E-MAIL of SEPTEMBER 11, 2001


Date: 9/15/01 10:42:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time<BR>

From: Jim34887<BR>

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John & everybody,<BR>

Nathan and his friend, Brandon came down from NYC Wed night.Thought I e-mailed you that he was OK.Sorry if it didn't get through.His girlfriend is OK too but her life-long friend and roommate, Katey was on the 92nd floor of one of the WTC buildings and is missing.Her parents are in the city from Indiana and are staying with Cherese (not sure how to spell it).We saw them interviewed on ABC-TV last night.I have alternated between sadness and anger since the hijackings.I know now that I tend to isolate during bad times.I have become a news junky, listening for whatever they find.However, I have faith that God is trying to show all of us something.Wish I knew what.We will find out someday.<BR>

Sherry knows one of the doctors from Williamsburg that was in a conference in the city and became a volunteer when the buildings came down.He was also interviewed on ABC.<BR>

I'm so glad our boys weren't in those buildings or airplanes!Washington is fortunate that the plane that crashed in Pa. was retaken by the passengers and the terrorists didn't get that target.I had a feeling somebody was a real hero in that one.<BR>

I guess we have learned again that an ocean is not enough to keep the world's problems from us and that evil will come to us eventually.We'll see which nations put up and which are only showing good face right now.<BR>

I love all of you.<BR>