List of Individuals
Robergs, Living (1)
Robergs, Living (2)
Robergs, Living (3)
Roberts, ?
Roberts, Alex David
Roberts, Alexander
Roberts, Baby
Roberts, Betty Jean
Roberts, Brenda Lee
Roberts, Cleo
Roberts, Cooper William
Roberts, Dennis Leroy
Roberts, Donald Gordon
Roberts, Dorothy May
Roberts, Elizabeth
Roberts, Elizabeth (1)
Roberts, Ethyl
Roberts, Florence
Roberts, Frances M.
Roberts, Francis Irene
Roberts, George W.
Roberts, George W. (1)
Roberts, Gertrude
Roberts, Gloria
Roberts, Helen M.
Roberts, Helen Maria
Roberts, Jessie R.
Roberts, Josephine Mabel
Roberts, Leroy Junior
Roberts, Leroy William
Roberts, Mercy
Roberts, Paul Alexander
Roberts, Paula Rae
Roberts, Reva
Roberts, Robert
Roberts, Samuel James
Roberts, Samuel Jr.
Roberts, Stephen Francis
Roberts, Troy William
Roberts, Unknown
Roberts, Vera J.
Roberts, Virginia Margaret
Roberts, William Scott
Robertson, ?
Robertson, Amy
Robertson, Catherine
Robertson, Ebenezer
Robertson, Emeline
Robertson, Living
Robertson, M. Jennie
Robey, Emma Jane (1st m.)
Robey, James Loyd
Robicheau, Dorothy
Robicheau, Edgar
Robicheau, Living
Robicheau, Living (1)
Robicheau, Living (2)
Robicheau, Living (3)
Robicheau, Living (4)
Robicheau, Living (5)
Robicheau, Living (6)
Robicheau, Living (7)
Robicheau, Living (8)
Robicheau, Living (9)
Robicheau, Living (10)
Robicheau, Stella Rosalie
Robicheau, Susie Almira
Robinson, Amarilla G.
Robinson, Ben
Robinson, Beverly
Robinson, Deborah
Robinson, Elmer W.
Robinson, Elsie D.
Robinson, Georgianna L.
Robinson, Grace M.
Robinson, Hannah
Robinson, J.
Robinson, Joyce Anne
Robinson, Justus
Robinson, Living
Robinson, Living (1)
Robinson, Living (2)
Robinson, Living (3)
Robinson, Living (4)
Robinson, Louisa
Robinson, Mariah
Robinson, Martha
Robinson, Mary A.
Robinson, N.
Robinson, Olin E.
Robinson, Richard Jr
Robinson, Richard Sr
Robinson/|Robin|Robin (Robinson) /Stone, Queen [Robin]
Robson, Isobel
Rocha, (1)
Rocha, Emily Marisa
Rocha, Guillermo
Rocha, Guillermo Arredondo
Rocha, Sherry Victoria
Rocke, Champion
Rocke, James
Rocke, Jane
Rocke, John
Rocke, Thomas
Rockwell, ?
Rockwell, Abraham
Rockwell, Alice E.
Rockwell, Annaletta DeForest
Rockwell, Caroline Elizabeth
Rockwell, Clarissa A.
Rockwell, Clarissa Ann
Rockwell, Daniel B.
Rockwell, David
Rockwell, David (1)
Rockwell, Elizabeth R.
Rockwell, George Frederick
Rockwell, Harvey
Rockwell, Henry
Rockwell, James R.
Rockwell, John
Rockwell, John Chapman
Rockwell, John Talcott
Rockwell, John Webster
Rockwell, Lewis
Rockwell, Lucy
Rockwell, Martin
Rockwell, Mehitable
Rockwell, Pemetia
Rockwell, Runa
Rockwell, Sally A.
Rockwell, Sarah Jane
Rockwell, Theodore Frelinghuyysen
Roda, Samuel
Rode, Diane
Rode, Gale
Rode, Mark
Rode, Michael
Rode, Son
Rode, Sylvester
Rodgers, Axie O.
Rodman, Arthur Chester
Rodman, Cyril
Rodman, Issac Newton
Rodman, Patrick
Rodman, Phillip
Roen, Elizabeth Nilsen
Rogers, ?
Rogers, Benjamin C.
Rogers, Charles
Rogers, Cyrenius
Rogers, Dewey
Rogers, Ellen Euphama
Rogers, Henry B.
Rogers, Josiah
Rogers, Lucy D.
Rogers, Maria
Rogers, Patience
Rogers, Sarah
Rogers, Thomas (1st m)
Rogers, Violetta
Rohrer, Frances Elnor
Rolfe, Hannah (Anna)
Rolfe, Henry
Rolfe, Mrs Honour
Romaine, John H.
Romanecka, Living
Romanecka, Living (1)
Romard, Living
Romard, Living (1)
Romard, Living (2)
Romard, Living (3)
Romesburg, Hermoine V.
Rondhuis, Living
Ronse, Alice M.
Rooney, Frank M.
Rooney, Samuel B.
Rooney, States B.
Roop, Christopher
Roope, Kendall
Roope, Living
Roope, Living (1)
Roope, Living (2)
Roope, Living (3)
Roorda, Donald John
Roorda, John
Root, Abner
Root, Almira
Root, Azariah Junior
Root, Elizabeth
Root, Ellen
Root, Elmer L.
Root, Emily
Root, Emma Fidefia
Root, George Henry
Root, Grace Nellie
Root, Issac
Root, Jennie M.
Root, Joseph Henry
Root, Martha

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