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~~~~Update:June 30, 2014~~~~




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Blanches Family Albums, Photos,

and her K.F.O.C.I. & her Rosie-The-Riverter, LIST of Photo Files Link:
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(Note: This video may take a while to start for buffering as it's 255,000 MB's and it may start in, Firefox with your own Default, Video Player, or, in Windows Explorer, this video may go Automatically to Quicktime Player, and plays either in a small window or if you wish to go to "full screen" option. Also, you may wish to change your volume to diff. sections of this Video. Enjoy The Tributes! Note: One video was corrupted and I have recovered it on Audio Only, and it's about Gilbert Chesney's Tribute & Condolences to the Families of Blanche from the National K.F.O.C.I. and they will have a Special Toast to her at end of this Year's Annual Show out in WA, also, Gilbert is from the Ypsilanti Auto Heritage Museum, in Ypsilanti, MI nearby, Next you will hear from Donnaleen Lanktree, (the A.R.R.A. American Rosie-The-Riveter, National Past-President) and her delivery of the Annual Conv. Association's, recent Tributes to the Rosie's that have passed-on, this year, by giving the Family, via Nephew, John E. Hoyt a White Rose, in name of Blanche, and also the Plaque at Yankee Air Museum will not be forgotten as her name was installed on this Plaque, back in June of 2013..)

The Family hopes you will ENJOY this video of that day and of the photos that are old to recent!!

Please Visit the websites below or the Locations...



Blanche Ronette (Berkey) Mericle Obituary

Blanche R. Mericle
(October 6, 1917 - January 3, 2014)

Blanche R. Mericle

Blanche Ronette Mericle, age 96, passed away Friday, January 3, 2014 at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. She was born Saturday October 6, 1917 in Windber, Pennsylvania, daughter of the late Miles & Laura (Beckley) Berkey.

She has been a Belleville resident for 70 years. She was a member of the Myrtle Lodge Eastern Star, Manager of the Seaway Region Kaiser Frazer Owner Club for 38 years. Blanche was one of three women who was known as Rosie The Riveter at Willow Run Bomber Plant Factory.

She is survived by son-in-law Mark (Melissa) Dierks of Huntersville, North Carolina, neighbor David (Carolyn) Hildebrand of Belleville, Michigan, and special friend Keith Kriener of Niles, Michigan, sister-in-law, Helena Mericle & Pete Phetteplace of Ignacio, CO, niece, Hope P. & William Gregg of Fort Collins, CO, and 3 nephews, Paul J & Meta Hoyt of Newport News, VA, Don & Charlene Hoyt of Apopka, FL and John & Barbara Hoyt of Rockford, MI, and niece, Judy Hoyt of Tucson, AZ. Many thanks to all that helped Blanche.

She was preceded in death by her husband Kenneth Bernard, daughter Loralee, and two brothers.

Visitation will be Tuesday, January 7, 2014 from 4-7 P. M. followed by a funeral service at David C. Brown Temporary Viewing Chapel, 500 E. Huron River Drive, Belleville, Michigan with Pastor David Hildebrand officiating.

Memorial contributions may be made to Feed the Children Please sign her on-line guestbook and share a memory for her family to cherish.

NOTE: At 10:30 am, on Wednesday, January 8th, 2014, Blanche Mericle's body was BURIED today, next to her husband, Kenny Mericle and next to them is their lovely daughter, Loralee Ann Mericle. Officiating the Service was pastor neighbor & friends, David Hildebrand & wife, Carolyn. Family members present were; Blanche's son-in-law. Mark Dierks, and Nephew, Dr. Donald E. Hoyt, and Keith Kriener, a long-time friend & assistant with Blanche's Kaiser Car's & Club's. (-JEHoyt per phone call from brother Don). You can view her Kaiser Cars at Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum, Depot Town, Ypsilanti, MI

^(Blanche's Death Certificate is now shown above Cemetery Section of this page, click image to view larger image)

* Due to the weather at this particular time, the Relatives & Friends may hold a Celebration of Life for Blanche at a later date.

Blanche will be missed by so many people as she was involved in so many activities throughout her life. Her surviving family member's

know that she went to be with the Lord with her Daughter, Loralee & husband, Kenny Mericle, which she do dearly loved the both of them,

and surely missed them both!!





1) Please Click the lines in which you wish to View the Album & Loose Photos, youwill be directed to a Thumbnail Photo Page,

2) and then Click onto the Thumbnails to View the Larger Images, located at top of each enlargened image page, Click the NEXT or PREV to Navigate)

Most of Enjoy!! You can download or View these scanned image pages of the many Albums..

Family members can View the Docs & Papers as well, of Blanches Families of the Berkey (fathers) & Beckley(mothers) side..


(Here's the List of Folderrs that are grouped by Mericle Family Names &/or KFOCI & Other Shows or meets.

Note: many of the family folders have Auto Shows included in them, just as the KFOCI Car Club Show Folders would have Family Photos, too)

(Also the Family groups of folders numbered, 1) through 33,) plus other folders, are near the bottom, for the Mericle Families Members)


35) Blanche_Kenny_Charlotte-NC_Auto-Fair_1993

36) Blanche-Berkey-Mericle_Documents_Letters_Articles

37) Blanche-Kenny_Ormond-Beach-FL_Dec-1992

38) Blanche-Kenny_Sm-Album_c1980-90s_04_01

42) Blanche-Kenny_Visit_Loralee-Mark_1993

43) Blanche-Kenny-Loralee_Mark_Sm-Photo-Album_c1980-90s_01

44) Blanche-Kenny-Loralee_Mark_Sm-Photo-Album_c1980-90s_02

45) Blanche-Kenny-Loralee_Mark_Sm-Photo-Album_c1980-90s_03

46) Blanche-Kenny-Loralee_Mark_Sm-Photo-Packs-Misc_c1990s_04

47) Blanche-Kenny-Loralee_Sm-Brown-Photo-Album_c1990-2010s_05

48) Blanche-Kenny-Loralee-Mericle_Loose-Photos

49) Blanche-Kenny-Mericle_Letters

50) Blanche-Kenny-Mericle_Mericle-Family-Loose-Photos

51) Blanche-Kenny-Mericle_Post-Cards-Completed

52) Blanche-Kenny-Mericle_Post-Cards-Unused

53) Blanche-Mericle_ARRA-Rosies_Grosse-Ill_2010

54) Blanche-Mericle_Automotive_Hall-of-Fame_10-12-2011

55) Blanche-Mericle_Baby-Jack_Family-Dierks-Photos_2008-2013

56) Blanche-Mericle_Dierks_Photo-Pkgs-1

57) Blanche-Mericle_Dierks_Photo-Pkgs-3-1997

58) Blanche-Mericle_Families-Dierks-Mericle-Hoyts

59) Blanche-Mericle_Framed-Portraits

60) Blanche-Mericle_Funeral-Burial_01-08-2014_Videos_Photos (These video's can be viewed at their thumbnail page)

61) Blanche-Mericle_Guenther-Family-Photos_101

62) Blanche-Mericle_Misc_Photos_Videos_Kaiser-Cars_VHS-CDs (These video's can be viewed at their thumbnail page)

63) Blanche-Mericle_Photo-Pkg_01

64) Blanche-Mericle_Photo-Pkg_02

65) Blanche-Mericle_Photo-Pkg_03

66) Blanche-Mericle_Photo-Pkg_04

67) Blanche-Mericle_Photo-Pkg_05_90th-Anniv_2007

68) Blanche-Mericle_Photo-Pkg_06_Guenthers_TX-KFOCI_2010

69) Blanche-Mericle_Photo-Pkg_07_Guenthers_Misc_2011

70) Blanche-Mericle_Photo-Pkg_08_Seaway_Guenther-Wedding

71) Blanche-Mericle_Photo-Pkg_09_BW-Vase_2010_NC_2009

72) Blanche-Mericle_Photo-Pkg_10_Blue-Angels_W-R_MI_1993

73) Blanche-Mericle_Photo-Pkgs-2_May-8-1997

74) Blanche-Mericle_Photo-Pkgs-4_Aug-2-1997

75) Blanche-Mericle_Photo-Pkgs-5_Sep-13-1997

76) Blanche-Mericle_Red-Album_2012-13

78) Blanche-Mericle_Ypsilanti-Auto-Heritage-Museum_White-Album_2007

79) Kaiser-Frazer_Docs_letters_Photos_Misc

80) Kaiser-Frazer_KFOCI_Seaway-Newsletters_Misc

81) Kaiser-Motors_UAW-Retirement-Party_1985


82) KFOCI_Nat-Conv_Albuquerque-NM_July-1993

83) KFOCI_Nat-Conv_Atlanta-GA_and-York-PA-Shows


85) KFOCI_Nat-Conv_Charlotte-NC-Auto-Fair_1993

86) KFOCI_Nat-Conv_Dallas-TX_1985

87) KFOCI_Nat-Conv_Flagstaff-AZ_2005

88) KFOCI_Nat-Conv_Fredrick-MD_July-1987

89) KFOCI_Nat-Conv_Long-Beach-CA_1989

90) KFOCI_Nat-Conv_Manitowac_WI_Holiday-Inn_1988

91) KFOCI_Nat-Conv_MO_L-B_Myrtle-Beach_1998

92) KFOCI_Nat-Conv_MO_St-Louis_NC_Jul-1998

93) OCI_Nat-Conv_New-Braunfels-TX_June-1992

94) KFOCI_Nat-Conv_Ormond-Beach-FL_1989

95) KFOCI_Nat-Conv_Ormond-Beach-FL_1992


144) Motor-Muster_Hesses-MI_(?)_1987


96) KFOCI_Seaway_Dierks-NC_Belleville_1995

97) KFOCI_Seaway_Dierks-NC_Belleville_1995

98) KFOCI_Seaway_Monroe-MI_1984

99) KFOCI_Seaway_Monroe-MI_1985

100) KFOCI_Seaway_Monroe-MI_1989

101) KFOCI_Seaway_Monroe-MI_1993

102) KFOCI_Seaway_Monroe-MI_1994

103) KFOCI_Seaway_Monroe-MI_1995_Old-Family-Pics

104) KFOCI_Seaway_Monroe-MI_2010-possible

105) KFOCI_Seaway_Port-Clinton-OH_1981_Bill-Kaiser

106) KFOCI_Seaway_Port-Clinton-OH_1992

107) KFOCI_Seaway_Port-Clinton-OH_1993

108) KFOCI_Seaway_Port-Clinton-OH_1996

109) KFOCI_Seaway_Port-Clinton-OH_2011

110) KFOCI_Seaway_Port-Clinton-OH_Dierks_NC_1995


111) Loralee_Ann_Mericle_Documents_Letters

112) Loralee_Ann_Mericle_Young-Life-Photos

113) Loralee_Last_Blue-Album_A_2006

114) Loralee_Last_Blue-Album_B_2006

115) Loralee-Ann-Mericle_White-Gold-Childhood-Album

116) Loralee-Dierks_B-K_NC_Dec-1992

117) Loralee-Dierks_Home_Dog-Pics_NC_1987

118) Loralee-Dierks_Mericles_Loose-Photos

119) Loralee-Mark_Blanche-Kenny_Loose-Photos

120) Loralee-Mark_Early-Christmas_Misc_1990

121) Loralee-Mark-Dierks_NC_1994_Biltmore_1995

122) Loralee-Mericle_Ballet_LG-School-Pictures

123) Loralees_Brown-Album_Trips-South_1990

124) Loralees_Flower-Album_Dierks-Home-NC_1997

125) Loralees_Light-Green-Album_MI_June-1986

126) Loralees_Old-Car-Photo-Album_1986

127) Loralees_Orange-Album_NC_Triplett_1990

128) Loralees_Painted-Flower-Album_Family-1940-70s

129) Loralees_Paisley-Album_NM_NC_Wedding_1996

130) Loralees_Pasley-Album_Christmas_1995

131) Loralees-Red-Album_NC_Ks-74th-B-day_1989

132) Loralees-Sm-White-Album_Belleville-Trip_1994

133) Loralees-Wedding-Graduation_Misc


134) Mericle_Angelic-Headstones-Hillside-Cem

135) Mericle_Family_Bellman_Hoyt_JD-Cora_Elmer-Charlotte

136) Mericle_Family-Lg-Brown-Photo-Album_1940s-1970s

137) Mericle_Family-Lg-Green-Photo-Album_1940s-1960s_A

138) Mericle_Family-Lg-Green-Photo-Album_1940s-1960s_B

139) Mericle_House_Photo-Files

140) Mericle_Hoyt_Watkins-Deal_Photos_Letters

141) Mericle_Kasier-Frazer_Family-Photos-Loose

142) Mericle-Black-Album_Car-Shows_2001-2002

143) Mericle-Family_Brown-Thin-Album_1970s


****NEW**** (August, 2018)

Click here to View A.R.R.A. at MAURADER Hist. Soc. WWII 40's Music Swing Band photos 2010

Click to VIEW A.R.R.A. National Convention WWII Bomber Plant, Yankee Air Museum Plaques Unveiled & Dearborn Inn Meeting 2013


*Courtesy of Nathan Bomey -


Family History Items for the Mericle Families, etc..


1) Berkey-Arabelle-Wright-Willis_A-True-Story-Booklet
2) Berkey-Arabelle-Wright-Willis_A-True-Story-Booklet

03) Beckley-Berkey_Laura-Edith_Scrapbook-Letters_Docs_PostCards
04) Beckley-Berkey_Bibles-Books-Misc
05) Beckley-Berkey_Letters-Cards-Family

06) Berkey_Beckley_Mericle_Photos-Misc

08) Berkey-Scrapbook_1900-46
09) Berkey-PostCard-Packets
10) Berkey-Post-Cards-01_Completed
11) Berkey-Post-Cards-02_Completed

12) Beckley-Wright_Photos-Loose_Docs

*** NEW*** 13) Berkey_Jackson_K-F-Misc-Cars_Family-Album_c1975-1990.html as of 09-30/2014

14) Berkey_Jackson_Navy-Discharge-Papers_US-Bonds
15) Berkey_Jackson-Lucille-Jacqueline_Funeral-Album

16) Berkey_Jackson-Miles_Loose-Photos-Docs

17) Berkey_Jackson-Miles_Personal-Items_Wallet-Last-Days_Docs

18) Berkey_Jackson-Miles_Railroad_Magazines-Books-Items

19) Berkey_Jacqueline_Documents_Birth-Certificate_Photos

20) Berkey_Loose-Photos_Misc

21) Berkey_Miles-Augustus_Loose-Photos

22) Berkey_Miles-Augustus_Personal-Items_Docs

23) Berkey_Nelson-Robert_Loose-Photos

24) Berkey_Nelson-Robert_Ruth-Hawk-Berkey_Personal-Items-Docs

25) Berkey_Ratz-Family-Photos-Cards-Misc

26) Berkey-Beckley_Album-A

27) Berkey-Beckley_Album-B

28) Berkey-Beckley_Album-C

29) Berkey-Beckley_Framed-Portraits - (See-digital camera photos below list, as too Large for Scanner_JEH)
) Berkey-Beckley_Loose-Photos

31) Berkey-Beckley_Misc-Photos-Letters-Cards

32) Berkey-Jackson_Ypsilanti_S-W_B-day_Mar-1992

33) Berkey-Mericle_Brown-Family-Album

34) Berkey-Mericle_House-Hold-Personal-Jewelry-Misc

39) Blanche-Kenny_Visit_Gerry-Bellman_May-1993

40) Blanche-Kenny_Visit_Gerry-Bellman_Oct-1992

41) Blanche-Kenny_Visit_Gerry-Bellman-B-Day_1993

71) Blanche-Mericle_Photo-Pkg_09_BW-Vase_2010_NC_2009

77) Funeral-Burial-Photos_Gerry-Deal-Brondige_Oct-1993


Photo Folders for the Mericle/Berkey/Beckley items from Blanche's home

(Household Items brought back by Nephew John E. Hoyt to be Inventoried)

146) 1 of 3_Boxes-Unwrapped

147) 2 of 3_Boxes-Unwrapped

148) 3 of 3_Boxes-Unwrapped

149) Last-3-Boxes-Unwrapped


(JEHoyt - Used Digital Camera & Digital Scanner to open the boxes and for large items, large portraits - digital camera was used)



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