List of Individuals
Gildersleeve, Unknown
Giles, Ann
Giles, Ann (1)
Giles, Anna
Giles, Annie
Giles, Daniel
Giles, Daniel (1)
Giles, George
Giles, Gilbert
Giles, James
Giles, John
Giles, John (1)
Giles, John Seth
Giles, Joseph
Giles, Ladomia
Giles, Leon
Giles, Living
Giles, Living (1)
Giles, Matilda
Giles, Thomas
Giles, William
Giles, William M.
Gilgen, Barbara
Gilkey, Ellen
Gill, Ann
Gill, Catherine
Gill, Earl
Gill, Edna Frances
Gill, Eleanor
Gill, Elizabeth Margaret
Gill, Ernest
Gill, Joan
Gill, Joe
Gill, Joseph C.
Gill, Living
Gill, Living (1)
Gill, Living (2)
Gill, Living (3)
Gill, Living (4)
Gill, Living (5)
Gill, Living (6)
Gill, Marietta M.
Gill, Mary Constance
Gill, Nathan D.
Gill, Peggy
Gill, Ruth
Gill, Sarah
Gill, Ursula
Gillacomgan, Mormaer of Moray
Gillam, Sally
Gillan, Catherine
Gillbride*, Earl of Angus
Gillespie, Alice
Gillespie, Alpheus Montesville
Gillespie, Bindley McMillin
Gillespie, E. Stuart
Gillespie, Edna
Gillespie, Edward A.
Gillespie, Elizabeth Barret
Gillespie, Elsie Ruth
Gillespie, Frank B.
Gillespie, James Stuart
Gillespie, Jane Elizabeth
Gillespie, Jean
Gillespie, Jeffrey Brock
Gillespie, Kingsley Alexander
Gillespie, Mary Matilda
Gillespie, Richard Henry
Gillespie, Richard Henry III
Gillespie, Richard Henry Jr.
Gillespie, Robert Allen
Gillespie, Robert B.
Gillespie, Robert B. (1)
Gillespie, Robert Miner
Gillespie, Schuyler Wood
Gillespie, Valina Marguerite
Gillespie, William Frederick
Gillespie, William Frederick Jr.
Gillet, Beriah
Gillet, Daniel
Gillet, Lois
Gillet, Ruth
Gillet, Timothy
Gillet/|Daniel /Gillett\Gilbert, Daniel
Gillet/|Samuel /Gilbert, Shubal
Gillett, Abigail
Gillett, Anne
Gillett, Asaph
Gillett, Elizabeth
Gillett, Elizabeth (1)
Gillett, Jessie M.
Gillett, Leslie
Gillett, Nancy Maria
Gillett, Nellie Mae
Gillett, Samuel
Gillett, Sarah
Gillett, Sarah (1)
Gillett, Stephen
Gillett, Stephen (1)
Gillett, Sylvester
Gillett, Unknown (Child1)
Gillett/|Hester /Gillett, Esther
Gilley, June
Gilley, Living
Gillfillian, Michael J.
Gilliat, Helen Viola
Gilliatt, LeRoy Von Bismark
Gillingham, Gideon
Gillis, Elsie May
Gillis, Elsie May (1)
Gillis, Harry
Gillis, Helen Veronica
Gillis, Raymond
Gillispie, Bertha
Gillispie, Durward
Gillispie, Mr.
Gillocher*, Earl of Mar
Gillott, Elizabeth
Gilman, Eliphalet
Gilman, Natalie
Gilman, Sarah
Gilman/ JR.|JR, Moses
Gilmore, Emeline S.
Gilmore, G. S.
Gilmore, J. A.
Gilmore, J. F.
Gilmore, K. A.
Gilmore, Oliver
Gilmore, Oliver (1)
Gilmore, S. F.
Gilmore, Sarepta
Gilmore, T. L.
Gilmour, Ann
Gilpatrick, Mehitable
Gilpin, Ellen
Gilpin, William
Gilroy, Eliza Jane
Gilroy, Leslie
Gilroy, Marion
Gilroy, Timothy
Gilukhepa/ (wife of Amenhotep III,
Gilukhipa Mittani/ (wife to Amenhotep III)|Princes,
Gilworth, George
Gilworth, Jane
Gilworth, Lewis Hugh
Ginaven, Marvin
Gingery, Francis Peter
Gingrich, Eva
Ginn, Daisy M.
Ginnethon/ (The Nehemiah Covenant Maker)|Pries,
Ginsbach , Carmen Janet
Ginsbach , Donavon Frank
Ginsbach , Donovan
Ginsbach , Esther Eleanor
Ginsbach , Ethel Beatrice
Ginsbach , Jacob (Jake)
Ginsbach , Jacob Otto
Ginsbach , Lenora Louise
Ginsbach , Majorie Jean
Ginsbach , Ralph Richard
Ginsbach , Richard Darrell
Ginsbach , Ronald Hartzell
Ginther, Elizabeth F.
Ginther, J. S
Ginther, Louis
Ginther, LuLu
Ginther, Maude
Girard*, I , Count of Vienne
Girard, Joseph
Girod, John A.
Girod, Joyce
Giroie, Adelaide
Giroie, Adelaide (1)
Giroie, Arnold
Giroie, Emma
Giroie, Fulk
Giroie, Herembergh
Giroie, Hugh
Giroie, William , Lord of Echafour
Giron*, Maria Gonsalez
Giron, Rui Gonzales
Gironda, Justin
Gironda, Michael
Gironda, Nicole
Girouard, Gilles Joseph
Girouard, Jay Scott
Girouard, Michael Marie
Girouard, Naomi Gray
Gisburn*, Alice
Gisburn, Isabella
Gisela*, Countess of Alsace
Gisela*, Countess of Geneva
Gisela*, Princess of Lorraine
Gisela/ Countess of Savoy and Genev,
Giselbert*, Count of Salm
Giselbert*/|/Maasgau, Count of the Moselle

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