List of Individuals
Rogers, Priscilla
Rogers, Rachel
Rogers, Rebecca
Rogers, Richard
Rogers, Ruth
Rogers, Sarah
Rogers, Sarah (1)
Rogers, Sarah (2)
Rogers, Sarah (3)
Rogers, Sarah (4)
Rogers, Sarah (5)
Rogers, Sarah Knowles
Rogers, Shelley Kay
Rogers, Stacey Lyn
Rogers, Stephen
Rogers, Susanna
Rogers, Talia
Rogers, Thomas
Rogers, Thomas (1)
Rogers, Thomas (1st m)
Rogers, Unknown
Rogers, Unknown (1)
Rogers, Unknown (2)
Rogers, Unknown (3)
Rogers, Unknown (4)
Rogers, Unknown (5)
Rogers, Violetta
Rogers, Walter
Rogers, William
Rogers, William A.
Rogers/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, John
Rogers/ Reverend|Reveren, Daniel
Rogers/ Reverend|Reveren, Ezekiel
Rogers/|/Lysbeth, Elizabeth
Rogerson, Isabel
Rogman, Amelia
Rogman, Amelia (1)
Rogman, Cora
Rogman, Cora (1)
Rogman, Ella
Rogman, Emma
Rogman, George A.
Rogman, George A. (1)
Rogman, Grace E.
Rogman, Grace E. (1)
Rogman, John
Rogman, John Clifford
Rogman, John Clifford (1)
Rogman, Living
Rogman, Living (1)
Rogman, Stanley
Rogman, Stanley (1)
Rogman, Stella
Rogman, William
Rogneda*, Princess of Polotsk
Rognvaldsdatter*/ Countess of Oppland|Countess of Opplan, Ascrida
Rognvaldsdatter, Thora
Rognvaldsdatter/|Countess of Opplan, Ascrida (Aseda)
Rognvaldsdottir, Aseda
Rognvaldsson*/ Duke of Normandy|Duke of Normand, Rollo
Rognvaldsson*/ Earl of More|Earl of More|The /Silent, Thorir
Rognvaldsson*/|/Turf, Einar I, Earl of Orkney
Rognvaldsson, Ivar
Rognvaldsson/, 1st Duke of Normandy|, 1st Duke of Normand, Rollo
Rognwald*/|/Rogvolod, Count of Polotsk
Rohais, (1)
Rohaut*/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, Roger , Sir
Rohe, Jeanette Mary
Rohe, Living
Rohe, Stephanie Virginia
Rohese, Princess of England
Rohrbeck, Charles
Rohrer, Frances Elnor
Rokesley*/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, Richard
Rokesley, Walter
Roland, Abraham
Roland, Abraham (1)
Roland, Eva Elizabeth
Roland, Magdalena
Roland, Melchoir
Roland, Philip
Roland, Rowland, Maria Catherine
Rolfe, Doreen
Rolfe, Hannah (Anna)
Rolfe, Henry
Rolfe, Mrs Honour
Rollings, Fnu
Rollosson*, Ansfred I
Rolph, Alta Matilda
Romaine, John H.
Romana, Ralph
Romanecka, Living
Romanecka, Living (1)
Romanos*, II , Emperor of the Byzantine Empire
Romanos*/|/Lecapenus, I , Emperor of the Byzantine Empire
Romanus/|/Argyrus, III , Emperor of the Byzantine Empire
Rome, Marozia Senatrix &
Rome, Theodogotho of
Rome, Theophytactus of
Romeril*, Jean
Romeril*, Marie
Romeril, Philip
Romesburg, Ralph
Romesburg, Ralph Raymond
Romesburg, Rebecca
Romesburg, Rommie "Romine"
Romesburg, Rosaline
Romesburg, Rowena
Romesburg, Roy
Romesburg/|Hermoin, Ruth V. "Hermoine, Imogene"
Romeyn, Klaes Jansen
Ronald, Living
Ronalder/ Ronolder|Ronolde, John
Ronalder/ Ronolder|Ronolde, Kate J.
Rondhuis, Living
Roney, Elizabeth
Roney, Living
Roney, Living (1)
Ronger, Mary
Ronse, Alice M.
Rood, Anna A.
Rood, Susan Alvira
Rood, Vernon
Roof, Albert John
Roof, Cecelia "Zella" Katharine
Roof, David
Roof, Edna Margaret
Roof, James M.
Roof, Living
Roof, Living (1)
Roof, Mirian Irene
Roof, Pauline Olga
Roof, Percilla J.
Roof, Percilla J. (1)
Roof, Shiela
Roof, Simon
Roof, Timothy
Roof, Timothy Charles
Roof, William J.
Roof/ Jr.|Jr, Harry Webster
Roof/ Jr.|Jr, Harry Webster (1)
Roof/ Sr.|Sr, Harry Webster
Rook, Thomas
Rookes, Thomas
Rookwood, Anne
Roole, Umatilla
Rooney, Frank M.
Rooney, John
Rooney, Samuel B.
Rooney, States B.
Rooney/|Beth /Colwell, Elizabeth Alena
Roop, Christopher
Roope, Kendall
Roorda, Donald John
Roorda, John
Roos, Catharina Maria
Roos, Gerritt Jansen
Roos, Henry
Roos, Jan
Roos, Johannes
Roos, Johannes Jakob
Roos, Peter
Roos, Rosina
Roos/|/Mary, Marie
Roos/|/Rous, Robert
Roosa, Goert
Roosa, Guysbert
Roosa, Guysbert Gijsbert Goertzen
Roosa, Heyman
Roosa, Jannetje Jenneken Alderts
Roosa/ Luiet.|Luiet, Aldert Haymansen "Albert"
Root, Abigail
Root, Abner
Root, Addie A.
Root, Almira
Root, Azariah Junior
Root, Betsey
Root, Candace F.
Root, Charles
Root, Charles Delbert
Root, Charlotte
Root, Chauncey
Root, Edwin
Root, Elijah
Root, Elijah (1)
Root, Eliza
Root, Elizabeth
Root, Ellen
Root, Elmer L.
Root, Emily
Root, Emma Fidefia
Root, Ezekiel
Root, George Henry
Root, Gideon
Root, Grace
Root, Grace Nellie

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