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* (2 New Items of Recipes have come into me in 3 days of postings this page..)

1. The " http://www.cartano.net/recipes.htm "
Family Recipes from WA State, by Margaret Cartano Hewes.. Copyright © 2003

2. Suttons Bay (MI) Cookbook Number Two of 1909, lent to me by Jackie Hoyt Laschen Saito to scan & post.

Jackie's Grandfather, Marcus Hoyt, had ads of his Hoyt Pharmacy,
while her Grandmother, Abbie (Geroy-Rose) Hoyt has recipes in this book.



J.D. & Cora Mericle,. baby Judy & Mother, C. Pauline.

John (me), Jim, Don Hoyt c. 1952

My Mother's Recipe Box



Banana Bread, Iva Spillman Deal and

Banana Bread White Sauce, Iva Spillman Deal

Banana Nut Bread, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Boston Brown, Mary Haddocks, Unknown

Corn Bread, Gatchel, friend

Gingerbread 1st, Vannie, friend

Gingerbread 2nd, Vannie, friend

Using Hoyt Flour for making Bisquits, Pauline Mericle Hoyt


100 Dollar Chocolate, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Apple Sauce, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Banana Cake, Joan Sebrergler, friend and

Banana Cake Icing, Joan Sebrergler, friend

Banana, Dot-Ganser, friend

Box-Cakes, Converting with Peanut Butter, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Carrot Cake, with Cream Cheese, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Coffee Cake Basic Mix, Camping Journal 1967

Eggless, Milkless, Butterless Cake, Thelma-Deal-Hipsley

Frostings for Cakes, Gatchel, friend

German Chocolate Cake, Louise, friend and

Cocoanut-Pecan-Frosting, Louise, friend

Johnnie Cake, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Lemon Filling for Cakes, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Oatmeal Cake, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Spice Cake, Frances Cole, friend of JD & Cora Mericle

Wacky Cake, Hope Phetteplace (Mericle side)


Christmas Cookies, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Cocoanut Dream Bars, Ruth Hoover, friend from Clinton, MI

Fudgies, Ruth Hoover, friend

Jumbo-Raisin Cookies, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Mexican Wedding Cakes (small), Ruth Hoover, friend

Oatmeal Cookies 1st, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Oatmeal Cookies 2nd, Pauline Mericle Hoyt


Homemade Ice Cream, Pauline Mericle Hoyt


French Dressing, Mary Haddocks, Unknown

Honey Fruit Dressing, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Low Calorie Dressing, Vannie, friend

Wine Salad & Dressing, Florence, friend

Bean Dressing, Pauline Mericle Hoyt


Iced Tea, Pauline Mericle Hoyt


Cure for Pneumonia Recipe, Katherine Hoag Hoyt

Linement Recipe, Katherine Hoag Hoyt


Marinade for Chicken Wings, R. Mescard, Friend


BBQ Recipe or Ground Beef, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Chicken Dumplings, Toledo Blade Newspaper

Chicken Paprikas, Toledo Blade Newspaper

Ham Loaf, Pauline Mericle Hoyt and

Syrup for Ham Loaf, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Surf's Club, Lemon Chicken, Toledo-Blade Newspaper


Goulash, Pauline Mericle Hoyt


Fool-Proof Pie Crust, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Cream Pie, Iva Spillman Deal

Custard Pie, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Date Nut-Ice Cream Pie, Better House & Gardens

Mince Cranberry Pie, Better House & Gardens

Lemon Cream filling for Pies, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Pecan Pie, 1st, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Pecan Pie, 2nd, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Pecan Cream Pie, Martha, Unknown Relative

Pumpkin Chiffon Pie, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Rhubarb Crisp with Topping, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Strawberry Pie, Pauline Mericle Hoyt


Peach Conserve, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Pickled Beets, Laura, friend


Graham Cracker Pudding, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Lemon Sponge Pudding, Pauline Mericle Hoyt


Cran-Beannie Relish, Pauline Mericle Hoyt


Bean Salad, Iva Spillman Deal

Bean Salad, Pauline Mericle Hoyt and

Bean Salad Dressing, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Carrot Salad, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Raspberry Gelatin Salad, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Wine Salad, Florence, friend and

Wine Salad Dressing, Florence, friend


Hillcrest Bordulaise, Toledo Blade Newspaper

Orange and Lemon Sauce, Pauline Mericle Hoyt


Dryers Clam Chowder, Toledo Blade Newspaper


Grape Butter, Vannie, JD & Cora Mericle's friend


Fudge, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Pecan Tarts, Ruth Hoover, friend

Popcorn Balls, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Praline Fudge 1st Recipe, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Praline Fudge 2nd Recipe, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Rhubarb Crisp with Topping, Pauline Mericle Hoyt

Yummy Fruit Roll, Iva Spillman Deal


Boston Baked Beans, Emily Hoag Brownson


Hopefully, more to come?

Please Contribute!! -jehoyt

email from: Bert W. Hoyt
Hi John-
Thanks for the recipe e-mail entry to your recipe files!!

If my mother had a cook book it was likely with my older sisters. The only cook book of old in the family may be with our daughter Jane (was used by my grandmother Flora E. (Waite) Wells who was born in IA. My mother always prepared good meals during the depression
years in ND. Her goulash, etc was always good. Her baked buns and cinnamon rolls were always special. She would allow them to rise on the hot water radiators.

My parents first lived on the Missouri River southwest of Linton, ND. Dad raised navy beans on the property. They later built a home in Linton, ND a short time before my arrival in 1930 just in time for the drought and depression. I recall the sacks of beans in the cellar. We had a lot of beans those years. What we didn't eat were traded at the grocery store for other food.
I still enjoy a variety of beans including the kind noted above.


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