List of Individuals
Whitney, Samuel
Whitney, Samuel (1)
Whitney, Samuel (2)
Whitney, Samuel (3)
Whitney, Samuel H.
Whitney, Sarah
Whitney, Sarah (1)
Whitney, Sarah (2)
Whitney, Sarah Amelia
Whitney, Sarah Hall
Whitney, Sarah L. Brown
Whitney, Sarah Matilda
Whitney, Silvanus
Whitney, Stanley C.
Whitney, Stephen
Whitney, Susan
Whitney, Thankful
Whitney, Timothy
Whitney, Wallace
Whitney, Walter
Whitney, Walter Pierre
Whitney, Walter Smith
Whitney, Warren Wesley
Whitney, Wells Rossiter
Whitney, William
Whitney, William Benjamin
Whitney, William M.
Whitney, William Marcus
Whiton, Alfred
Whiton, Anne
Whiton, Tudor
Whittemore, Josephus
Wibbe, Daughter
Wibbe, John H.
Wichell, Sarah
Wickens, Living
Wickens, Living (1)
Wicks, Marion C.
Wicks, Rosalie Miller
Wicks, Susan
Wieber, Eileen
Wieber, Jeanette
Wiebold, Laura
Wiggins, Ruth
Wight, James
Wightman, John
Wigley, David
Wilber, Chester B.
Wilber, William
Wilber, William W.
Wilbur, Fanny
Wilbur, Harriet Adelia
Wilcox, Augusta B.
Wilcox, Carry I.
Wilcox, Cornelia M.
Wilcox, Delilah
Wilcox, Gertrude Knapp
Wilcox, Gregory
Wilcox, Margaret
Wilcox, Mr.
Wilcox, Mr. (1)
Wilcox, Noah
Wilcox, Robert M.
Wilcox, Sarah Lucilla
Wilcox, Willis H.
Wildman, Anna
Wildman, Mercy
Wildman, Olive
Wiley, Alexander Milton
Wiley, Elbert Milton
Wiley, John H.
Wilkens, Living
Wilkes, Charles R.
Wilkes, Flora L.
Wilkins, Aaron
Wilkins, Benjaimin W.
Wilkins, Charles
Wilkins, Job W.
Wilkins, John (m. 2nd)
Wilkinson, Icabod
Wilkinson, Icabod (1)
Wilkinson, Mr.
Willabee, Jack
Willcox, Mary
Willcox, Wallace C.
Willdee, Phebe
Willems/|,Zentgra, Eva
Willett, Edgar
Willett, Harry C.
Willett, Samuel P.
Williams, ?
Williams, Abigail or Anne
Williams, Abigail Weed
Williams, Alonzo
Williams, Benjamin
Williams, Catherine
Williams, Elijah
Williams, Elijah (1)
Williams, Elizabeth B.
Williams, Elizabeth W.
Williams, Fletcher Gorum
Williams, Gilbert
Williams, Harriet Ellen
Williams, Ichabod Thomas
Williams, Ilah Burton
Williams, Jennie
Williams, Jotham
Williams, Living
Williams, Living (1)
Williams, Living (2)
Williams, Loland
Williams, Margaret
Williams, Mary V.
Williams, Nancy
Williams, Percy
Williams, Randall
Williams, Rasmus V.
Williams, Robert
Williams, Robert (1)
Williams, Ruhamah
Williams, Samuel H.
Williams, Sarah
Williams, Tony
Williams, Unknown
Williams, William Stoddard
Williams, William Stoddard (1)
Williamson, (married 2nd)
Williamson, Adelaide L.
Williamson, Alanson
Williamson, Austin
Williamson, Benjamin L.
Williamson, Charles Ernest
Williamson, Deborah
Williamson, Elizabeth
Williamson, Frederick H.
Williamson, George Henry
Williamson, Heyltje "Helen"
Williamson, Jeremiah N.
Williamson, Joanna
Williamson, John
Williamson, John (1)
Williamson, John (2)
Williamson, Mary
Williamson, Norman Lester
Williamson, Phebe
Williamson, Scott A.
Willing, Aaron
Willing, Emily
Willing, Jim
Willis, Richard
Willmine, Eugene Ross
Willmine, Henry W.
Willoughby, Edward
Willoughby, Elizabeth
Willoughby, Robert
Wills, Christian
Willson, Albert Augustus
Willson, Albert C.
Willson, Charles A.
Willson, Jeanne LaPeer
Willson, John H.
Willson, Mary
Willson, Samuel
Willson, Walters S.
Wilmot, ?
Wilmot, ? (1)
Wilmot, Abigail Ann
Wilmot, Ada
Wilmot, Almira
Wilmot, Alva
Wilmot, Anna Maria
Wilmot, Calvin
Wilmot, Charles
Wilmot, Charles Edward
Wilmot, David
Wilmot, Eleanor
Wilmot, Ellen W.
Wilmot, Esther Seely
Wilmot, Francis Wilmut,
Wilmot, Hannah
Wilmot, Harriet
Wilmot, Henry
Wilmot, Isaac
Wilmot, Isadore W.
Wilmot, James E.
Wilmot, John W.
Wilmot, John W. (1)
Wilmot, Joseph
Wilmot, Josiah H.
Wilmot, Mary J.
Wilmot, Mehitabel
Wilmot, Polly
Wilmot, Sarah
Wilmot, Sarah J.
Wilmot, Sarah Jane
Wilmot, Susan Emma
Wilmot, Sylvester R.
Wilmot, Theodore

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