E-MAIL about Careers after September 11, 2001


Date: 9/18/01 2:41:23 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: jyhadet@hotmail.com (JE Hoyt)

To:   joshuahoyt@kpmg.com, jason.hoyt@merant.com, Jeh49341@aol.com, DHoyt53297@aol.com, Jim34887@aol.com,

Subj: greetings everyone,


  I have thought greatly this past week (as i am sure that almost all you

have).......and i started to wonder about my life, that (say for instance)

if i did commit to going into the ROTC for nursing, i most undoubtedly would

be sent overseas within the next three years (for this war will not end

quickly i fear and logically expect, for like in Vietnam....we are sometimes

fighting a faceless enemy, i.e. children in training for the Taliban or Jyhad warriors) anyways, i still hold close to why i started leaning ( more like rushing to medicine and international studies for the best few years.......but i also realize something else, and two things bring this issue up for me.

1.) many have confessed the worry of "the draft" possibly being used in this

(unholy) war....

2.) a few of my closest friends have thought about serving in the armed forces, for various reasons........


  SO, i am in an internal struggle, for i know that what i am about to say may

hurt, disappoint, sadden, or bewilder some of you...........if any of my

closest friends or family decide or get drafted into the armed forces, i

will do anything i can to be with them, in their same unit,... to be with

them...., to eat/sleep/work/sweat/and bleed with them, to form even a

greater bond than we have previously had done before, to make sure to the

friends and families back home that we come back alive and well and most

importantly...TOGETHER!!.......................for these are morals (I believe) that we must show not just America, not just our communities, not just the world, but to ourselves, that we must show how great our bonds are to each other... to stick it with each other through thicker or thin times, through the best AND the worst........that family and friends and comradely will never die without a tremendous fight..........YES, true, I DON'T WANT THIS WAR AND DON'T WANT TO BE A PART OF IT, but i also don't want to know that my family/friends have died in vain, w/o a loved one nearby, not having the security that your best friend or relative will do everything possible to see you both come through, because i know i sure as hell would want that security...............

i tear up a bit writing this email, because of so many mixed emotions, not the fear from what this enemy has done or can do again, but the fear of saddening you with this, or even disappointing you,....that i am scared, enraged, confused, regretting my former decisions, etc....BUT this is something that i believe i will have to do.....please forgive me!

  And no matter if i didn't enter the armed forces, i would enter the RED Cross or another similar agency to go over if/when i get a medical degree, i always had a feeling this is the type of traveling i would end up doing anyways........and now i wonder "what if" i had entered the ROTC......

   Now, i am not saying this to be a hero, trust me, i wish it wouldn't come to that, i wish that know of my loved ones will go in, and fight/live this unholy war as it unfolds (AND THAT'S IF/WHEN IT DOES HAPPEN).......i to be back to the point in my life where i was more concerned about the disturbed/troubled youth  in our nation, to being a mentor and public speaker/advocate where i suppose my strengths/passions ran deep, to where i could worry about my frivolous creative projects, and worrying about family/friends when they're sick or about to make a scholastic/career move in their life, or make congratulations on my nephew's and nieces' first steps into becoming an adult.........but let's face it, it may take longer than expected perhaps...to get to that sweet tasting point of life



i love you all, and i ask that you be prepared, YES, go on with your lives, BUT also be careful, be smart, and stick with your family and friends, miraculous things can happen when you do so, and many emails have taught me that.

  i do this in my faith in god (many of you know my...i guess somewhat obscure

or sketchy view of god and faith)....but my faith is what has saved me many

times in this life, and i don't expect anyone to follow this belief, i do what it tells me ( or at least i try........)


love always...friend, brother, cousin, nephew, son,

justin e. hoyt