List of Individuals
Wetzel, Olive Naomi
Wever, Edward
Wever, Elizabeth
Wever, Elizabeth (1)
Wever, Thomas
Weyant, Elizabeth
Weyer, Floella
Weyland, C
Weyland, Ivetta
Weymer, George Francis
Weymoers, Martyntje
Weymouth, Mary
Whale, Philomon
Whalen, Dale Drew
Whalen, Marlin Lee
Whalen, Martin Joseph
Whalen, Minnie
Whalen, Sally Ann
Whalesborough, Anne
Whalesborough, John
Whalesborough, Margery
Whaley, Alice A.
Whaley, Ann
Whaley, Edward
Whaley, Elizabeth
Whaley, Elizabeth (1)
Whaley, Elva
Whaley, Henrietta
Whaley, Henry
Whaley, James
Whaley, Jane
Whaley, Joan
Whaley, John H 'Bullhead'
Whaley, Lillia A.
Whaley, Lydia
Whaley, Martha
Whaley, Mary
Whaley, Mary Alice
Whaley, Samuel
Whaley, Samuel (1)
Whaley, Theodesia
Whaley, Theophilus
Whaley, Thomas
Whaley/|Esquir, Richard
Whaling, Daniel Benjamin "Ben"
Whaling, James H.
Whaling, May
Whaling, Patrick
Whalon, Hannah (Rogers)
Wharton*, Mary
Whatcott, Living
Whatcott, Living (1)
Whatcott, Living (2)
Whatley, Minerva
Whatlock, John
Wheadon, Maude
Wheat, Charles
Wheat, Elizabeth
Wheat, Fanny
Wheatcroft/|/Wheatcraft, Mary
Wheatley, Living
Wheatly, Living
Wheatly, Living (1)
Wheatly, Living (2)
Wheaton, Charity
Wheaton, Elizabeth
Wheaton, Isaac
Wheaton, Israel
Wheaton, James
Wheaton, John
Wheaton, John (1)
Wheaton, Joseph
Wheaton, Joseph (1)
Wheaton, Living
Wheaton, Lois
Wheaton, Margaret
Wheaton, Mary
Wheaton, Mary (1)
Wheaton, Nathaniel
Wheaton, Patience
Wheaton, Peter
Wheaton, Phebe S.
Wheaton, Phoebe Ann
Wheaton, Priscilla
Wheaton, Samuel
Wheeler*, Abell
Wheeler*, Elizabeth
Wheeler*, Francys
Wheeler*, John
Wheeler*, Margery
Wheeler*/|/John, Dominick D.
Wheeler, Adam
Wheeler, Adam (1)
Wheeler, Ann
Wheeler, Ann (1)
Wheeler, Ann (2)
Wheeler, Belina
Wheeler, Bertha
Wheeler, Calvin Thatcher
Wheeler, Catherine (Kate) T.
Wheeler, Charlotte Thompson
Wheeler, Clara
Wheeler, David
Wheeler, David (1)
Wheeler, Desire
Wheeler, Edward
Wheeler, Edward (1)
Wheeler, Eliza S.
Wheeler, Elizabeth
Wheeler, Elizabeth (1)
Wheeler, Emeline S.
Wheeler, George
Wheeler, George (1)
Wheeler, George Remington
Wheeler, Hannah
Wheeler, Harry A.
Wheeler, Hattie
Wheeler, Henry
Wheeler, Henry (1)
Wheeler, Ida
Wheeler, Jacob
Wheeler, Jane
Wheeler, Jessie
Wheeler, Jessie Lake
Wheeler, John
Wheeler, John (1)
Wheeler, Joseph
Wheeler, Joseph (1)
Wheeler, Julia C.
Wheeler, Julia Estella
Wheeler, Laurel Christine
Wheeler, Lawrence Starr
Wheeler, Leroy
Wheeler, Lydia
Wheeler, Marie
Wheeler, Mary
Wheeler, Mary (1)
Wheeler, Mary (2)
Wheeler, Mary Ann
Wheeler, Mercy
Wheeler, Mercy (1)
Wheeler, Mollie
Wheeler, Mr.
Wheeler, Polly
Wheeler, Rachel
Wheeler, Randy Joe
Wheeler, Robert
Wheeler, Robert (1)
Wheeler, Robert (2)
Wheeler, Robert F.
Wheeler, Roger
Wheeler, Roger (1)
Wheeler, Ruth
Wheeler, Sarah
Wheeler, Sarah (1)
Wheeler, Spring Marie
Wheeler, Susannah
Wheeler, Tedd Pettit
Wheeler, Thomas
Wheeler, Thomas (1)
Wheeler, Tolman
Wheeler, William
Wheeler, William (1)
Wheeler, William (2)
Wheeler, William (3)
Wheelock*, Hugh
Wheelock*, Humphrey
Wheelock*, Rebecca
Wheelock*/ Rev|Re, Ralph
Wheelock*/|/John?, Joseph
Wheelock, ?
Wheelock, ? (1)
Wheelock, Ebenezer
Wheelock, Eleazar
Wheelock, Elizabeth
Wheelock, Experience
Wheelock, George
Wheelock, Gershom T.
Wheelock, Hugh
Wheelock, Humphrey
Wheelock, Humphrey (1)
Wheelock, John
Wheelock, John (1)
Wheelock, John (2)
Wheelock, Kenneth
Wheelock, Maria Malleville
Wheelock, Mary
Wheelock, Mary (1)
Wheelock, Mary Emma
Wheelock, Nancy
Wheelock, Randal L.
Wheelock, Record
Wheelock, Richard
Wheelock, William
Wheelock/|/Nancy, Mary
Wheelock/|/Peregrin, Peregrina
Wheelocke, Benjamin
Wheelocke, Samuel
Wheelwright, ?
Wheelwright/ REV.|REV, John

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