List of Individuals
Clason, Sumner N.
Clason, Susan S.
Clason, Valerie
Clason, Waitstill
Clason, Walter
Clason, Walter Smith
Clason, William Irving
Clason, William L.
Clason, William T.
Clave, Anna
Clawson, Mary
Clawson, William
Clayton, Living
Clear, Mary L.
Clements, Living
Clendenning, Maria
Clesson, Matthew
Clesson, Matthew (1)
Cleveland, Florence B.
Cleveland, Frank B.
Clevenger/|Wil, William J.
Click, Lucy Olive
Clifford, Eva
Clifford, Samuel
Cline, Jean Virginia
Clock, Abram
Clock, Addie May
Clock, Albert
Clock, Ann
Clock, Clarence
Clock, David
Clock, Deborah Ann
Clock, Edward Augustus
Clock, Eliza J.
Clock, Elizabeth
Clock, Elizabeth (1)
Clock, Emma J.
Clock, Hellen
Clock, John
Clock, John (1)
Clock, John (2)
Clock, Levina
Clock, Lucy Ann
Clock, Mary E.
Clock, Mehetable
Clock, Munson
Clock, Phebe S.
Clock, Rachel Elizabeth
Clock, Rebecca
Clock, Robert A.
Clock, Sarah L.
Clogston, Legis
Close, Aaron
Close, Abraham H.
Close, Abram
Close, Allen Hart
Close, Amy H.
Close, Barlow F.
Close, Benjamin
Close, Benjamin (1)
Close, Benjamin H.
Close, Bethia
Close, Caroline
Close, Cora Eliza
Close, Daniel
Close, Deborah
Close, Edward
Close, Eliza
Close, Elizabeth
Close, Elizabeth (1)
Close, Elizabeth (2)
Close, Elizabeth (3)
Close, Elizabeth F.
Close, Elnathan
Close, Elnathan (1)
Close, Emily L.
Close, Esther
Close, Esther Ann
Close, Eunice
Close, Eunice (1)
Close, Frederick W.
Close, George W.
Close, George W. (1)
Close, George W. (2)
Close, Gideon
Close, Gideon (1)
Close, Gilbert
Close, Gilbert (1)
Close, Gracie Louise
Close, Hannah
Close, Hannah (1)
Close, Hannah (2)
Close, Hannah (3)
Close, Henrietta G.
Close, Henry M.
Close, Hiram
Close, Horace
Close, Isaac O.
Close, Jabez
Close, Jerusha
Close, Jessie
Close, John
Close, John F.
Close, Jonathan
Close, Jonathan Allen
Close, Jonathan Odel
Close, Joseph
Close, Joseph (1)
Close, Joseph Jr.
Close, Laura Fannie
Close, Lewis Mead
Close, Living
Close, Lockwood R.
Close, Lucius A.
Close, Martha Elizabeth
Close, Martha R.
Close, Mary
Close, Mary H.
Close, Mary Polly
Close, Mary R.
Close, Matilda Doty
Close, Nancy
Close, Odle
Close, Odle (1)
Close, Odle Jr.
Close, Oliver F.
Close, Phebe
Close, Rebecca
Close, Ruth
Close, Samuel
Close, Samuel (1)
Close, Samuel (2)
Close, Samuel (3)
Close, Samuel Rundle
Close, Sarah
Close, Sarah Ann
Close, Sarah E.
Close, Shadrach
Close, Shadrach R.
Close, Shadrack
Close, Solomon
Close, Stephen
Close, Susannah H.
Close, Thomas
Close, Thomas (1)
Close, Tompkins
Close, Walter
Close, William
Close, William Henry
Clothier, Anne
Clotworthey, Frank
Clute, Katherine
Coale, Isabel
Cochran, Blanche
Cochran, Chester
Cochran, Cornelius
Cochran, Dellia
Cochran, Francis M.
Cochran, Harlow
Cochran, Ivy
Cochran, John J.
Cochran, Laura
Cochran, Lillian
Cochran, Mary R.
Cochran, Nancy
Cochran, Nettie
Cochran, Norma
Cochran, Phoebe
Cochran, Robert
Cochran, Robert Lorenzo
Cochran, Robert R
Cochran, Vernon
Cochran, Volney
Cochran, Webster
Cochran, Wesley
Cochran, William
Cochrane, Charles Walton
Cochrane, George
Cochrane, Glenice
Cochrane, Leo Ray
Cochrane, Living
Cochrane, Living (1)
Cochrane, Living (2)
Cochrane, Living (3)
Cochrane, Living (4)
Cochrane, Living (5)
Cochrane, Maxine
Cochrane, Wylie
Cock, Adonijah
Cock, Ambrose
Cock, Harriet
Cock, Isaac
Cock, Isaac (1)
Cock, Isaac (2)
Cock, Jacob
Cock, Jacob (1)
Cock, John
Cock, Maria
Cock, Phebe
Coddington , Anna

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