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WELCOME, I'm John Edward Hoyt. My home is near Rockford, MI., 10 miles, Grand Rapids,MI


Grandson to Hugh Percival Hoyt & Katherine Elizabeth Hoag.


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Historical Society of Ridgefield, CT
History of Ridgefield, CT & Keeler Tavern
built in 1713 by Benjamin Hoyt - 7th Gen. Direct Descendant

* HHH pg 390 Timothy (3341)
HHH pg 452 Children of Timothy (3341) & Dolly (Olmstead) Hoyt-Jonathan G(4322)

A relatives trip to Ridgefield, CT, Keeler Tavern, David Hoyt's.

A Short HISTORYof Timothy to John G, to George G, to Hugh P,
& to Paul M. Hoyt & their family members & businesses

2. The earliest I can place 'our' Timothy Hoyt family, b. in Ridgefield CT in 1770, (Map of Ridgefield, Fairfield, Co., CT), moved to NY, Cayuaga Co, Sennet, NY by 1820, as Benjamin was born in Ridgefield, CT in 1818; and Timothy's last son, Jonathan G. (His middle name escapes all efforts to know what the G stood for, as the Gerould name was not yet in the family maternal names, as usually the middle name of olderst child gets the Mothers last name). *(Latest attempts in late 2005, leads me to believe the 'G', stood for "George" or "Gerald (pronounced Ja-raud), as his first son, George Gerald Hoyt, (*G, is Gerald, middle name was found in audio tape by Linda Lee Hoyt's Mother, Laura (Olson) Hoyt) & Daughter of Hugh P. Hoyts daughter, Ruth "Gerald" Hoyt, was named after George G. (Gerald) Hoyt, on her Birth Certificate) -JEH chanmged 3/5/2018).

Timothy's family membes on 2 occassions, at Ridgefield, CT, before Jonathan was born and before Timothy's family left on an ox sled in winter of 1819 headed for Cayuga, Co., NY.. One from his sister's Elizabeth Hoyt, marrying Abner Gilbert, and another Uncle of Timothy, Benjamin's Son, David Hoyt marrying Hannah Gilbert. Jonathan G, was born in Cayuaga Co, NY in 1822, and moved to Michigan, as early as late 1850's, but could be 2 of his sons, moved first.. In the "HHH" Book , of Timothy's son, Benjamin, marries Rosina Van Wie in Muir, MI in 1843 , and his youngest brother, Jonathan *G, *(I have not found his Middle name-possinbly Gerald or Gilbert from above Hannah -JEH), married Sabra Isadore Van Wie in 1844 in Muir, MI. (See "Hoyt Family Tree Chart" . And a Deeded record showing, Timothy Hoyt, as purchasing some land in Muir, Ionia Co., Michigan, on November 15, 1861, (TIMDEED.jpg ). Timothy died in Muir, MI, and was buried in Soule Cemetery, Sennett, Cayuga Co., NY, in 1862. Also, in the "Ionia County Biographical Sketches ", of 1881. On page 258, shows on, Feb. 23,1862, (IONIACO2.jpg ), shows Timothy, Jonathan, Benjamin, George G, and there wives as recieving the letters into the new Muir, Presbyterian Church. Also, in "The History and Directory of Ionia County", of 1875 , On page 152, the Directory of 1875, lists Hoyt, Benjamin, W., f, 13, Ionia, Muir (This means that f = farmer, he lived on Section 13, Ionia Township, in Village of Muir, MI. And, Hoyt, George G., f, 8, Lyons, muir (George G. lived doing business as a farmer, just South across Stone Rd. in North Muir, in Section 8, Lyons Township, Village of Muir, MI. AND, with, Hoyt, Jonathan G , miller, 5, Lyons, Muir (Jonathan worked as a miller in the local (Anchor Grist Mill ), and lived on Section 5, in Lyons township, Village of Muir, MI..And 2 Deeds in the Ionia County Courthouse, Ionia, MI, show that Jonathan G Hoyt had bought 2 parcels North of Village of Muir, MI in 1861 and 1862 (for farming). The present house of Jonathan G Hoyt's Land North Side of Stone Rd. is newer, built in 1896, as the older 1860's home burnt down in 1890's, as the current resident told me. From the Lyons-Muir Township Plat Map of 1861, (MUIR1861.jpg ), shows Timothy , as having land on SSE 1/2Quarter-section of Section 15, Lyons Township, on corner of Hayden Rd & M-21. Benjamin's land is West of Village of Muir, MI, in 1/2 NNW Section 13, Ionia Township. By the Plat Map of 1875, shows J. G. Hoyt, as owning same above land with an additional land East on Section 8, with 80 A. on North side of Stone Road, and 30 A, directly across road, totaling 110 Acres (MUIR1875.jpg ). George G is listed in the 1875 Directory of Ionia Co, (IONIA_Old_Directory_Hoyts.jpg ), as living in Section 5, where he has 2 properties along Stone Rd, across from his father, Jonathan G.,, but I believe he probably lived on the 30 A, in the SW corner of intersection of Hayes Rd & Stone Road, just South, across street, & West a couple of 100 yards, of his father, Jonathan G., or George G., had property right across Stone Rd. also which might have housed George G and Elizabeth A.(Gerould) Hoyt, as they were married by 1875 , 5 years, and had George Marcus (Mark), Hugh Percival, & Elizabeth Isadore Hoyt, by 1874, & George G & Elizabeth A., next came Carrie Melvina Hoyt b. 1877, in Saline, Washtenaw Co, MI . Benjamin W.Hoyt was still a Trustee and elder in 1881, in the Muir Presbyterian Church (History of Ionia County pg. 258 ). In late 1860's, Along with Jonathan G Hoyt, having some land to do farming in North Muir, MI, (Jonathan G, along with his wife, Sabra Isadore (VanWie), & sons, George G. Hoyt & William Spencer Hoyt & his wife, Jennie H. (Hickma(o)tt), was in Muir, MI . as William Spencer Hoyt married in 1878, to his wife in Angola, IN. but moved back to Muir, as there first child, Anna Mable Hoyt was born in 1882, in Muir, MI. William Spencer Hoyt had moved to Spokane by 1881, as their second child, Mary Fredrica, was born in April 22, 1884. In a Plat Map, (MUIR1875.jpg ), 4 parcels of land belonging to Jonathan G and George G are at SE and Middle North side of Stone & Hayes road, North of M-21, just North of the Village of Muir, MI. In 1870, George G Hoyt & wife, Elizabeth Adiline/Adell/a (Gerould), shows George G. Hoyt's, Occupation, as a Farmer, on their Marriage License (GGH-AGW2.jpg ). By 1877, the birth of their daughter, Carrie Melvina Hoyt, on April 14, 1877, that they were in Saline, Washtenaw Co. George G Hoyt's family, then moved to Elm Hall, Gratiot Co., MI by 1878, as by March 30, 1879, Jonathan Gerould Hoyt was born in Elm Hall , along with his brother, Earnest Edward Hoyt on March 30, 1881, (Yes, same birthday-only 2 years apart) , in 1880, the LDS US Census Household Report shows them there, . In 1884, they either moved or had a child while traveling to Curtisville (Mack Lake/City) in Oscoda Co., MI, as Ada Fredrica Hoyt was born there on Dec. 3, 1884. Jonathan G also lived and operated the Saline, MI Grist-Flour Mill back in 1886, as there first son, in a historical state biography shows George Marcus (Mark) Hoyt (GMH-SMEM.jpg ) attended the Saline Michigan High Schools. George Marcus then became a Druggist in Mio & McKinley in Oscoda Co, MI, the moved to Suttons Bay in the 1890's to become involved with Leelanau Co. Representative and County Road Commissioner, Justice of the peace, Village President, and remain a Druggist at the Hoyt Pharmacy in Traverse City, MI, along with his son, George Kenneth Hoyt, until his death, then, Owen and his wife Laura (Olson) operated the Hoyt Drug Store.
I believe that
Rosina Elizabeth Van Wie & Sabra Isadore Van Wie, were sisters, and Benjamin & Jonathan G were brothers. (ie. Brothers married sisters). At time of the "HHH " book publishing, (1871), the Hoyt’s lived in Lyons-Muir, Ionia Co., MI through 1871. Benjamin was already in MI. Brother, Jonathan G., and their Father, Timothy Hoyt are shown by documents & maps to be in Lyons-Muir, Ionia Co., MI. Timothy & Jonathan G show up on land deeds, & in church records of the Muir Presbyterian Church show that they were Elders and first members of the founding of this Church, in 1861. (See History of Lyons-Muir, Mi in the file ) and Timothy Hoyt shows up in a deed that Timothy Hoyt was from Lyons, MI, and he purchased from William Carpenter, the SE of the SW ¼ quarter of ¼ SW section 7, township 7, range 5 in Ionia Co., Lyons-Muir, Township. The History Phamplet of Muir, MI shows a large stone school was built in 1883, so my ancestors probably went to grade school & high school there, like my Grandfather, Hugh Percival Hoyt, George Marcus, & Elizabeth Isadore (Betsey) Hoyt.

In 1889, in Muir, MI, there was a Great Fire on April 15th , that burned the Anchors Grist Mill to the Ground. Jonathan G. & George G., had left in 1875 or 1876, as again Carrie Melvina Hoyt was born in Pinckney, MI; and Jonathan G's, brother, Earnest Edward Hoyt to work at Pinckney Mill, then by 1886, Jonathan G had bought the Saline Mill business and land in Washtenaw Co., MI, possibly with sons, William Spencer, and Frederick Van Wie Hoyt. Afterwards, Jonathan G & William & possibly, FrederickVanWie (Fred might have been attending Yale Universaity, at this time), moved to Spokane, WA around late1890's, as a Newspaper Article shows, sent to me by, Don Hendrick (Richard Spencer Hoyt’s Son-in-Law), emailed to me, on 11/26/2001.

The following is a quote from Frederick V. Hoyt, that appeared in the Spokane, WA Newspaper January 11, 1931. "Then in 1894, I entered into partnership with my brother, W.S. Hoyt, and we started the Garden Springs greenhouses, which we conducted for nearly 40 years. We sold out about a year ago." remember, Jonathan G & son, William S. Hoyt came out to Spokane, WA first and Owned or operated a roller grist mill for 4-5 years.

Jonathan G’s childrens birth's: George Greenwood in Albany, NY in 1846, Emily Melvina was born 1850, William Spencer born in 1855, and Fredrick Van Wie Hoyt born in 1858, all last 3 born in Meridian, Cayuaga Co. NY.

Question and research: What happened to Benjamin Hoyt and his family, from 1881 on?
And from what it looks like, The Wives moved back to New York, to birth their children as in both cases of Jonathan G and Benjamin, both Van Wie sisters, as the Children of each up till 1872, were born in New York state. Of Benjamin & Rosinea, Fanny G (Frances?) and Henry Nelson Hoyt, I do not have any photo's of the Benjamin Hoyt family that I know of. I did a phone check of Hoyt's in the Muir, Lyons, Ionia area and no Hoyt'as appeared on the lists. Henry Nelson Hoyt's son Howard Clark Hoyt was born in Union City, MI, and died in
China, NY(?) in 1907.
***I'll have to travel to Ionia County to get more Documents as I found the present ones, in the 1980's, when I lived in Lowell, Kent County, MI.***

3. George Greenwood Hoyt's but with him living till nealy 1923, and with Helen Faye (Hoyt) Smith's, "Compilation Genealogy History of the Timothy Hoyt's Familes", by Helen Faye Hoyt, 1955 , was born in 1882, *2005 (The'G' in Greenwood, was also given on Carrie Melvina (Hoyt) Colegrove's certifcate of death). But there is also no History of the "Greenwood" family name being in Hoyt family lines, nor friends living earby, in early maps.. So, with her History in Phamplet and organized Genealogical Study, I believe her records to ba accurate as far as names go, especially that her father was George G's Brother, (Helen's Uncle George). George G & E. Adell/a's children; George Marcus, (from a Ionia County Biography Sketches), he was educated in the District schools (Ionia-Lyons-Muir), and then, Saline High School, and was a druggist in Mio & McKinley, Oscoda Co, MI (GMH-SMEM.jpg), Hugh Percival Hoyt. And, Elizabeth Isadore Hoyt, all were born in Lyons-Muir, MI between 1871 and 1874, while Carrie Melvina Hoyt was born in Pinckney, MI, in 1877, while Joanthan Gerould born in 1879, and Earnest Edward, were born in Elm Hall, Gratiot Co., MI in 1881, and Ada Fredrica Hoyt was born in 1884 in Mack City, (Curtisville), Oscoda Co., Mi. George Greenwood & Adell\a (Elizabeth Adeline) Hoyt moved quite frequently, as you can see. He then settled in Stanton, Montcalm Co.,MI, in the late 1880’s, George Marcus & Hugh P Hoyt graduated from Stanton High School, and Hugh P Hoyt went on to Cleary Business School, (HPH-CBC1.jpg) in Ann Arbor, MI. In 1896, George G & Elizabeth A. Hoyt, moved to Remus, MI, with Hugh P Hoyt after Stanton Mill burned down (HPH-50th-wedding-Anniversay6.jpg ). They (George G, & Elizabeth Adella (Gerould) Hoyt, moved to Remus, Mecosta Co. in late1890’s, about Summer of 1896, as a Mortgage Deed from Elizabeth A. (Elizabeth Adell\a) Hoyt, shows up on her purchasing an indenture for sum of $800.00.on plot on Sheriden St. showing Elizabeth A. Hoyt, being from the Village of Stanton, Montcalm Co., MI, made on May15, 1896 (EAH-MTG1.jpg ). George Greenwood & Elizabeth Adell\a (Gerould) Hoyt both are buried in Mecosta Co., Wheatland Township, Remus, MI, in Wamboldt Cemetery , South, 2 miles of Remus, MI, on rte. 66, along with Earnest Edward & Emmo Winfred (Tiney) Hoyt’s son, Marcus Browning Hoyt, as well as, C.M. Gerould, Elizabeth Adelle's father.

The Purchase of the Remus Grist-Flour Mill to George G. Hoyt was made in May 15, 1896 for sum of $2,200.00 from Henrietta W. Garling ( RM-GG-HP.jpg ); and the sale of the Remus Grist-Flour Mill by George G and Earnest Edward Hoyt was on January 2,1906 to a Lewis H. Young. (See file for photos of George G. Hoyt & Sons mill with them in front, or go to website at HOYTs in business ( ).

4. My Grandfather, Hugh Percival Hoyt, born in Muir, Ionia Co., MI in 1872, married Katherine Elizabeth Hoag, born on Feb. 17, 1872, in Gilbertsville, NY. Her family moved to Colby, MI, near Stanton, MI, possibly early 1880's, until mid1895-96, Katherine E. Hoag Graduated from Stanton Schools , her occupation was to be a teacher and shows her in a photo with 3 other teachers in 1888-92 in Wilmington, NC. (KEHH-TIN.jpg ); parents being, Lucius G. Hoag & Catherine Elizabeth Millard , formerly of Colby, MI; but migrated from Gilbertsville, NY . (Michigan State Census Records for 1884 & 1894, White Pines Library, State Census Books for County of Montcalm, MI.). The Wedding took place on a Wenesday, Nov. 23, 1989, and present were Katherine's parent, as their residence in Saginaw, MI , were used for the occassion. Katherine's brother Henry M. Hoag, hailed from Bennetsburg, NY , while. Katherine's sister's were from Saginaw, MI. Hugh P. Hoyt's sister Bessie hailed from Stanton, and Hugh's other sister, Carrie, was from Remus, MI. Hugh Percival Hoyt, operated and was 'Head Miller' for several mills in Michigan, as was his Father, George G. Hoyt.
1900 Map of Remus, MI , shows all the Hoyt Properties, (on March 17, 1906 Sale of 1/3rd Mill Business (Land), was sold by Hugh P. & Katherine Elizabeth Hoyt to George G. Hoyt (& Earnest Edward Hoyt), for sum of $1,000.00, his part of the Mill business or land thereof (HP1-3RML.jpg ), Hugh Percival Hoyt moved South to Deerfield, MI to start as 'Head Miller', or Owner of Mill in Deerfield, Lenawee Co., MI, (in 1902, Hugh P. Hoyt, purchased 80 acres of land from Auditor General of State of MI, in Remus, MI // North quarter of SW quarter of Section 22, lower 14, North Range, 7 West; for sum of $ 23.13 (HPH-P80A.jpg)); (in October 1898, before his wedding to Katherine E. Hoag, Hugh P. Hoyt purchased land (home), in Village of Remus, Wheatland Township of Lot. #2, Block B, in Annona's addition to Remus, MI. lot size 50' by 150, for sum of $300.00)-(HP-PLOT2.jpg ), (in March, 1904; Hugh P & Katherine E. Hoyt sold Lot. 2, of Block B, Annona's addition to Herbert Miller for sum of $600.00)- (HPSLOT2.jpg) , Image (REMUS-00.jpg), shows all of the property in Remus, MI owned by the Hoyt’s). Then, Hugh P Hoyt became, 'Head Miller' at Hayden Milling, in Tecumseh, MI. This tells us by the birth of his daughter, Ada Francis Hoyt born on April 26, 1904 and the US Census of 1910 image shows Hugh P & C/(K)atherine on page 17a Line23 in Lenawee Co, Tecumseh District ED82. (US Census 17b ), shows Hugh P. Hoyt, as Head Miller, Flour Mill, finally, to Clinton, Lenawee Co., MI, Hugh P. Hoyt & Catherine Elizabeth Hoyt settled in Clinton, MI, in 1912, at 108 Franklin Street (Letter by Ruth G (Hoyt) Edwards of Oct. 1982 to me on her Clinton MI stories (RGH-LT4A.jpg to RGH-LT4F.jpg ), as Edwin Smith hires Hugh P. Hoyt to be' Head Miller' , by 1924, Hugh P. Hoyt purchases the mill now known as the Atlas Mill, and the Atlas Milling Co, stayed within the Hoyt Family. (See below #5), and then on May 8,1967, (AMC66RS1.jpg to AMC66RS4.jpg ) when my father, Paul Millard Hoyt, sold it to Charles Carlton & Max Steffens in 1967, then in 1967, Charles (Charlie) Steffens (AMC2HIST.jpg ), (Error Noted from AMCRS1.jpg-AMCRS4.jpg), becomes operations manager at the Mill, until 2002, when Charlie Steffens sells the Atlas Feed & Grain Mill.

***(The Stanton, MI period for George G Family & Hugh P Hoyt, are some what vaque, but will try to find out more information as to how long they stayed in Stanton, MI. I had postcards of the High School, Courthouse back in the 1880's, but no Mill Photo. I will have to travel to Stanton, MI to see the Courthouse records, if any.)***
**NOTE** After spending some time in the Stanton (White Pine Liberary on Walnut St, just West of Old Stanton Mill Property, that is now a Parking lot, and an old delapidated building nearby), The Stanton Mill burnt down in 1895, while George G and Hugh P Hoyt (in Obit in Library, tells of Hugh P Hoyt moving to Remus, Mi, to help his dad run the, "G.G. Hoyt & Sons Mill",.were operating it, and that is why they moved to Remus, MI., then going through some land deeds, at the Montcalm County Courthouse in Stanton, MI., I came across multiple intries of land deed and acquisitions by George G and Elizabeth A. Hoyt, concerning the Stanton Milling Co. (View or download deeds, and documents and photo's & plat maps in or Stanton Slideshowo n website above)

Hugh P. Hoyt & Katherine Elizabeth Hoyt stayed in Clinton, MI, raised there 5 children, Paul Millard, Ruth Gerould, Ada Francis, Nina Rood (d.1924, age 17 ) , and Hugh H. Hoyt. All are buried or cremation memorials in Riverside Cemetery, where there is a large HOYT plot , they became devoted members of the community, while Hugh P. Hoyt was elected to mayor of Village of Clinton, MI, as was my Father, Paul M. Hoyt. Katherine & Hugh P., donated Silver Chalices to the Clinton First Congregational Church, in honor of Hugh P. & Katherine’s 50th wedding anniversary. Hugh P. Hoyt, died on January 22, 1953, in Eustace, FL, while Katherine E. Hoyt born on Feb. 17, 1872, in Gilbertsville, Otsego Co, NY, died on June 10, 1958, at Tecumseh, MI, Herrick Memorial Hospital. I have not been able to find much, if any, on the US Census data on the Hoag, Wickes for Katherine Elizabeth Hoag, beit in MI or Gilbertsville, Butternuts Township, Otsego County, NY, before 1884, when she was listed as Kittie, in the 1884 MI Census Records in White Pines Library, Stanton, Montcalm Co., MI when She lived in Colby MI from a letter addressed to Miss Kittie Hoag in a Valentines card (KEH-VAL3.jpg), and a Wilmington, NC letter addressed to Katherine E. Hoag Colby, Montcalm MI.(KEH-NC1a.jpg & KEH-NC1b.jpg ). My father, Paul Millard Hoyt, (PMH-BC42.jpg )was born in Remus, Mecosta Co., MI on August 01, 1900, and married, First, Eleanor Edward Thompson, in Detroit, MI on December 27, 1920. He divorced Eleanor about 1929. Paul married, second, Charlotte Pauline Mericle born on May 15, 1911, married on December 27, 1941, in Belleville, MI. (20 days after Pearl Harbor attack, Paul was 41 by then). Pauline’s occupation was sales in department stores, and before that Pauline played piano for the Paramount Theater in Toledo, OH during the Silent Movie era. She met Paul M. Hoyt while working as a sales clerk in Sears, in Toledo OH. She later sold Amway in Clinton, MI, in later years. Paul Millard Hoyt, left Clinton, MI in 1918 to attend Albion College , but after 2 years met Eleanor Thompson in 1919, and married in 1920, their first daughter was born in 1925, named Anna (Betty) Jean Hoyt, their second daughter was Katherine Jean Hoyt, born in 1929. After marrying, Charlotte Pauline Mericle in 1941, Paul living in Detroit, moved with Pauline to Dearborn, having their first son, James Paul Hoyt, in 1945, then in May of 1947, Paul & Pauline purchased the home at 319 Clark St., in Clinton, MI for $17,000.00, just before the twins, John & Don were born on June 19, 1947. (This must have been hectic for my mother Pauline carrying both of us and moving in 8th month of pregnancy, jeh).

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5. Paul M. Hoyt worked for his father as 'head miller', while Paul and his brother, Hugh H. Hoyt ran the mill business, throughout the later 40’s into the mid-50’s. In 1952, Paul M. & Hugh H's father, Hugh P. Hoyt sold his 1/3 share to Paul M. & Hugh H. Hoyt in the Atlas Feed & Grain Mill (AMC52SA1 /2 /3.jpg ). In 1955, Katherine sold a mortgage to Hugh H. & Paul M. Hoyt for amount of $19,000.00 (AMC55KEH.jpg ). In 1955, Paul M. Hoyt sold the Atlas Feed & Grain Mill to Max Steffens and Charles Carlton, (AMC55ME1)( AMC55ME2.jpg ). And in the 1964, Max's son, Charlie Steffens took over operations. In May, 1965, Paul M Hoyt sold the Vacant Mill Land used for water rights, and also, in drilling an Oil Well in early 1960’s by the Hoyt Families and Friends. The land was sold, North of US 12, in Clinton, Lenawee Co, MI for sum of $25,000.00 (AMC65VLD.jpg ). In March of 1966, Paul M. & Charlotte P. Hoyt and Hugh H. & Elizabeth A. Hoyt sold the Upper Mill Dam Property with lake and river land, in Washtenaw County for amount of $15,000.00 (AMC66RS1.jpg).
Charlie Steffens sold Atlas Feed & Grain Mill & Ace Hardware, in 2001-02 to Bryan Riley.
Paul Millard Hoyt ( PMH-DC.jpg ) in Saline, MI, on August 06, 1975 of massive Stroke, while Charlotte Pauline Hoyt, having beaten Cancer in the early1950’s, see her
( ) file for these records, her final bout with Gastric Carcinoma, came in Jamaica, at Fairfield Medical Center, Montego Bay on April 22, 1978, with my sister, Judith Lynn Hoyt being present during her stay there, taking a last desperate cure. Both Paul & Charlotte Pauline are buried in Riverside Cemetery, Lenawee Co., Clinton, MI, as are all of the Hugh P. Hoyt’s wife & children. None of the children of Paul M. Hoyt, or Hugh H. Hoyt carried on the Grist/Flour mill business tradition. We leave it as a Legacy and History of the Michigan Hoyt Ancestry.

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* HHH Book - The Genealogical History of the Hoyt, Haight & Hight Families, by David W. Hoyt, 1871


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