Subj: what's wrong with this world?

Date: 9/11/01 10:29:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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greetings everyone, (it's kinda hard to say that with what's going on)


     today, well......what could anyone say, it was purily messed up,

twisted, and foul!


     i get woken up by a phone call that disheartens me when i receive

the message, i turn on the telie...and i see what has and is ongoing.

a set of reactions strikes within me, so i go call my brothers, 1 of 1

answers, josh said he doesn't know where our other brother is, that he

had an office that was in one of the World Trade centers.......at that

point, i started to trembling due to confusion i guess......both of my

brothers worked in Manhattan, and jayson (the other brother) lived there

as well.......so i stressed, i didn't know what to do.....what could any

of us do..........i prayed, i prayed for not just my brother, but

for this not to get any worst than it had, i thought that this day still

wouldn't come for a while, but it is the element of surprise that these

striking series of events have.


     i also had a friend set to go to ireland, even through he deserved

a vacation, i prayed for him and his loved one not to have access to go.


     i have another friend that just moved to the bronx to start his new

brilliant bright education....what a welcome his new home gave to him huh?

then i realized how many people they said could have been in all those

buildings, i started to cry a little, but held my reserve at stand cause

i was brought up to expect , pray, and hope for the best of things, that

no matter what happened or will....i need to keep going....and why should

i lay down like a coward when all those people being directly affected by

this are fighting to survive, either mentally, physically or even



    i saw that our nation started to point fingers, making it public on

the "usual suspects" and felt even more despair because our nation is

calling for blood, and we still don't even know who was behind this

ingenious and yet very malicious attack on innocent lives. i want due

payment made to the sob's that did this too, but i want to know who did

it for fact, and who assists them and harbors them........i want to see

what their eyes tell, what they have to say for themselves after this

atrocity.......they'll pay, hopefully in this world and the next........

there were a couple of people who asked me the question: " why...how

could "even"...someone do an evil deed like this???" then i instantly

thought "it's been going on for centuries, mostly over things that don't

ad up, whether religion or not, and just look at the middle east and the

arab nations....that is a mess that has been looking to spread and disease

its neighbors.........


    the news made a good point, and that is the islamic faith shouldn't be

pointed at, that is absolutely intolerable, cause if we as a "free" nation

start to do so, we are no better than those who are a part of the acts

today........and not every person is the same...........for instance, i

share a strong faith that is similar to others, but i am not religious,

that sets me apart from them.......and that is what we must do with muslims

or any other community for that matter, 7 million; (app.) muslims are a part

of this great melting pot known as America, and they have something to offer

like everyone else does, and every community, nation, or faction has their

down times and dark side, but don't confuse this with a consistency or a

factual standard, or a shared view for that one whole community. Germany,

Europe saw lots of changes and separation during WW2, many germans felt

helpless for the jewish people, and it is still hard for many germans

during that time to talk about anything of the war, but not every german

was bad, just like not every jewish person was a shining example of the

outsanding citizen or likely candidates for "humanitarian of the year

awards!" jewish and christian faiths have their dark histories too.......

remember that! I trust that all who reades this won't come to snappy

judgments that all islmac communities are to blame if it is proven that

an islamic faith has succumb to this act...for that will not be true!

terrorism is unacceptable! and is a cowardly act!

the reason i started to go on to college is to get a pre-training

experience for when i hope to travel, i want to help people, and that is

what i am studying, medically and socially be there.... and as for an

American.....i am not so sure on how easy it will make it, for me and

the countries i hope to visit....but i have a goal, and a task, so i

must go on like i was taught...(and how i instinctively know)

luckily, my brother jayson is ok, through the grape vine, i got word

that he was alright, just landing in new Hampshire shortly after it

happened, so i am thankful for that, but i know things aren't so good

for others and their loved ones......so i pray...and worry.....and

always have hope,....i "hope" you will too, and i trust that many of

you will.


   i thank you for reading through this, i feel the same....but i

thought i would try writing this out, i never had tried, and i've

heard a many of time it helps, so i see...for i hope to hear back

from you all, thank you again, and be safe my loved ones.....


justin e. hoyt