E-MAIL on SEPTEMBER 11, 2001


Subj: <B>Re: Jayson Hoyt Okay-->He was in Vermont, NH for a Client already</FONT><FONT  SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10></B><BR>

Date: 9/11/01 10:27:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time<BR>

From: Jim34887<BR>

To:   Jeh49341<BR>


John & Barbara,<BR>

Glad to hear Jayson and Joshua are OK!  Nathan is also OK.  He was working this morning when the planes hit and when the buildings collapsed.  He said he felt the ground shake when that happened.  He had to walk about 10 miles across the Queensboro Bridge before he could get a ride home from people who were providing makeshift taxi service.  His girlfriend is also OK but it doesn't look good for her roommate who works in one of the World Trade Center buildings on the 97th floor.<BR>

Our prayers go out to her and her family as well as anyone else affected by this act of war.<BR>

I'll write more later.  Got to go for now.<BR>

We love each and every one of you.<BR>

Jim & Sherry