List of Individuals
Ross, Milton
Ross, Minnie
Ross, Noreen Gail
Ross, Olin
Ross, Ravillo
Ross, Robert
Ross, Ronald Lyle
Ross, Rymie
Ross, William
Rossale, Alice
Rosse, ?
Rosse, Alexander
Rossiter, David
Rossiter, Henrietta
Rossiter, Living
Rossiter, Living (1)
Rossiter, Living (2)
Rost, Living
Rostherne, Margery
Rotbold*, II , Count of Arles
Rotenburger*, Margareta
Rotenhering*, Elena
Rotenheryng*, John
Roth, Dennis
Roth, Kevin
Roth, Pamela
Roth, Robert
Rothachtach, King
Rothaide, Princess of France
Rothe*, Anna
Rothe*, Wolfgang
Rotherfield*, Dionysia
Rothgeb, Living
Rothney, Living
Rotrou*, Marguerite De La Aigle
Rotrou/ Archbishop of Rouen|Archbishop of Roue, Bishop of Evreux
Rotrou/ EARL|EARL|The /Great, II , Earl of Perche
Rotrud, Princess of Italy
Rotrud/ Princess of Ital,
Rotrude*/|/Chrotrude, Duchess of Austrasia
Rotrude, Princess of the Holy Roman Empire
Rotrude, Princess OTHRE
Rouergue, Gilbert de
Rouergue, Sigesbert of
Rought, M. or S.
Round, Hannah
Rounds, Mary
Roundtree, Berell
Rourke, K. J.
Rourke, K. R.
Rourke, R.
Rourke, Robert
Rouse, Alex
Rouse, Clayton Thomas
Rouse, Dorothy
Rouse, Edward
Rouse, Edward S.
Rouse, George Benjamin
Rouse, George Claton
Rouse, Glenda
Rouse, Guy Kendall
Rouse, Lake
Rouse, Lori Michelle
Rouse, Mary
Rouse, Mary Gertrude
Rouse, Mercy
Rouse, Onia
Rouse, Onio
Rouse, Ora Mae
Rouse, Richard
Rouse, Roscoe
Rouse, Sam
Rouse, Susanna
Rouse/ II|I, Guy Kendell
Rouse/ Sr.|Sr, James Edward
Roush, Living
Roush, Living (1)
Roush, Living (2)
Rouss, Anne Caroline
Rousseau, Louis
Roussillon, Eve De
Roussillon, Gerhard 11 of
Rout, Dora Mary A.
Routrou*/ COUNT OF MORTAGNE|COUNT OF MORTAGN, I , Viscount of Chateaudum
Routt, Nancy Jane
Rouzer, Alma L. "Mary"
Rouzer, Alvin "Al" H.
Rouzer, Annie J.
Rouzer, Arthur F.
Rouzer, Betty L.
Rouzer, Clara E.
Rouzer, Effie A.
Rouzer, Goldie G.
Rouzer, Harold "Howie"
Rouzer, John W.
Rouzer, Mary "Magdalene" I.
Rouzer, Maud "Maude" G.
Rouzer, Nancy A.
Rouzer, Roy M.
Rouzer, Samuel S.
Rouzer/ Jr.|Jr, Alvin H.
Rouzer/ Origon|Origo, Oregon S.
Row, Frances
Rowand, Mary
Rowe, Amelia May
Rowe, Garret T.
Rowe, Grace E.
Rowe, Living
Rowe, Living (1)
Rowe, Margaret Neivle
Rowe, Samuel
Rowe, Winifred
Rowell, Doris
Rowell, Dorothy Skelding
Rowell, Edward Everett
Rowell, Elizabeth
Rowell, Joseph
Rowell, Moses
Rowell, Rodney Wallace
Rowell?, Ann
Rowelson, ?
Rower, Leon
Rower, Living
Rower, Valandingham (2nd m.)
Rowland, Barbara
Rowland, Carol Ann
Rowland, David
Rowland, Frances Teleboshe
Rowland, Gene Raymond
Rowland, Glenda Ray
Rowland, Grace Vera
Rowland, Jacob
Rowland, Jacob (1)
Rowland, James
Rowland, James H.
Rowland, James Louis
Rowland, Janet Sue
Rowland, Janice Elaine
Rowland, Johnathan
Rowland, Jonathan
Rowland, Joseph
Rowland, Louisa
Rowland, Robert DeWitt
Rowland, Robert Marion
Rowland, Ruth DeWitt
Rowland, William
Rowlandson, Martha
Rowlandson, Thomas
Rowley or Rowlee, Moses
Rowley, Deborah
Rowley, Elizabeth
Rowley, Ellen
Rowley, Mindwell
Rowley, Mindwell (1)
Rowley, Susannah
Rowning, Mary
Roxane of Cyrus II, Associates of
Roxanna of Darius II, Associates of Princess
Roy, Living
Royall , Ryall, William
Royall, Elizabeth Barlow
Royall, John
Royall, John (1)
Royall, Joseph
Royall, Joseph (1)
Royall, Joseph or Thomas
Royall, Roger
Royall, Roger (1)
Royall, Roger (2)
Royce, ( )
Royce, Abner
Royce, Alida Florence
Royce, Elisha
Royce, Jonathan
Royce, Jonathan (1)
Royce, Phebe
Royce, Phebe (1)
Royce, Polly
Royce, Sarah
Roydon, ?
Roys, Charles M.
Roys, Frank M.
Roys, Harry A.
Roys, Helen M.
Roys, May B.
Rozic, Carl Charles
Ruble, Catherine (Roblea)
Ruble, Joan Darlene
Ruble, Pamela (Roblea)
Ruble, William
Rubley, Carl
Rubley, Jacob
Rubley, Jay
Rubley, Merl

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