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*LYONS WHELP's, part of the HIGGIN'S FLEET, in 1629"
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Famous Hoyt Brands Eli Wait Hoyt's German Cologne / F. M. Hoyt's Buffalo Brand Peanuts Are They related? No, both are related to the John Hoyt family lines.


(Note: The Thomas Hyatt & John Hoyt & Heyde & Hite lineages are not Listed here, as they are totally seperate Family Names & Lines,
by Pedigree Lineage & by DNA differences, exceptions would be adoptions & old records with Hoyt's, Haight's, Hoit's named Hyatt's, Hyott's,
These Surnames are part of the (R1b) John Hoyt families from Salisbury, Mass. NOT related to our Simonn Hoyt/e, Haight, Height, Hait, Hoit's

William Hoit, the administrator of the John Hoyt Family website & his email are now defunct, as of 06/03/2013

Our Ancestry of Simon Hoyt/e does NOT include the Deborah Stower Lineage, we believe there has been sufficient proof that she and her Stower line was NOT married to this Simon Hoyt/e. See bush.html on this research that Roy Olson & The Hoyt Family's of America", had also agreed & had published, to this research.

Latest Research Article from the "DFAW" on Mathias & Nicholas St. John/Sension Lineage of England, may be of the

Santken Lineage families of Antwerp in 1500-1600's...

Other Simon Hoyt/e, Haight, Hoit, Lines Listed +proved by y-dna - (See Below Same Title - w/ Drop-Down Box)

Our Simon Hoyt/e Family loses a part of our Hugh P. Hoyt History, Fire ravaged the Atlas Feed & Grain in Clinton MI, 03-12-2009
Author's Families are Descendants of the Magna Carta Barons & Emperor Charlemayne, Roman Emperor's Marc Anthony, & Tiberius Claudius "Nero", etc.

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A Genealogical History of the Hoyt, Haight, & Hight Families

by David W. Hoyt, Providence Press, 1871 (.pdf) format from Google - 22.5 MB's

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"Legacy has to do with connections between generations and the passing on of gifts and qualities of character."
by Ann Edwards Anderson at the Memorial Service Euloogy of Aunt Ada (Hoyt) Verbryck, 10-24-2004








Titanic Ship gif

R.M.S. Titanic- Hoyt Passenngers - Hoyt Ancestry Page


Click Here --> Hoyt's Listed -- view diff. Hoyt Letters to Abrhama Lincoln, etc. these items located in the Library of Congress - Manuscripts, Papers, etc..


Windsor CT Founders Memorial - Simon Hoyt is listed on the middle panel
Thanks to Miner Descent link:




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Hoyt Family Gathering 1866 Stamford, CT

- Congregational Church

Our Timothy Hoyt's (4322), Eldest Son, Nehemiah, & Sons, Daniel & Wife & his son, Stephen C. Hoyt & wife attended & possibly are in this 150 yr. old photo

Hoyt (HHH) Book of 1871, Hoyt Family Meeting, Roll Call of Members, at pages 229-235

Credit from Stamford Historical Society





Check surnames at Simon's "Family Tree Chart" frequently,
as we are growing 500 - 1000 individuals per year!

(Note: in Jan '08, I added approx. 18,000 Simon Hoyt/e, Haight, Hoit, and their relations
from Stamford, CT Historical Society's gedcom files to my family tree pedigree pages.)

Totals now to 80,056 m. 31,275 as of Jan. -01, 2012.
You can view Stamford CT Hist.Soc. files at at link:

Our Timothy Hoyt Pedigree Index has over 9,800 individuals



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For more information about the 10 Lyons Whelp's ships that were built, click link,.

John Wassell, says in an email, "I do not claim that the picture you reproduce is of any Lions Whelp- only that it is contemporary and of similar size. Note that it bears the Royal arms on the stern, which merchant ships did not."

Also, John W. states in emails to me, "I am fairly certain that the Lions Whelp that sailed in 1629 was not one of the 10 Whelps built in 1628. It was either the earlier "Lions Whelp" I refer to in my article (link above), or a privately-owned merchant vessel of that name. If a ship owned by the State had been used it would have generated a lot of official paperwork relating to this use- and I am sure the settlers would have had to pay a higher rate to hire the ship including the crew's wages etc than for a privately-owned ship with no bureauocracy to satisfy.
Other problems-Whelps were each of about 186 tons burthen.
The State Papers record several Whelps as being under repair in late 1628 and 1629 after the rigours of the La Rochelle expedition in 1628.
No record of the voyage (so far as I am aware) notes that the Whelp was a King's Ship.

Another email from John Wassel. reads:

John, I don't need a copy of the list as my interest in 17th C naval matters has been dormant for many years- current interest is local history, especially of the area in which I live.
8 guns on the 90-ton Lions Whelp seems credible, as do the guns noted for the bigger ships. The guns mounted would be of small size and I doubt if even the larger ships noted carried anything larger than a 6 pounder. They wouldn't have had enough room or crew for larger guns, unlike the remarkably heavily armed 10 Lions Whelps with up to 70 men and usually 14 guns of various sizes from Sakers (6 pdr) to two Demi-cannon (32pdrs, not always shipped due to the weight). I do not have any data on the armament of the earlier Lions Whelp I mention.
Regards, John Wassell


These two drawings below, are probably the nearest available contemporary images (apart from the Royal Arms on the stern) of the appearance of the ship that sailed in 1629, that is to say three-masted and one gun deck?


In his book "The Wooden Fighting Ship" E.H.H. Archibald drew a reconstruction of the whelps- it is generally similar to the ship in Verwer's picture. Both show the quarter-deck and foc'sle deck linked by a light deck or series of gratings where the sweeps would have been stowed. The main function of this deck was to cover the gun deck to prevent an enemy boarding or falling spars etc. causing damage.


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What is a Grand-Parent! (.txt)



IS RELATED TO THE SIMON HOYT'S - (7th Cousin 1 times removed to author JEHoyt)

Waite Hoyt - NY Yankee
Waite Hoyt - Detroit Tiger

Waite Charles Hoyt - 1899-1984
Spring Grove Cem. Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH




Famous Cable Fox News Commentator/Anchoman/Commentator, William J. "Bill" O'Reilly is a Relative of our Simon Hoyt Families! From Bill's mother's (Maternal) lineage, has an Abigail Hoyt b. 1658 Providence, R.I., and her Father, Moses Hoyt b. 1637 Dorchester, MA., Moses was son of our Immigrant, Simon Hoyt/e b. 20 Jan 1590,

PBS, "Finding Your Roots", with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. on 01/11/2016.

(Please click the link shown above, or click the image above, to take you to Bill O'Reilly's Online Web Page with the Video Shown, Click the"PLAY" (Arrow) on middle of video screen shown with the picture above. Also you may wish to CLICK on the tiny box to lower Right on video screen, to go to 'Full Screen'. Thanks & Enjoy jehoyt.)

View Bill O'Reilly's Paternal & Maternal Descendant Trees Here /or/ (.pdx)

The Author is in relationship to Bill O'Reilly:
John E. Hoyt and William Bill J. O'Reilly Jr. are 9th cousins 1 time removed.


Hoyt Heraldic or Coat of Arms information:
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My Preferences is to use #2 Above = COA Page 1    COA Page 2    COA Page 3    COA Page 4

#2 - Use for Simon Hoyte, Hoyt, Haight, Hait, Height from Middle East & N. E. African

#3 - V.(Von) Hoyte - Use for John Hoyt Line from Germany

#5 - NEW English HOYT Plaque, wife surprised me for 65th BirthDay, UK Address



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