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Quiz in Word (.rft) - Quiz in Adobe (.pdf)


QUESTION #001: What year did Simon Hoyt/e, the immigrant, land in America?


QUESTION #002: What ship (in recent years, and is not the correct one in the HHH Book of 1871, did Simon Hoyt family come on?


QUESTION #003: Which of Simon's son, are the George G. Hoyt's directly related to? and, What was his age at death?


QUESTION #004: Which one of Simon Hoyt/e's wives was our direct mother. (Hint: mother to son above.)


QUESTION #005: What year was the Deerfield, MA French-Indian attack?


QUESTION #006: Which Direct Ancestor (a father) starved to death in the March to Canada (New France), after the attack on Deerfield?


QUESTION #007: He had 3 wives, name them? 1. __________________________, 2. ____________________, 3. _____________________


QUESTION #008: (was #006), Which Direct ancestor hid in the corn-bin to elude the Indians in the raid on Deerfield? (New Hint: One of the sons from the (amswer of #006's father that starved to death)that is also a Direct line ancestor, and one of this ancestor had a son, named after him, and also was a Direct line ancestor to 'our' Timothy Hoyt's, or Timothy Hoyt's Granfather.)


.................(break from hard questions)

QUESTION #009: What does M.R.C.A. stand for? (Hint: about DNA generations.)


QUESTION #010: What is our y-DNA Haplo-group (8 digits)? (Hint: Starts with My Middle Initial?)


QUESTION #011: Where does our y-DNA find our oigins (name country(s)/area from?

.................(back to hard questions)


QUESTION #012: What farmhome/tavern in Ridgefield still shows the scars of a cannon ball during the Battle of Ridgefield, CT?


QUESTION #013: Which first name Smith (wives of our 2 Benj. Hoyt's) had a first name as, "understanding, can wait a bit, in no hurry"?


QUESTION #014: Which Direct Ancestor to George G. Hoyt's made the move from Connecticutt to Cayuga County, New York?


QUESTION #015: What was the mode of transpotation the above family of 9 used in the Winter of 1819?

..................(Himt: see Timothy Hoyt's "cayuga-ny.html" Page, it will be in highlights in a letter under a Map of Lawrence W. Hoyt.)


QUESTION #016: Which famous Civil War Union Major General, had a mother named Mary Hoyt? (Hint: go to "Hoyt Stories Web Page, click onm pages 236, 237, 238", read the letters from him & his brother Senator.) (Mary Hoyt was a 6th Cousin, 3 times removed to author.)


QUESTION #017: Which 2 sibling brothers of Timothy & Dolly (Olmsted) Hoyt's came to Michigan to settle in the 1840's-60's?


QUESTION #018: Which of these 2 brothers above moved from Cayuga, NY to Michigan and later, Spokane, Washington. (Hint: See Hoyt's in Business Page.)


QUESTION #019: Which son from above father, had a son that was a Graduate of Yale? (Hint: he was also famous in a "Believe it or Not", article, he married, the same woman, each 3 different times without husbands being divorced.)


QUESTION #020: Which son, started the "Hoyt's Floral" business in Spokane, WA?


QUESTION #021: What landmark in Spokane, WA exists today with the letters, "HOYT"?


QUESTION #022: What was the main business for many generations of the last 4-6 of our Direct Hoyt ancestors?


QUESTION #023: Which son of father (#017) stayed in Michigan with his families?


QUESTION #024: Which son of father (#017) moved to Shreveport, Lousianna?


QUESTION #025: Who is the oldest Hoyt that has an unusual birth certificate, and was born in Saline, Gratiot Co., Michigan on April 14, 1877.

.............................: How old was this person? (Died in Texas)


QUESTION #026: Which son, of George G. Hoyt's was in the MI State Legislature? (Hint: his wife's father also was in State Legislature, and had same occupations and similar duties of Post Master, etc.)


QUESTION #027: What occupation, son of George G. Hoyt's, in which, his only 2 siblings, did the same occupation as himself in Northern, MI?


............................WOW! 1/2 way through this quiz...take a break, or keep-on-truckin!!


QUESTION #028: What George G,. Hoyt's garnddaughter just turned 91. (Hint: A 2nd cousin to myself, and was born in Suttons Bay, Leelanau County, MI in 1918.)


QUESTION #029: What son of George G. Hoyt, had moved from Stanton, to Remus, to Deerfield, to Tecumseh, to Clinton, MI?


QUESTION #030: What sibling of George G. Hoyt was killed in an accident in a mill in 1952?


QUESTION #031: What sibling of George G. Hoyt married into another family that had occupation of flour milling business. (Hint: Prescott, MI)


QUESTION #032: Which sibling married Egbert.E. Fell, an educator/Superintendant, and had a school building named after him, and settled in Holland, MI to raise a family of Doctors? (Hint: View the Fell Families Register Page.


QUESTION #033: Which sibling of Hugh P. Hoyt was attending a stunt pilots show, when he was killed?


QUESTION #034: Which sibling died from Enfluenza Complications in 1918, then, Bright's disease, at age of 15 1/2 yrs. old in 1924?

(Hint: another relative said, "she was frail, and while I was away at nursing schoul, my"sibling", died of Whopping Cough & Pneumonia.")

..............................: What was this sibling's middle name, named after?


QUESTION #035: Which sibling was born in 1900, attended Abion College in 1919? (Hint: as shown in a photo, with other classmates..)


QUESTION #036: Which sibling was known at a school, as the "Blond Venus"? (Hint: born in 1915 and lived in Toledo, Ohio 1950-1995)


QUESTION #037: Which sibling had 2 daughters in his first marriage? (Hint: 1 still living in Deerfield Beach, FL)


QUESTION #038: Which 2 siblings of Hugh P. Hoyt became nurses? (Hint: One later, became one of the 1st Women Anesthestist in the country? (Hint: Lived in PA, the other lived in Greencastle, IN)


QUESTION #039: Who is our recent Hoyt WWII Veteran that died in 2009? (Hint: A nurse aboard the HSS Hope in the pacfic theater, was born 1922 in Spokane, WA.)


QUESTION #040: Which Hugh P. Hoyt sibling has the most male Hoyt grandchildren? (Hint: 8 male grandchildren)


QUESTION #041: Hugh P. Hoyt's wife, Kittie Hoag, had which parent living with them? and, name this person?


QUESTION #042: What town in MI did Kittie Hoag's parents live?


QUESTION #043: What was the name on the Yellow Sign that was hung at your home if you have a Contagious Disease in the early 1900's?


QUESTION #044: Name the street, in which 4 Hoyt & related families lived, in Clinton, MI in the 1950's)


QUESTION #045: What organization did many of the George G. Hoyt's and offsprings, become members of? (Hint: the female org, is known as O.E.S.)


QUESTION #046: Which current grand family of the Hugh P. Hoyt's have 4 Phd's?


QUESTION #047: Which current grand family of the Hugh P. Hoyt's live in The Villages, FL?


QUESTION #048: Which current grand family of the Hugh P. Hoyt's lives in Poquoson, VA? (Hint: 2 sons Ben & Andrew)


QUESTION #049: Which current grand family of the Hugh P. Hoyt's lives in Greencastle, IN? (Hint: Father's nickname was "Story" or "Verbie")


QUESTION #050: How old was the Atlas Mill, as it burned in March 2009?


QUESTION #051: What was the unusual & interesting historical item that Hugh P. Hoyt had found at the Atlas Mill? (Hint, I just donated it to the Hist. Soc. of Clinton, MI)


QUESTION #052: What was the name of the Hoyt's flour mill in Spokane, WA? ( View the "Hoyt's In Business Page")


QUESTION #053: Name the 2 individuals in our extended Hoyt families, was I able to reach, in 2009? (Hint: see my Hoyt emails I sent to you in 2009?)


QUESTION #054: What are the name of the 2 male Hoyt twins born in the 1940's?)


BONUS QUESTION #055: What was the most important thing/item/person that you found interesting during this Hoyt search quiz?



5 Easy Questions for the Little Ones::

QUESTION #1: What does the word, "surname" mean?

QUESTION #2: Where did Simon Hoyte come from (country)?

QUESTION #3: Who did a video on that is shown in this web site of the French-Indian Attack on Deerfield, MA, this past year?

QUESTION #4: Who quoted, "Grandma I wish you weren't so old.", In the Hoyt Quote of the Year?

QUESTION #5: What is 1 of 2 of the latest items for sale, that resembles and highlights a mill?


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The first one who answers all correct, will receive $25.00).

Answers will be posted, when and if anyone wins, or by December 31, 2010. (1 year to complete)


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