List of Individuals
Constanza, Princess of Castile & Leon
Constanza, Princess of Leon & Castile
Constanza/|Of /Aragon/, Valencia, & Majorc,
Constança, Princess of Portugal
Contee, Sarah
Conteville/, Viscount of Comyn|, Viscount of Comy, Jean de
Contos, Living
Converse, Florence Marguerite
Convn/|Agnietj, Annetje (Anita) Casparse
Conway, Living
Conwell, Nyla
Conyers, Elizabeth
Conyers, John
Conyers/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, Richard
Conyers/|/Joan, Johanna
Coodall, (1)
Cooe, Henry
Cook (Cooke), Aaron
Cook, Aaron
Cook, Aaron (1)
Cook, Aaron , Maj.
Cook, Abigail
Cook, Alice
Cook, Anna
Cook, Bessie Ann
Cook, Captain Aaron
Cook, Davis
Cook, Edwin A.
Cook, Edwin Charles
Cook, Elizabeth
Cook, Elizabeth (1)
Cook, Emaline
Cook, Ethel Frances
Cook, Etta Florence
Cook, Gay
Cook, Gerald
Cook, Hannah
Cook, Hannah (1)
Cook, Harding
Cook, Hattie
Cook, Hellen H.
Cook, Henry
Cook, Ina
Cook, Isaac
Cook, Isaac (1)
Cook, J. W.
Cook, James E.
Cook, Jean
Cook, John
Cook, John (1)
Cook, John (2)
Cook, John Earl
Cook, Joseph
Cook, Josiah
Cook, Kirk
Cook, Laura M.
Cook, Living
Cook, Living (1)
Cook, Living (2)
Cook, Living (3)
Cook, Living (4)
Cook, Living (5)
Cook, Living (6)
Cook, Living (7)
Cook, Living (8)
Cook, Living (9)
Cook, Living (10)
Cook, Living (11)
Cook, Living (12)
Cook, Living (13)
Cook, Living (14)
Cook, Living (15)
Cook, Lloyd
Cook, Louisa
Cook, Lulu M.
Cook, Lydia
Cook, Lyman
Cook, Margaret
Cook, Marion
Cook, Mary Warring
Cook, Mildred M.
Cook, Minnie
Cook, Mirabel
Cook, Moses
Cook, Mr.
Cook, Nancy
Cook, Nathanial
Cook, Nathaniel
Cook, Nathaniel (1)
Cook, Nathaniel (2)
Cook, Nettie L.
Cook, Nettie Maud
Cook, Odeffa
Cook, Owen D.
Cook, Patience
Cook, Pauline Neva
Cook, Pomeroy/ m. 3rd|m. 3r, Abigail
Cook, Richard
Cook, Robert
Cook, Rosa
Cook, Sally
Cook, Samuel
Cook, Samuel W.
Cook, Sarah
Cook, Sendel Henry Walton
Cook, Seth Smith
Cook, Susanna D.
Cook, Thomas
Cook, Thomas (1)
Cook, Thomas Edwin
Cook, Unknown
Cook, Wallace
Cook, Wallace (1)
Cook, William H.
Cook, Wilmont J.
Cook/ (MacKenzie|(MacKenzi, Alice E.
Cook/ MAJOR|MAJOR|/Cooke, Aaron
Cook/ Rev.|Rev, Israel
Cook/ Rev.|Rev, John B.
Cook/|Huldah /Cook, Anna
Cooke*, Henry
Cooke*, John
Cooke*, Mary Magdalene
Cooke, Aaron
Cooke, Aaron (1)
Cooke, Abigail
Cooke, Alice
Cooke, Austin Henry
Cooke, Austin Henry Jr.
Cooke, Chester Jarvis
Cooke, Dwight Russell
Cooke, Edith Marie
Cooke, Edward
Cooke, Edward (1)
Cooke, Eleanor
Cooke, Elizabeth
Cooke, Elizabeth (1)
Cooke, Elizabeth (2)
Cooke, Elizabeth May
Cooke, Frances Helen
Cooke, Grace
Cooke, Henry
Cooke, Henry (1)
Cooke, Henry Chester
Cooke, Hester
Cooke, Hester R.
Cooke, Jacob
Cooke, Jane
Cooke, Joan
Cooke, Joanna
Cooke, John
Cooke, John (1)
Cooke, John (2)
Cooke, Marjorie Eliza
Cooke, Martha Gertrude
Cooke, Mary
Cooke, Mary (1)
Cooke, Mary Waite
Cooke, Miriam
Cooke, Myrtle May
Cooke, Noah
Cooke, Rachel
Cooke, Robert
Cooke, Samuel
Cooke, Sara
Cooke, Walter Ernest
Cooke/ "Mayflower Compact"|"Mayflower Compact, Francis
Cooke/ "Mayflower Pilgrim"|"Mayflower Pilgrim, John
Cooklin, Mary
Cookman, Matilda
Cooksey, Mary Estella
Cool, Annette
Cool, Frans
Cooledge, Alvin
Cooledge, Polly
Cooledge, Simon
Cooledge, William
Coolen, Living
Cooley, Alisa
Cooley, Benjamin
Cooley, Mary
Cooley, Mary (1)
Cooley, Mike , Jr.
Cooley, Mike , Sr.
Cooley, Rebecca
Coolidge, Hannah
Coolidge, Isaac
Coolidge, James
Coolidge, John
Coolidge, John (1)
Coolidge, John II
Coolidge, John III
Coolidge, Mary
Coolidge, Mary (1)
Coolman, Lucy A.
Coomber, Carol
Coomber, Charles Albert
Coomber, David B.
Coomber, Donnie

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