List of Individuals
Root, Mary
Root, Porthine
Root, Roote/|(1st M., Timothy
Root, Samuel
Root, Sarah
Root, Son 1
Roper, Charles David
Roper, Rebecca Atkins
Ropine, Mary Leah
Rorabacher, A. M.
Rorabacher, Anna Grace
Rorabacher, Bradley Michael
Rorabacher, Brandon
Rorabacher, Bruce Michael
Rorabacher, Carl Albert
Rorabacher, Carl Frederick (Fritz)
Rorabacher, Carly Irene
Rorabacher, D.
Rorabacher, D. D.
Rorabacher, Eugene Oscar
Rorabacher, Frederick J.
Rorabacher, Harold Bernard
Rorabacher, J.
Rorabacher, J. (1)
Rorabacher, June Diane
Rorabacher, Kenneth Darwin
Rorabacher, M. L.
Rorabacher, Marjorie Leon
Rorabacher, Michael Vernon
Rorabacher, Patricia Joyce
Rorabacher, Randy Gene
Rorabacher, S. A.
Rorabacher, S. A. (1)
Rorabacher, S. C.
Rorabacher, Scott Allen
Rorabacher, T. D.
Rorabacher, Tammy Lynn
Rorabacher, Vernon Francis
Rorabacher, Wanda Colleen
Rorbach, Robert M.
Rosborough, Sarah Elizabeth
Rosborough, William
Roscoe, Allen
Roscoe, DeWitt Clinton
Rose /|Abbi, Abigail Geroy
Rose, Aaron
Rose, Abigail
Rose, Accibiades
Rose, Alfred
Rose, Allen Sidney
Rose, Allen Steven
Rose, Annatje
Rose, Arminta Helen (Minta)(Amanda)
Rose, Arra
Rose, Baby Boy
Rose, Betty Louise
Rose, Bradley E.
Rose, Caroline
Rose, Catharine
Rose, Charles
Rose, Charles (1)
Rose, Charlotte
Rose, Chloe
Rose, Christina
Rose, Clayton Devere Zagman
Rose, Cynthia
Rose, Dan Hiram
Rose, David
Rose, Della
Rose, Dorthea Hollis
Rose, Douglas
Rose, Edith
Rose, Elizabeth
Rose, Elizabeth (1)
Rose, Ellen
Rose, Erastus Bennett
Rose, Evelyn
Rose, Ezekial
Rose, Ferdella F.
Rose, Floyd Lamont
Rose, Forest Leland
Rose, Franklin
Rose, George
Rose, Gladys
Rose, Hannah
Rose, Harriet
Rose, Harry Dwight
Rose, Harry Dwight (1)
Rose, Hazel Laurine
Rose, Helen
Rose, Helen Louise
Rose, Hiram
Rose, Hiram (1)
Rose, Hiram (Hyrum) N.
Rose, Isaac
Rose, Jacob
Rose, Jacob (1)
Rose, Jacob S.
Rose, James
Rose, Jane
Rose, Jason
Rose, Jerusha
Rose, Joanna
Rose, John
Rose, John (1)
Rose, John (Leon)
Rose, John Crippen
Rose, Joseph Bradley
Rose, Kim
Rose, Lacie
Rose, Lawrence
Rose, Lawrence (1)
Rose, Leona Pearl
Rose, Leonard
Rose, Lillian
Rose, Louisa
Rose, Lucille M.
Rose, Lucy J.
Rose, Mabel C.
Rose, Malvenia
Rose, Margaret
Rose, Marion
Rose, Mary Janette
Rose, Matthew
Rose, Matthew H.
Rose, Melvin (Benjamin)
Rose, Moses
Rose, Myron E.
Rose, Nelson M.
Rose, Nettie
Rose, Orsanus B.
Rose, Paul
Rose, Pearl Mae
Rose, Peter
Rose, Phebe
Rose, Prudence
Rose, Rachel
Rose, Richard E
Rose, Richard F.
Rose, Robert
Rose, Robert "The Immigrant"
Rose, Samuel
Rose, Samuel (1)
Rose, Samuel Hobbs
Rose, Sarah
Rose, Sarah (1)
Rose, Sarah (2)
Rose, Silas
Rose, Susannah
Rose, Tami Marie
Rose, Terry
Rose, Timothy
Rose, Wilhelm (William) II
Rose, Willard
Rose, Willard Lee
Rose, William
Rose, William (1)
Rose, William A
Rose, William H
Rose, William H.
Rose/|Dea, William
Rose/|Ett, Henrietta
Rose/|Ett, Henrietta (Etta)
Rose/|Johannes, Johani, John
Rose/|Julia An, Julianne
Rose/|Lt. Cp, Allan Seth
Rose/|Sgt, Hiram Edwin
Rose/|Sgt, Seth Bradley
Rose/|Sr, Hiram
Rose/|Sr, Robert
Rose/|Willia, William
Rosell, Lillian
Rosenbalm, Edward Frank
Roskeda/|Roskid, Gustav
Ross, Floyd
Ross, Janet
Ross, Jemima
Ross, Living
Ross, Living (1)
Ross, Noreen Gail
Ross, Ronald Lyle
Rothgeb, Living
Rourke, K. J.
Rourke, K. R.
Rourke, R.
Rouse, Mary Gertrude
Rout, Dora Mary A.
Rowell, Doris
Rowell, Dorothy Skelding
Rowell, Edward Everett
Rowell, Rodney Wallace
Rowelson, ?
Rower, Valandingham (2nd m.)
Rowland, James
Rowland, James H.
Rowlandson, Martha
Rowlandson, Thomas
Rowley, Ellen
Rowning, Mary
Royce, Phebe

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