List of Individuals
Friedrich*/|/Ferry, I , Duke of Upper Lorraine
Friedrich*/|/Hohenstaufen, Count of Buren
Friedrich, Count of Eppenstein
Friedrich, Count of Kastl
Friedrich, Count Palatine of Saxony
Friedrich, I , Count of Arnsberg
Friedrich, I , Count of Brehna
Friedrich, II , Duke of Austria
Friedrich, II , Duke of Lorraine
Friedrich, Living
Friedwald*, Elisabeth
Friedwald*, Niklas I
Friege*/|Frea /Frigg,
Friend, Ada E.
Friend, Charles (1st M.)
Friend, Chloe Arnolda
Friend, Cloyd
Friend, Elizabeth
Friend, Harley Albert
Friend, John
Friend, John Hiram
Friend, Living
Friend, Mr
Friend, S. J.
Frier, Margaret
Fries, Emily Gertrude
Friesner, Charles
Friesner, Fristoe, Milton
Frilling, James
Frisbee, Willard H.
Frisbie, Nickie
Frisbie, Robert
Frisbie, Russell
Frisbie/ `Cindy'|`Cindy, Cynthia Kay Roth
Friskney, Isabella
Frisky, Elizabeth
Fristoe, Milton
Fritch, Judy
Frithuwalk, Bor
Fritz, Living
Fritz, Living (1)
Fritz, Living (2)
Frizelle, Nannie
Frizzell, Child
Frizzell, Child (1)
Frizzell, Child (2)
Frizzell, Child (3)
Frizzell, Child (4)
Frizzell, Child (5)
Frizzell, Gilbert L.
Frodasson*, Fridleif
Frodasson*, Fridleif II, King in Denmark
Frodasson*, Fridleif III, King in Denmark
Frodasson*, Halfdan
Frodasson*, Halfdan , King in Denmark
Frodasson*, Ingjald , King in Denmark
Frodasson*/ Vermond|Vermond|The /Sage, Vermund , King in Denmark
Frodasson, Frodi
Frodasson, Halfdan , King in Denmark
Frodasson/, King of Denmark|, King of Denmar, Fridleif
Frodasson/, King of Denmark|, King of Denmar, Halfdan
Frodasson/, King of Denmark|, King of Denmar, Vermund "The Wise"
Frodo*, King of Sjaelland
Frodoasdottir, Sigris
Frodosson, Fridleif
Froe, Margaret
Froeste, Rosine Sophie
Fromm, Living
Fromond/ I Count De Sen,
Frone, Hepzibah
Frone, Sarah
Frost*, Alice
Frost*, Edward
Frost*, John
Frost*, John (1)
Frost, Alice
Frost, Ambrose
Frost, Andrew
Frost, Anne
Frost, Anne (1)
Frost, Anne (2)
Frost, Betsey
Frost, Carol Anne
Frost, Clyde Orlando
Frost, Daisy Althea
Frost, Deborah
Frost, Delmar
Frost, Edmond
Frost, Edward , Jr.
Frost, Elizabeth
Frost, Elizabeth (1)
Frost, Elizabeth (2)
Frost, Ellen Martha
Frost, Emma
Frost, Erasmus
Frost, Fay Elaine
Frost, Frances M.
Frost, Francois
Frost, Gelielinne
Frost, Grace
Frost, Hannah
Frost, Harry
Frost, Helena Allilee
Frost, Henry
Frost, Henry (1)
Frost, Isaac
Frost, Isaac T.
Frost, James Roy
Frost, Jesse
Frost, John
Frost, John (1)
Frost, Judith Anne
Frost, Kathleen Iola
Frost, Kingsley Lyndall
Frost, Leta Violet
Frost, Living
Frost, Living (1)
Frost, Living (2)
Frost, Living (3)
Frost, Living (4)
Frost, Living (5)
Frost, Living (6)
Frost, Living (7)
Frost, Living (8)
Frost, Living (9)
Frost, Living (10)
Frost, Lucy
Frost, Lyla Lee
Frost, Mary
Frost, Mary (1)
Frost, Orwill Chester
Frost, Philander
Frost, Polly
Frost, Roy Everett
Frost, Roy Hamilton
Frost, Ruth Elene
Frost, Solomon
Frost, Thomas
Frost, Thomas (1)
Frost, Thomas (2)
Frost, Thomasine
Frost, William
Frost, William (1)
Frost/|Rachael /Frost, Rachel
Frostasdotter*, Skjalf
Frostasdottir, Skjalf
Frostasson*, Jokull
Frostasson, Jokull
Froste, Johanna
Froste, Johanna (1)
Frosti*, King in Finland
Frosti, King of Finland
Frothingham, Benjamin
Frothingham, Benjamin (1)
Frothingham, Esther
Frothingham, Hannah
Frothingham, Nathaniel
Frothingham, Thomas H.
Frowick, Agnes
Frowick, Elizabeth
Frowick, Henry
Frowick, Henry De
Frowick, Lady Isabel Elizabeth
Frowick, Margaret
Frowick, Maud
Frowick, Robert
Frowick, Thomas
Frowick, Thomas (1)
Frowick/|Si, Thomas
Frowick/|Si, Thomas (1)
Frowicke/|Si, Henry
Frowila*, Princess of Orseolo
Frowyke, Henry
Fruchey, Donald
Fruchey, John
Fruchey, Olive
Frush, Margaret
Fry, Alma
Fry, Ann
Fry, Anna Maria
Fry, Brott
Fry, Caroline
Fry, Caroline (1)
Fry, Catherine
Fry, Charles
Fry, Charles (1)
Fry, Charles Edward
Fry, Charles Elias
Fry, Charlotte B.
Fry, Christian
Fry, Clara
Fry, Elias
Fry, Eliza
Fry, Eliza Farant
Fry, Eliza Jane

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