First Accounts Ledger Book of 1838-1847

by John E. Hoyt, 2004

    This is the complete digitalized images of this Mill's first Account ledger. There are 1,078 images. I have made several * CD's for a computer, for ease of viewing.  I have had to scan each page twice as the ledger is longer then a regular page, but thinner. Dimensions are 16 " x &" x 3". This was found by my Grandfather, Hugh P Hoyt, in the Atlas Milling Company's mill office, as they pulled the Huge safe in the mill office from the wall, for renovations, back in the 1940's. He then gave it to my Father, Paul M. Hoyt, for safe keeping within his Family, and told me, back in the 1960's when I became a senior in High School, that when I became interested in the many Hoyt mills and Hoyt family history. to keep it and pass it on, since I was the only son, to be interested in the Genealogy, along with receiving the Family Hoyt Histories, The Genealogical History of the Hoyt, Haight, Hight Families, by David W. Hoyt, published in 1871 Book, and all the Documents, after his death in 1975. When his wife, my Mother Pauline died, all the Family History and Documents passed on to me, as I was doing research in the area where I was living in Lowell. Our Michigan Hoyt Families were in the towns of Lyons-Muir, Stanton, and Remus, Pinckney, Deerfield and Tecumseh, before coming to Clinton. To View trhe other Grist/Flour/Saw Mill's in our Direct Hoyt Family line, Please --->Click here

    There are a few notables in these pages that I should mention:

on Pg 43a,  Dec. 18, 1843  JS Snow Cash Out                               $1,298.56

on Pg 114a, Jan. 08, 1844  S. Galley, Expense Cash for Labour      $  420.00

on Pg 124b, Jul. 29, 1844  E. Crane Serv,  Expense Work on race  $  352.00  Rent of Mill  $1,000.00 = $1, 352.00

on Pg 127b, Sep. 2, 1844  Expense Road Tax                                 $    20.00

on Pg 158,  Feb. 19, 1845  Expenses Paid on Taxes                        $    59.09   Rent to Gibson  $  580.00  =  $  639.09

on Pg 158,  Feb. 19 1845   by Dist JS Snow  (Subscription)              $  120.00

on Pg 158, Feb. 19, 1845  to Dist. L.R. Gunn, Subscription for Meeting House,  $  120.00

on Pg 197, Oct. 22, 1845  Dist S. Given            $   50.88,         4000 Flour Bbls (.29ea)   $1,160.00  + $1220.88 

on Pg 236, Feb. 13, 1846  Expense  paid Rent up to Feb. 01, 1846  $1,000.00, Expense to Detroit Monroe $ 10.00 = $1,010.00

on Pg 265, Apr 13, 1846   R. Brownell Jr, Cash in wheat   $1,932.00, 

    Buy Wheat Red $1,782.32, Rent house at Jackson $ 17.50  =  $1,918.38 (?)


on Pg-01a Snow & Keyes Accts back pages  I found in 1847, that E. Hine worked in Garden 1/2 day for $1.50, worked in cistern, cut lumber, worked in mill race.  

on Pg-02b Snow & Keyes Accts back pages  I found that in 1846, account Labour paid for in digging cellar on farm.  Paid Richardson 1/2 day $1.13, Paid Hines for 3 days $3.00.  E. Hines, took 139 lbs fo Flour, and Sept. 23, 1846 on D.Keyes for $4.00, and in Aug. 29, 1846 a (credit), and Sept. 23, 1846, by 4 days work, up to this time.  $4.00  + $0.00 = avg. $1.00 per days work in 1846.

* If you would like a Free CD of this old ledger, please contact me by the email address given below.

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