List of Individuals
Loomis/|Elnathandy /Loomis, Elnathan (1)
Loomis/|Epiphras /Loomis, Epaphras
Loomis/|Geoffrey /Loamis, Geoffrey Godfrey
Loomis/|Jerry? /Loomis, Ira
Loomis/|Jerusah /Loomis, Jerusha
Loomis/|Jexome /Loomis, Jerome
Loomis/|Joanna /Loomis, Joannah
Loomis/|John /Lumas, John
Loomis/|John /LUMMYS, John
Loomis/|Johnathan /Lummus, Jonathan
Loomis/|Joseph /LOMAS\LOMYS\LOMAX, Joseph
Loomis/|June /Loomis, Jane
Loomis/|Keziah /Loomis, Kezia
Loomis/|Loerain /Loomis, Lorrain
Loomis/|Lorena /Loomis, Lovana
Loomis/|Lorin /Loomis, Loren
Loomis/|Lt, Samuel
Loomis/|Marcy /Loomis, Mercy
Loomis/|Mary Ann \ Marcy /Loomis, Mercy
Loomis/|Matthew\Nathaniel? /Loomis, Martha
Loomis/|Mehitable /Loomis, Mabel
Loomis/|Mehitable Mabel /Loomis, Mabel
Loomis/|Mercy\Marcy /Loomis, Mary
Loomis/|Obiah /Loomis, Odiah
Loomis/|Phebe /Loomis, Phoebe
Loomis/|Racnel /Loomis, Rachel
Loomis/|Rebekah /Loomis, Rebecca
Loomis/|Reuban /Loomis, Reuben
Loomis/|Rosarella /Loomis, Rosabella
Loomis/|Samuel /Lumas\Lummis, Samuel
Loomis/|Sara /Loomis, Sarah
Loomis/|Selinda /Loomis, Melinda
Loomis/|Sgt, Samuel
Loomis/|Sibyl /Loomis, Sibel
Loomis/|Stephan /Loomis, Stephen
Loomis/|Triphena /Loomis, Tryphena
Loomis/|Waeham\Warham /Loomis, Wareham
Loomis/|Zachariah\Zackariah /Loomis, Zechariah
Loomis/|Zervlah /Loomis, Zerviah
Loos, Mr.
Loosemore, Alice
Loper, Catherine
Loper, Ida Content
Loper, Katie
Loper, Phebe
Loper, Ray Clark
Loper, Ruggles ()
Loper, Wilbur Irving
Lopez, Daniel Manuel
Lopez, Joseph
Lora, Living
Lord Mortimer/ II|I, Hugo
Lord Mortimer/ Wigmore|Wigmor, Rudolf
Lord, Andrew
Lord, Arthur
Lord, Benjamin A.
Lord, Caroline P.
Lord, Channing Potts
Lord, Delia
Lord, Dorothy
Lord, Doty
Lord, Edward Cooper
Lord, Henry W.
Lord, James
Lord, James (1)
Lord, James A.
Lord, James A. (1)
Lord, Janet H.
Lord, Joseph
Lord, Joseph B.
Lord, Mary
Lord, Mary (1)
Lord, Moses
Lord, Mr.
Lord, Sallie E.
Lord, Sarah B.
Lord, Thomas
Lord, William
Lord, William B.
Lord, William W.
Lorett, Joseph A.
Loring*, Isabel
Loring*, Peter
Loring*, Roger
Loring*/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, Nele , Sir
Loring, Margaret
Loring, Thomas
Loring, Thomas (1)
Loring, Wealthian
Loring, William
Lorraine*, Adela
Lorraine, Adelheid of
Lorraine, Beatrix
Lorraine, Ermengarde De
Lorraine, Ermingardis
Lorraine, Hugues
Lorraine/ mosellePrincess of the holly Roman Empire|mosellePrincess of the holly Roman Empir, Ermengarde or Irmgard de
Lorraine/ Princess of|Princess o, Bertha De
Lorraine/ Princess|Princes, Gisela de
Lorraine/ Queen|Queen|Waldrade of /Lorraine, Waldrade Waltrude
Losee, Anna
Loselle, Alfred
Loselle, Alfred P.
Loselle, Joseph
Loselle, Lillian M.
Loselle, Mary D.
Loselle, Ruth M.
Losey, Harvey
Lothaire*, II , King of Lorraine
Lothaire*/ DUKE OF LOWER LORRAINE|DUKE OF LOWER LORRAIN, Gilbert , Giselbert Charles
Lothaire*/ KING OF ITALY|KING OF ITAL, I , Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
Lothaire, II , King of Italy
Lothaire, King of France
Lothaire, Prince of the Holy Roman Empire
Lothaire/ I, Aquitaine E.O.T.H.R.E,
Lothaire/ II, Carolingian Koenig Lothringen King Lorrain,
Lothar*, Count of Walbeck
Lotharius, Count of Hostaden
Lothridge, Bertha Mae
Lothrop, Charlotte Elizabeth
Lothrop, Clarissa
Lothrop, Edward
Lothrop, Edward Augustus
Lothrop, Elias Cornelius
Lothrop, Elizabeth
Lothrop, Emma Lincoln
Lothrop, John Lawson
Lothrop, Mary
Lothrop, Mary (1)
Lothrop, Sarah
Lotz, Helen A.
Loucks , Loecks, Catherine
Loucy, Catherine Bridget
Loud, Sarah Ann
Louden, Mr.
Louderback, Columbus
Louderback, Levi
Louderback, Liberty
Louderback, Mahala
Louderback, Margaret
Louderback, Mary
Louderback, Mills
Louderback, Sarah
Louderback, Thomas
Louderback, Thomas (1)
Louderback, William
Lough, Edward Hugh
Lough, Freddy
Lough, Samuel
Lough, Samuel (1)
Lough, William M.
Louis I/ Duke of Savo,
Louis*, Comte De Montbelliard
Louis*, Count of Mousson
Louis*, King of France IX
Louis*, Seigneur De Faucigny
Louis*/ "The Stammerrer"|"The Stammerrer"|The /Stammerer, II , King of France
Louis*/|D' Outremer /Transmarinus/, From Beyond the Se, IV , King of France
Louis*/|The /Lion, VIII , King of France
Louis, Comte De Chiny
Louis, Count de Montbeliard III
Louis, Count of Mousson
Louis, II , King of Provence
Louis, III , King of France
Louis, King of France X
Louis, Prince of England
Louis, Prince of France
Louis, Prince of France (1)
Louis, Prince of France (2)
Louis, V
Louis, V , King of France
Louis/ COMTE D' EVREUX|COMTE D' EVREU, Prince of France
Louis/ DUKE OF BOURBON|DUKE OF BOURBON|/Le Boiteux, I , Count of Bourbon
Louis/ II, "The German" King of East Frank,
Louis/ II, Le Jeune O.T.H.R.E,
Louis/ KING OF ITALY|KING OF ITAL, II , Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
Louis/|The /Fat, VI , King of France
Louisa, Martha
Louise, Sherry
Lounders, Tabitha
Lounsbury, ?
Lounsbury, Abigail Smith
Lounsbury, Alice
Lounsbury, Angeline
Lounsbury, Ann
Lounsbury, Benjamin
Lounsbury, Benjamin (1)
Lounsbury, Betsey
Lounsbury, Betsey (1)
Lounsbury, Caroline L.
Lounsbury, Caty
Lounsbury, Charles
Lounsbury, Charles (1)
Lounsbury, Charles E.
Lounsbury, Charles Hugh
Lounsbury, Clara
Lounsbury, Cornelia

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