List of Individuals
Tompkins, William Scureman
Toms, Alice A.
Toms, Clarence Brown
Toms, Edward M.
Toms, Ella V.
Toms, Florence May
Toms, Grover Mansfield
Toms, Harry Melville
Toms, Howard
Toms, Howard P.
Toms, Mansfield
Toms, Wilbur
Tomson, Jane
Tomson, Margaret
Toney, Jennifer L.
Toney, Steve
Toney, Steven Eric
Tonhouse, Clara Nellie
Toni*, Robert
Tonkin, Living
Tonkin, Living (1)
Tonkin, Living (2)
Tonkin, Living (3)
Tonnance, Daughter of
Tooker, Mariah
Tooley, Abigail
Tooley, Andrew
Tooley, Ezra
Tooley, Hannah
Tooley, John
Tooley, Sarah
Tooley, Sylvester
Toomay, Frances
Tootle, Living
Topclift, Unknown
Topclift, Unknown (1)
Topclift, Unknown (2)
Topclift, Unknown (3)
Topclift, Unknown (4)
Topclive, Alice
Topley, Margaret
Topp, Living
Topping, Arthur
Topping, Bert
Topping, C. G.
Topping, Edwin
Topping, Josephine
Topping, May
Tordsdatter/ CONCUBINE 3|CONCUBINE , Rannveig
Torgeson, Living
Tornier*, George
Tornier*, Martin
Tornier*, Michael
Tornier*, Michael , Jr.
Tornier, Catharina Elizabeth
Tornquist, Rex
Tornvel, William
Torres*, Comita
Torrey, ?
Torrey, Alvina F.
Torrey, Glen S.
Torrey, Heidi L.
Torrey, Jennie Ware
Torrey, Lew S.
Torrey, Oliver
Torrey, Patricia L.
Torrey, Samuel , Rev.
Torstansdatter, Hermana Catherina
Tosier/|Tozier /Tozer, Richard
Tost, Lillian
Tost, Marana
Tost, Marana Webber
Tost, William Charles
Tost/, Jr.|, Jr, William Charles
Tostig, Earl of Northumbria
Tostig, Earl of Northumbria (1)
Tostig, Mr.
Toteberg, Living
Totrone/ este|est, Oberto II Count of Genoa
Totten, Albert F.
Totten, Anna R.
Totten, David Keith
Totten, David Lee
Totten, Diana Dee
Totten, Elizabeth H.
Totten, Flora
Totten, Flora (1)
Totten, Harold Kenneth
Totten, Henry
Totten, Hiram D.
Totten, John
Totten, Kandy Kay
Totten, Karey Fay
Totten, Leo
Totten, Lula M.
Totten, Norma Ruth
Totten, Randy Gene
Totten, Ronny Dean
Totten, Samuel (2nd M.)
Totten, William H.
Totten, William H. (1)
Totty, Georgia May
Touchet*, Ann
Touchet*, John
Touchet*, John (1)
Touchet*, Matthew
Touchet*, Orme
Touchet*, Robert
Touchet*, Robert (1)
Touchet*, Robert (2)
Touchet*, Simon
Touchet*, Thomas
Touchet*, Thomas (1)
Touchet*, Thomas (2)
Touchet*/ BARON AUDLEY|BARON AUDLE, John , Baron of Audley
Touchet, ?
Touchet, Constance
Touchet, Elizabeth
Touchet, Elizabeth (1)
Touchet, Henry
Touchet, Jocselyn
Touchet, Margaret
Touchet, Richard
Touchet, Richard (1)
Touchet, Robert
Touchet, Simon
Touchet, Thomas
Touchet, William
Touchet/ BISHOP|BISHO, Edmund
Toulouse*, Raimond III
Toulouse, Wialdruth of
Toupout/ (husband of Shoshenq V,
Tours, Adela Adelheid De
Tours, Ava De
Tours, Bertha De La
Tours/ Countess of Tours|Countess of Tour, Mrs Bava or Avess
Tours/ Count|Coun, Hugh Auxerre Nevers
Tousey, Walter
Tousley, ------
Tousley, Berring
Tovye, Frances
Tow, Living
Tower of Babel/ in Babylo,
Tower, Azubah
Towers, Living
Towers/ Sir|Si, William
Towmay/|/Adeliza, Adelicia
Towmay/|Sybil /Tornai, Sibil
Towne, Abigail
Towne, Benjamin
Towne, Dawn
Towne, Phebe
Towneley, Helen
Towneley, Henry
Towneley, John
Towneley, Lawrence
Towneley, Lawrence (1)
Towneley, Lawrence (2)
Towneley, Lawrence (3)
Towneley, Mary
Towner, Martha
Towner, Neva
Townsend, A. A.
Townsend, A. A. (1)
Townsend, A. C.
Townsend, A. L.
Townsend, A. P.
Townsend, Allie Isabelle
Townsend, Ann
Townsend, Anna
Townsend, Charles Harvey
Townsend, Clarence
Townsend, E. R.
Townsend, Edward Seldon
Townsend, Effie
Townsend, Elizabeth
Townsend, F. A.
Townsend, Isabella
Townsend, J. A.
Townsend, James H.
Townsend, James H. (1)
Townsend, Job
Townsend, John
Townsend, John Americus
Townsend, John Milton
Townsend, Leslie
Townsend, Lillie H.
Townsend, Louis Elbert
Townsend, M. R.
Townsend, M. R. (1)
Townsend, Martin
Townsend, Martin (1)
Townsend, Mary
Townsend, Mary E.
Townsend, Phillip Newell
Townsend, R. C.
Townsend, S. L.
Townsend, Sarah M.
Townsend, T. L.

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