List of Individuals
Colegrove, William Dana , Jr.
Colegrove/|/Charley\Rockhound, Charles Coates
Colegrove/|Esq, Stephen
Colegrove/|Rev, Andrew M.
Colegrove/|Rev, Daniel
Colegrove/|Rev, George Aylsworth
Colegrove/|Rev, Mager
Coleman, Carrie M.
Coleman, David
Coleman, Living
Coleman, Living (1)
Coles, William
Coletta, Daria
Coley, ?
Coley, Edward Huntington
Coley, Electra
Coley, Hannah
Coley, Samuel
Colgate, James Boorman
Colgate, Jessie Colby
Colgate, William Hoyt
Colgrove, Alexander
Colgrove, Emeline A.
Colgrove, Joseph LaFayette
Colgrove, Livingston
Colgrove, Livingston (1)
Colgrove, Susan
Colgrove, Thersa E.
Colgrove, Van F.
Colgrove, William L.
Colley, Osborn
Collier , Susanna
Colliers, Volkie
Collins, ?
Collins, Elizabeth
Collins, Ellen
Collins, George C.
Collins, Hezekiah
Collins, Martha
Collins, Sarah
Collins, Susan J.
Colton, Charles
Colton, George
Colton, George (1)
Colwell, Harriet
Colyer, Margaret
Coman, Hiram
Coman, Miranda
Combs, Ethel Louise
Combs, John
Comeau, Cecelia Ann
Comeau, Ida
Comeau, Living
Comeau, Living (1)
Comeau, Living (2)
Comeau, Stan
Comstock, Abijah
Comstock, Ann Lois
Comstock, Anna E.
Comstock, Appollos
Comstock, Betsey R.
Comstock, Caroline M.
Comstock, Charles
Comstock, Edwin
Comstock, Francis A.
Comstock, Hannah
Comstock, Ivy St. John
Comstock, Margaret
Comstock, Melinda
Comstock, Moses
Comstock, Sarah
Comstock, Seymour
Comstock, Thomas
Comstock, Thomas J.
Comstock, Watts
Comyngs, Elizabeth
Conant, Julia
Condon, N. E.
Conery, Julia
Conery, Patrick
Conger, Bathia
Conger, Elizabeth
Conger, Elizabeth (1)
Conger, Elizabeth (2)
Conger, Enoch
Conger, Enoch (1)
Conger, Esther
Conger, James
Conger, James (1)
Conger, Job
Conger, Job (1)
Conger, Job C
Conger, John
Conger, Keziah
Conger, Lucy
Conger, Lydia
Conger, Mary
Conger, Mary (1)
Conger, Moses
Conger, Nancy
Conger, Nancy Ann
Conger, Rueben
Conger, Ruth
Conger, Sabria
Conger, Sarah Keziah
Conger, Silas
Conger, Uzziah
Conger, William
Conger, William (1)
Conjugacion, Alice
Conlie ?, Jennie
Conlie ?, Mr.
Connelly, Darlene
Conner, Megan Jean
Conner, Melissa Lynne
Conner, Paul Edward
Connie, Jennifer
Connie, Karen
Connie, Kelly
Connie, Mr.
Connie, Rickie
Connie, Rodney
Conrad, Fred W.
Conrad, Humphrey
Conrad, Living
Conrad, Living (1)
Conrad, Living (2)
Conrad, Nellie J.
Conrad, Spurgeon Seaforth
Constable, Joan
Constable, Robert
Contos, Living
Convn/|Agnietj, Annetje Casparse
Cook, Aaron
Cook, Abigail
Cook, Abigail (1)
Cook, Alice
Cook, Bessie Ann
Cook, Emaline
Cook, Etta Florence
Cook, Gerald
Cook, Hannah
Cook, Harding
Cook, Henry
Cook, Isaac
Cook, Isaac (1)
Cook, Jean
Cook, John
Cook, John (1)
Cook, Laura M.
Cook, Living
Cook, Living (1)
Cook, Living (2)
Cook, Living (3)
Cook, Living (4)
Cook, Lloyd
Cook, Louisa
Cook, Lyman
Cook, Mary Warring
Cook, Nancy
Cook, Nathanial
Cook, Nathaniel
Cook, Nathaniel (1)
Cook, Nettie L.
Cook, Nettie Maud
Cook, Owen D.
Cook, Pomeroy, Abigail (m.1st)
Cook, Rosa
Cook, Samuel W.
Cook, Sendel Henry Walton
Cook, Seth Smith
Cook, Wallace
Cook, William H.
Cooke, Aaron
Cooke, Austin Henry
Cooke, Austin Henry Jr.
Cooke, Edward
Cooke, Francis
Cooke, Hester R.
Cooke, Jane
Cooke, Martha Gertrude
Cooke, Mary Waite
Cooklin, Mary
Cooksey, Mary Estella
Cooledge, Alvin
Coolen, Living
Coolidge, Mary
Coombs, Anna
Coombs, John
Coombs, John (1)
Coombs, Living
Coombs, Ruth
Coon, Barrett
Coons, David
Coop, Linda Sue
Cooper, Agnes "Pilgrim"
Cooper, Ann

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