (1)
Kent, Cephas Sheldon
Kent, Diantha
Kent, Ebenezer
Kent, Eliphalet
Kent, Jane E.
Kent, John
Kent, John (1)
Kent, Lucinda
Kent, Lydia
Kent, Maria
Kent, Marion H.
Kent, Mary
Kent, Mary (1)
Kent, Meredith J.
Kent, Oliver
Kent, Richard
Kent, Samuel
Kent, Sylvester
Kent, Thomas
Kent, Thomas (1)
Kent, William Jackson
Kent/ 1st Earl|1st Ear, Sigehelm
Kente, Thomas
Kentetenka/ (wife of Radjedef,
Kenworthy, ?
Kenworthy, ? (1)
Kenworthy, ? (2)
Kenworthy, Ella
Kenworthy, George A.
Kenworthy, George F.
Kenworthy, Harriet Lucinda
Kenworthy, Marienna
Kenyon, Jessie B.
Kenyon, Queenie Carol
Kenyon, Rebbeca
Keogh, Flora Belle
Keogh, Katherine
Keogh, Katie
Keogh, Michael
Keough, Barbara
Keough, Bryce Edward
Keough, Clarke E.
Keough, Earnest Alonzo
Keough, Kathryn A.
Keough, Paul George
Keough, Richard Taylor
Keough, Romaina Lucilla
Keough, William
Keough, William R.
Kepford, Edward
Kepner, Kenton Mecklin
Keppler, Living
Kerley, Alice
Kerley, Alice Priscilla
Kerley, Alice Priscilla (1)
Kerley, Annie
Kerley, Annie (1)
Kerley, Arnold Ray
Kerley, Cavell Mary
Kerley, Charles
Kerley, Charles John
Kerley, Charles John (1)
Kerley, Clifford
Kerley, Cyril
Kerley, Dorothy Emma
Kerley, Dorothy Joan
Kerley, Dorothy Joan (1)
Kerley, Edith
Kerley, Edith (1)
Kerley, Edith Rose
Kerley, Edward
Kerley, Edward (1)
Kerley, Eliza Beatrice Olive
Kerley, Elizabeth Edna
Kerley, Elizabeth Edna (1)
Kerley, Emma
Kerley, Emma Tryphena
Kerley, Frederick
Kerley, Frederick William
Kerley, George
Kerley, Henry
Kerley, Henry (1)
Kerley, Henry Rex
Kerley, Henry Rex (1)
Kerley, Horace Charles
Kerley, Horace Charles (1)
Kerley, Jessie May
Kerley, Jessie May (1)
Kerley, Kevin Clarence
Kerley, Kevin Clarence (1)
Kerley, Living
Kerley, Living (1)
Kerley, Living (2)
Kerley, Living (3)
Kerley, Living (4)
Kerley, Living (5)
Kerley, Living (6)
Kerley, Living (7)
Kerley, Living (8)
Kerley, Living (9)

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