My Personal Family Relatives Birthdays & Anniversaries for all year: Updated 05/27/2024



*(I decided to list the whole year, instead of each month so you can look ahead and place on your own calendar...JohnEhoyt)


January 4th, Owen Hoyt -BD (In Memory 1906-1973)

January 6th, Joan (Lukacs) Hoyt -BD

January 7th Matthew & Reine Laschen - AN

January 16th, Brian D, Hoyt -BD

January 16th, Audrey F. Hoyt -BD

January 20th, Hugh A. Hoyt -BD

January 20th, Pete Phetteplace -BD (In Memory 1927 - 2016)

January 25th, Jack W. Fell -BD

January 26th, Bernadette J. Hoyt -BD


February 2nd, Michael J. Hoyt -BD

February 5th, Jenifer Laschen -BD

February 7th, Bill Lenz Jr (In Memory 2013)-BD

February 9th, Bob Watkins (In Memory 2022) -BD

February 15th, Hannah (Hoyt) Wilson -BD

February 16th, Jan (Hite) Hoyt -BD

February 20th, Jackie Hoyt (In Memory 1928-2023)-BD

February 22th, George Saito -BD

February 23rd, Linda J. (Groenendyk) Hoezee -BD (In Memory 1977-1999)

February 27th, Tom E. Fell -BD (In Memory 1938-2020)


March 2nd, Robert Fell -BD

March 4th, Scott Ver Bryck -BD

March 6th, Laura (Weiss) Hoyt -BD

March 9th, David & Lisa Hoyt -AN

March 12th, Alison Jones - BD

March 13th, Cilla Hoyt Carpenter _BD

March 17, Shan (Ablak) Hoyt -BD

March 18th, Jason C. Hoyt -BD

March 18th, Hope (Phetteplace) Gregg -BD

March 19th, Joanne (Ver Bryck) Kissinger -BD

March 23, Valerie M. Laschen -BD

March 26th, Justin E. Hoyt -BD

March 28th, Karl H. Lenz (In Memory 2020)-BD


April 3th, Joe Watkins -BD

April 5th, Marcus Hoyt -BD

April 8th, Alessandra D. Hoyt -BD

April 12th, Margaret Wilson -BD

April 13th, Sue Hoyt Kreuger -BD

April 16th, ElizabethWilson -BD

April 18th, Judy Hoyt -BD

April 18th, Julie M. Hoyt -BD

April 23rd, Andrew L. Hoyt -BD

April 26th, Ada (Hoyt) Ver Bryck -BD (In Memory 1904-1998)


May 1st, Jane (Brownson) Cartano (In Memoriy 1921-2005)

May 9th, Amy Hoyt, MI-BD

May 13th, Ann & Bill Angerson -AN

May 15th, Pauline (Mericle) Hoyt -BD (In Memory 1911-1978)

May 15th, Paul B. Kissinger -BD (In Memory 1931-2002)

May 17th, Debbie (Hoyt) Spannagel -BD

May 19th, Peggy (Hoyt) Lenz (In Memory 2023)-BD

May 19th, James C. Hoyt (In Memory 1079 - 2016-BD

May 25th, Andrew & Bernadette Hoyt -AN

May 26th, Mary (Hoyt) Vetter -BD
May 26th, Betty (Miller) Hoyt-BD (In Memory 1916-1990)

May 31st, Theodore "Teddy" Cano - BD


June 3rd, Matthew Laschen -BD

June 3rd, Hugh F. Lenz -BD

June 4th, William R. Lenz -BD

June 5th, Constance (Connie) J. (Buchanan) Hoyt - BD (92 in 2024)

June 10th, Terry Conner -BD

June 18th, Elizabeth Beth A. Hoyt -BD

June 19th, John E. Hoyt -BD

June 19th, Donald Eugene Hoyt -BD (In Memory 1947 - 2016)

June 20th, Hugh Huntington Hoyt -BD (In Memory 1915-1995)

June 22nd, Peggy & Bill Lenz (In Memory) -AN

June 22nd, Harry Raymond Laschen Jr. - BD (In Memory 1927-1982)

June 26th, Kristopher (KJ) Hoyt -BD

June 28th, Amy Wilson -BD

June 29th, Joy Lynn (Horstmann) Hoyt m. Richard S. Hoyt, (In Memory 1946) -AN

June 30th, Richard Spencer Hoyt -BD (In Memory 1929 - 2015)

June 30th, Nathan L. Hoyt -BD


July 1st, Katherine K. Wilson

July 2nd, Cherry (Hoyt) Henricks

July 6th, Maxwell P. Lenz

July 7th, Andrew P. Hoyt

July 8th, Hugh (Tony) & Joan Hoyt, 44th Anniv.

July 9th, Benjamin Fordham III

July 10th, William Gregg

July 20th, Laura C. (Olson) Hoyt -BD (In Memory 1905 - 1981)

July 21st, Ruth (Hoyt) Edwards -BD (In Memory 1901-1994)

July 29th, Bernie M. Hoyt - BD

July 31st, Daniel "Doc" Freeman-Laschen - BD


August 1st, Paul M. Hoyt -BD (In Memory 1900-1975)

August 7th, Bernie & Laura Hoyt, 28th Anniv.

August 8th, Pati Watkins -BD

(Twin Pam Watkins -In Memory 1991)

August 11th, Joshua P. Hoyt -BD

August 15th, Benjamin P. Hoyt -BD

August 21st, Loralee Mericle -BD (In-Memory 1946-2006)

August 31st, Paul James Hoyt -BD


September 7th, Reine Nelson-BD

September 9th, Judith (Taylor) Kirby -BD

September 9th, Roger D. Hoyt-BD

September 13th, Loralee Mericle (In Memory 1946 - 2006) -BD

September 17th, Helena Phetteplace -BD (89 -2008)

September 25th, Mary E. (Hoyt) Hernandez -BD

September 27th, Joy Lynn (Horstmann) Hoyt (In Memory 1925-2009) -BD

September 30, Blaire A. (Laschen) Cano -BD


October 6th, Blanche R. (Berkey) Mericle - BD (1917-2014)

October 20th, Brett Hoyt -BD (In Memory 1950-1996)

October 23, Eleanor A. F.Jones - BD

October 24, Rachel H. (Laschen) Jones - BD


November 11th, Jo Ann Stearns Kabakoff Watkins - BD

November 11th, Charlene (Crittenden) Hoyt (In Memory 2018)-BD

November 18, Paul E. Connor - BD (In Memory 1952 - 2023)

November 25th, James Van Wie - BD

November 26th, David A. Hoyt - BD

Novemebr 29th, Lisa K. Kaplan - BD


December 2, Elaine (Springer) Beloit -BD

Decenber 2, Amy Jane (Hoyt) Taylor -BD, (In Memory 1918 -2008)

December 4, Peter Lenz -BD

December 4, Wyatt. Lenz -BD

December 7th, Abigail E. Hoyt -BD

December 12, Linda Lee Hoyt (In Memory 1938 - 2016) BD

December 17th, Tyler N. Hoyt -BD

December 18th, Brooks S. Hoyt -BD

December 24th, Matthew D. Hoyt -BD

December 28, Ann (Edwards-Fordham) Anderson -BD

December 28th, Mark S. Hoyt -BD

December 29th, George Gary Hoyt -BD (In Memory 1929-1994)

December 29th, Jacob Freeman-Laschen-BD

December 30th, John E. & Barbara Hoyt -AN



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