List of Individuals
Mackay, Mary E.
Mackenneth*/ PRINCESS OF SCOTLAND|PRINCESS OF SCOTLAND|Thora /Donada, Anleta , Princess of Scotland
Mackenneth*/|/MacKenneth, Malcolm II, King of Scotland
MacKenzie, Angus George
MacKenzie, Charles Thomas
MacKenzie, Donald Francis
MacKenzie, Dougall T.
MacKenzie, Elizabeth
MacKenzie, Ester Jane
MacKenzie, Isabella
MacKenzie, Kenneth John
MacKenzie, Living
MacKenzie, Mary
Mackenzie, Mary Dochmaluag
MacKenzie, Roderick "Rory"
MacKenzie, Tina
Mackenzie, Willian
MacKenzie., Living
MacKenzie/ Mckengie|Mckengi, Dougall, Daugall
Mackey, ?
Mackey, Ancel
Mackgehee, Thomas
Mackie, Elizabeth Mabel
Mackie, John William
MacKinnon, Hilda Armina
MacKinnon, Living
Maclaflin, Abigail
MacLaren, Lady
Maclin, John
MacMillan, William A.
MacMurrough, Aoife
MacNamara, Maureen
Macnamara/ 3rd m|3rd , Delia
Macomber, Abiel
Macomber, Alice
Macomber, Anna
Macomber, Barnabas
Macomber, Benjamin
Macomber, Benjamin (1)
Macomber, David
Macomber, Elijah
Macomber, Elizabeth
Macomber, George
Macomber, Hannah
Macomber, Hannah (1)
Macomber, Horace
Macomber, James
Macomber, John
Macomber, John (1)
Macomber, Joshua
Macomber, Judith
Macomber, Lydia
Macomber, Lydia (1)
Macomber, Lydia (2)
Macomber, Mary
Macomber, Peace
Macomber, Phebe
Macomber, Ruth
Macomber, Samuel
Macomber, Samuel (1)
Macomber, Wesson
Macomber, Weston
Macomber, Zilphai
Macomber/ Jr|J, William J
MacQueen, Alan
MacQueen, Kayla Ann
MacQueen, Stephen Alan
Macsgillen, Gal , Prince of Isles
Macy, Anna
Macy, Ruth
Maddad*/|Madeth /Madach/, Maddo, Earl of Atholl
Madden, George Hampton
Madden, Margaret Evelyn
Maddison, Anthony
Maddison, Joseph
Maddison, Sarah
Maddock, Elizabeth
Maddock, Rebecca Theresa
Maddox, Cora Ann
Maddox, Mary
Maddox, Michael
Maddy, Living
Madelaine, Living
Madigan, Living
Madigan, Living (1)
Madigan, Living (2)
Madigan, Living (3)
Madigan, Living (4)
Madigan, Michael
Madison, ?
Madison, Sabrina
Madison, William
Madistard*, Margery
Madoc, Griffith Ap
Madog*, Gwenllian Verch
Madog*, Margred Verch
Madog, ? Verch
Madog, Cadwallon Ap
Madog, Dyddgu Verch
Madog, Efa Verch
Madog, Elise Ap
Madog, Iorwerth Ap
Madog, Llewelyn Ap
Madog, Margred Verch
Madog/|/Fychan, Owain Ap
Madog/|/Llwyd, Gruffydd Ap
Madog/|/Maelor, Gruffydd Ap
Madore, Joshpe Wilaby
Madore, Living
Madore, Living (1)
Madore, Living (2)
Madore, Living (3)
Madrid, Shirley
Madrie/ Count of Madrie|Count of Madri, Theutbert de
Madsen, Albert Louis
Madsen, Albert Louis (1)
Madsen, Living
Madsen, Living (1)
Madson , Dodson, Living
Madson, Leonard M.
Mae, Living
Maeldaf*, Meddyf Verch
Maelgwn/|Fychan /Leuanc, Maelgwn Ap
Maelgwyn*/ King in Gwynedd|King in Gwynedd|The Tall /Hir, Rhun ap
Maenyrch, Bleddyn Ap
Maenyrch, Drymbenog Ap
Maer, ? Verch
Mafalda, Princess of Castile
Mafalda, Princess of Portugal
Maffucci, Florence
Magas of Philippus, Associates of King
Magas of Philippus, Berenice II (Berenike), daughter of
Magas of Ptolemy, Associates of
Magas/|BERENIK, Berenice I (Egypt) of
Magbish/ (Exiles with Zerubbabel)|(Exiles with Zerubbabel, Sons of
Magdang , Magdanz, Johannes
Magdang , Magdanz, William
Magdanz, C.
Magdanz, Carol
Magdanz, Frederick W.
Magdanz, James F.
Magdanz, Juanita A.
Magdanz, Lillian M.
Magdanz, Marilyn
Magdanz, Nathan F.
Magdanz, Norman William
Magdanz, Roland
Magdanz/|Frederick A, Frederick "Fred" W.
Magdelena, Cook, Mary Or Polly
Magee, Frank Hall
MaGill, Claudie
Magill, Sylvia
Magill, Sylvia (1)
Magistrado, Living
Magna, Joseph
Magnificent", 6th Duke of Normandy Robert II "the
Magnus of Philippus, AKA King (Magas of Cyrene)
Magnus*, Duke of Saxony
Magnus*/ COUNT OF PARIS|COUNT OF PARI, Hugues , Duke of France
Magnus, Mrs Gallus
Magnus/ Gallo-Roman Senator|Gallo-Roman Senato, Gallus
Magnus/ Queen of Aquitaine|Queen of Aquitain, Palatina
Magnus/, Count of Paris Duke of France|, Count of Paris Duke of Franc, Hugh
Magnusdatter*, Ragnhild , Princess of Norway
Magnusson, Eric III, King of Norway
Magnusson, James
Magnusson, Living
Magnusson, Living (1)
Magnusson, Living (2)
Magoon, Hannah Standish
Magor , Magyar, Bendeuci Ben
Magowan, Alva Winfield
Magpiash/ (The Nehemiah Covenant Maker,
Magruder/ Clagett|Claget, Rebecca
Magus of Philippus, AKA King (Magas of Cyrene)
Mahaffy, Elizabeth
Mahalalel, Jared ben
Mahan, John
Mahar, Laura
Mahaud, Countess De Champagne
Mahaut*/ Countess of Boulogne|Countess of Boulogn, Countess of Boulogne
Mahaut*/|/Maud, Princess of Brabant
Maher, Living
Maher, Living (1)
Mahieu, Hester
Mahli ben Merari, Man of Understanding of
Mahlon, Charles
Mahlon, Rachel
Mahoney, Francis A.
Mahoney, Frank
Mahorney, Eugene
Maiden, Mary Ann
Maier/ Sr.|Sr, George
Mailly*, Charlotte
Main, Willis
Maine, Franklin E.
Maine, Jennie A.

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