List of Individuals
Coomber, Floyd Carleton
Coomber, Fred Brownell
Coomber, Gene
Coomber, George William
Coomber, Gerald
Coomber, Jimmie
Coomber, Larwrence
Coomber, Lynn
Coomber, Margaret
Coomber, Nancy
Coomber, Stephen Albert
Coomber, Tommie
Coombs, Anna
Coombs, John
Coombs, John (1)
Coombs, Living
Coombs, Living (1)
Coombs, Ruth
Coomer, George
Coomer, Henry M.
Coomer, Mary Elle
Coon, Barrett
Coon, L. C. G.
Coon, Nora Rachel
Coon, Tacy
Coonce, Timothy A.
Cooney, Bridget
Cooney, John
Cooney, Margaret
Cooney, Mary
Cooney, Owen
Cooney, Owen J.
Cooney, Patrick
Cooney, Peter Paul
Cooney/ Jr.|Jr, Owen
Cooney/ Jr.|Jr, Peter P.
Coonrad, Frank
Coons, Catherine
Coons, David
Coop, Linda Sue
Cooper*, Margaret
Cooper, Abigail
Cooper, Ann
Cooper, Annatje
Cooper, Charles D.
Cooper, David
Cooper, Edward L.
Cooper, Elizabeth
Cooper, Elizabeth (1)
Cooper, Elizabeth Haines
Cooper, Gary
Cooper, Hannah
Cooper, Henry A.
Cooper, James
Cooper, Jane
Cooper, Jesse J.
Cooper, Jesse L.
Cooper, John
Cooper, John (1)
Cooper, John (2)
Cooper, Jonathan
Cooper, Living
Cooper, Living (1)
Cooper, Living (2)
Cooper, Living (3)
Cooper, Living (4)
Cooper, Living (5)
Cooper, Living (6)
Cooper, Living (7)
Cooper, Living (8)
Cooper, Louisa Blankenship
Cooper, Mary
Cooper, Mary (1)
Cooper, Mary Ann
Cooper, Mary or Polly
Cooper, Mildred
Cooper, Myrta Josephine
Cooper, Nancy
Cooper, Richard
Cooper, Samuel
Cooper, Samuel (1)
Cooper, Samuel (2)
Cooper, Sarah
Cooper, Sarah Ann
Cooper, Simon
Cooper, Walter Frederick
Cooper, Wyatt
Cooper/ 1|, John
Cooper/ 2|, John
Cooper/ Jr.|Jr, Jonathan
Copdowe/|/Copto, Mirabel
Cope*, Alexander
Cope*, Elizabeth
Cope*, John
Cope*, William
Cope*/ KNIGHT|KNIGHT|/Coape, William , Sir
Cope*/ Sir|Si, John
Cope, Anthony
Cope, Erasmus
Cope, George
Cope, Joan
Cope, Samuel
Cope, Stephen
Cope/ KNIGHT|KNIGHT|/Coape, Anthony , Sir
Cope/|/Coape, William
Copelan, Living
Copelan, Living (1)
Copeland, Martha
Copley, Elizabeth
Coppinger, Eleanora
Coppinger, Francis
Coppins, ???
Corath*, Aed Ap , King of Demetia
Corbet*/|Lucy /Adela, Sibyl
Corbet, Alice
Corbet, Alice (1)
Corbet, Dorothy
Corbet, Elizabeth
Corbet, Peter
Corbet, Robert
Corbet, Roger
Corbet, Roger (1)
Corbet, Roger F
Corbet, Sybil Adela Lucy
Corbet/ Baron of Caus|Baron of Cau, Peter
Corbet/ Lord of Alcester|Lord of Alceste, Robert
Corbet/, Sir Knight|, Sir Knigh, Richard
Corbet/, Sir Knight|, Sir Knigh, Robert
Corbett*, Alice
Corbett, Gaynelle
Corbett, Henry Ladd
Corbett, Margaret
Corbett, Margery
Corbett, Richard
Corbett, Susan
Corbin, Emily
Corbott, Margareta
Corbott, Piers
Corbred*/|/Riata, King of Dal Riata
Corbuceo*, Emma
Corbuceo*, Peter
Corbyn, Eric
Corbyn, Living
Corbyn, Living (1)
Corcoran, Jamie Maureen
Cordell*, Joan
Cordell*, John
Cordell, Collen
Cordell, Harry T
Cordell, Irma L
Cordell, James Orin
Cordell, James Wilson
Cordell, Margaret
Cordell, Mordie
Cordell, Myrtle
Cordell, Permelia
Cordell/ KNIGHT|KNIGH, William
Cordes, Alice
Cordingly, Frederick
Cordingly, Living
Cordingly, Living (1)
Cordingly, Living (2)
Cordingly, Living (3)
Cordingly, Living (4)
Cordingly, Living (5)
Cordrey, Elizabeth
Core, Agnes Viletta
Core, Sarah Ann
Coree/|/Carew, Erasmus
Corey, Child One
Corey, Child Two
Corey, Daniel
Corey, Marilyn
Corey, Minerva E.
Corl, David Springer
Corl, Desia
Corl, Desire
Corl, Eva
Corl, Hendrick
Corl, Henry
Corl, Margarieta
Corl, Maria
Corl, Susanna
Corle, Frederick
Corle, Living
Corle, Rachel
Corls, Willem Hendrickse
Cormac*, King of Leinster
Corneil, John
Cornelia Metella,
Cornelia Sulla Lucia,
Cornelia Sulla,
Cornelius, Alfred
Cornelius, Alfred Vivien
Cornelius, Ann
Cornelius, Avis Dahlia
Cornelius, Coral Agnes

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