E-MAIL of SEPTEMBER 11, 2001


Date: 9/11/01 1:22:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time<BR>

From: (Hoyt, Joshua)<BR>

To: (Jim Hoyt (E-mail)), (John Hoyt (E-mail)),


</FONT><FONT  SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>Everyone,<BR>


I wanted to let you know that I am alive, obviously shaken.  If you don't<BR>

know, I've been working at a client site in New Jersey for some time so I do<BR>

not spend the weekdays in New York City.  However, I have yet to hear from<BR>

my brother today.  As some of you know, my brother moved into my apartment<BR>

in NYC a few months ago.<BR>


I know that his company has an office in the financial district; I am<BR>

hopeful that he did not go into work because he normally sleeps past 8:30<BR>

and works out of home (my apartment) ... I think I recall my brother<BR>

actually saying that his company may have shut down that office (I hope). I<BR>

believe he was supposed to travel today or tomorrow from LaGuardia or JFK to<BR>

Vermont, I pray he is safe.  I also have several friends who work in the<BR>

Financial District, Chris Weldon, and Frank LaRosa.  There were also several<BR>

KPMG Consulting (fellow employees) who were working on a project in the<BR>

first building that was struck.  One of my fellow team member's wife works<BR>

in the WTC.  He is driving from Orlando to get home.  No word on their<BR>

conditions yet.<BR>


All the bridges and tunnels from New Jersey are shut down.  My Manager lives<BR>

about 6 blocks north of me on 79th and 2nd Ave, and we are going into the<BR>

city once we get word that we can.<BR>


My former NYC roommate, and one of my very best friends, could have been in<BR>

that building, but thankfully he pursued other career options that got him<BR>

out of the WTC. <BR>


Many of you on this list live in or near New York, most likely have<BR>

friends/family in New York, you have my prayers.<BR>


If any of you have ever flown into NYC, you know what a spectacular view it<BR>

is to fly over downtown NYC.  That view will forever be marred because of<BR>

hatred.  <BR>


In whatever way you pray or hope for the best, I ask for your prayers/hopes<BR>

as I give you mine.  The great people of New York and DC especially, need<BR>

your prayers/hopes.<BR>


I have a flight from Newark to Grand Rapids, MI (home) for a wedding, but my<BR>

flight will likely be cancelled.  I will let you know of any changes in<BR>